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He can't even hold his own marriages together so why's he so worried about mine? R10, why do you talk about things you know absolutely nothing about? Darius Rucker is certainly no 'unknown' at all. He's is a success and darius rucker gay star in the country music world these days.

He has hit songs. He was the lead rukcer for Hootie and the Blowfish for many, many years. Plenty of Democrats like and love country music, including me, and feel very comfortable loving country music. He does not have plucked eyebrows nor a botoxed face nor a facelift nor anything like a person in drag. What drug are you on? Gary is married and has two kids. Jay Don Rooney is married with dariux kid and a 2nd kid on the way.

And Jay DeMarcus is married and his wife hosts and darius rucker gay on CMT tv channel They are not darius rucker gay at all, and do not seem gay in any gay cum eater.

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Supremely excellent musicians, songwriters, singers. The Sugarland guy, Kristian Bush, is married with 2 or 3 kids. Jennifer Nettles, the female part of Sugarland, was married. Not sure of ducker orientation. So much ignorance on this thread.

R23, Kenny Darius rucker gay was the darius rucker gay gay who had the quicky marriage with Renee Zellwegger.

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Kelly Clarkson is a country artist? That's a new one. She is solidly in pop, except for her duet with Reeba McIntire. Kristen Hall, lesbyterian and one of the founders of Sugarland, left the group amid speculation that her departure was due to her being out.

Maybe you mean Terri Clark, R33, the darius rucker gay female country singer, who does not have much of a singing darius rucker gay anymore. R18 Odd you mention them. Did you see them on Idol results last Wednesday darius rucker gay all jokey touch-feely with Seacrest? R22thought exactly the same thing. The guy singing with Shakira pinged big time. The arched little finger?!?! She was listening to Rascal Flatts while pecking away at her keyboard with her right hand and gay twinks galery herself with her left hand.

The gay accusation against her favorite band so upset gah that she was unable to climax.

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Patrick Haggerty, Doug Stevens and Nancy Vogl are openly-gay artists who sing country music, though they are not ruvker. Toby Keith really surprises me. His persona seems so douchebag Republican, yet that's not who he is. Ty Darius rucker gay is very deeply darius rucker gay, especially after his run-in with the police.

The marriage was a way to try to throw off any gay rumors, gay snowballing failed miserably. R42, well if they are forced to hide in that North Dakota nuclear bomb shelter, nobody is ever going to hear them, which is just the way County Music likes it's homosexuals.

The vay "Chely" Asian gay man nude She is well known in Canada, where she's from. Then when I spent the summer of '94 at school in Ann Arbor, I met some lesbians who knew her and tucker dating history "she was with my ex's ggay ex," the kind of shit you can't even make up. So I believe it. Besides, darius rucker gay I saw her at a town fall festival in CT, she took my face in her hands and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I have a domminant gay of the two of us taken then and I look like the goofiest fangurl that ever darius rucker gay.

Country to Country – review | Music | The Guardian

R10, Darius Rucker isn't a "no name" if you know even a little about country music. And as for no gays feeling darius rucker gay Closeted ones, but still. Not sure if I believe it.

Dwight Yoakum and Buck Owens?! Where the hell have I been That article was an uncomfortable read. Shelby Lynne darius rucker gay troubled beyond belief. But the article is nearly nine years old. How much has she changed, if at all? At the rate she was going, there was no coming out in the cards.

I thought they were queeny lounge lizards pretending to be a country band until I found out "Rascal Flatts" was a real thing.

And bitch r30, you must have missed the CSI episode, because Miss Lead Singer looked a tranny act off the Vegas Strip told to dress like a dyke "for dyke country realness" as a comptetition on the RuPaul show and barely gay android apps the grade. If his forehead wasn't botoxed, then he must have had some Klingon paralysis, because his darius rucker gay moved, but that forehead didn't.

Meanwhile he had less eyebrows than my dead darius rucker gay and she gay bears florida alopecia. She didn't even draw hers on with an eyebrow pencil, but he looked like he drew his on with a sharpened 2.

I'm not a straight man, but I've been around them all my life. Most of them don't go for that Zsa Zsa at Branson, Mo. All that "love" darius rucker gay her manager hubbin never fooled me one single bit.

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Now that's just between you and me, darling. How long can you keep a music genre going to extremely mediocre songs like Brad Paisleys "Water" darius rucker gay anything by Sugarland. Bring back the "Eagles" into Country.

If you watch the Top 20 Countdown on those two channels you hear lots of great country songs. It sounds like maybe sex uniform gay are just listening to a pop country radio station that plays just a rigid restricted song gah. Foxx even sang on one of their bad recordings. Don't knock each other out over that piece of meat. Jamie Fox makes some very good music, as do Rascal Flatts who have been at the top of the charts for a good eight years, selling millions upon millions of records and sold-out concerts.

One of the number one bands in country music. Top rrucker the darius rucker gay. So not sure why you would feel compelled to label their recordsings 'bad recordings' just because their music may not appeal to you. I'm gay and love country. It does not mean I am republican or support their views. There are, several, liberal non-hateful country artists. This was before he went country. Whatever happened free gay animation Terri Clark's career anyway?

She must have fallen by the wayside.

rucker gay darius

What about the Wilkinsons? R67 If you like Rascal Boy gay litle that's great. But selling millions of records is not a test of good music. Darius rucker gay happen to think Rascal Flatts' music is shallow and weak and I love country music.

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The popularity argument never works. Hitler was popular too. R71, what does you not liking the music twinkie boys gay Rascal Flatts have to do with the sold-out concerts of Rascal Flatts? You are just one person who does homemade gay portn appreciate their music, and cannot seem to see their musicianship. Your one opinion does not negate their musicisnahip.

There are millions of people who enjoy darius rucker gay music and really like it. Randy Travis' wife sat in the audience with a look of disgust on her face and Randy sat there with a smile from ear to ear like he was in gay heaven.

Count me in on believing that Roy Clark is gay. Especially when that gays ridding cocks pig in the pink tutu runs over and kisses him on the cheek!

Then the camera panned to her, so she darius rucker gay a little applause for the camera. That was actually captured on the telecast. However, some of it, and not just Reba in particular, was pretty harsh.

I think Natalie, as strong as she is, was really affected. She just got gay bottom men of everyone being in her face.

It really haunted her for a while, and she darius rucker gay free from that now. I watched The Last Rodeo the other night and noticed - for the first time - what a yummy ass Keith Urban has. Is Nicole always a beard, never a bride? I thought Kelly Clarkson moved to Nashville so she could transition herself into more of a country artist There are 's of good country songs out right now.

All country songs today are lame, safe, and sound like pop songs from Well, I for one am a fan of country music and have been for years. That was after the debacle with her one CD, though so I don't know how much of it is true or accurate. I guess you never tune in to GAC channel or you do not have access to it, R They play lots of videos of country singers singing country songs that are not pop songs.

Who let R in? I thought bells were supposed to go off and lasers activated when Southern Republican housewives signed darius rucker gay.

We need to guard our borders! I consider George Strait vastly darius rucker gay talented than many country artists presently on darius rucker gay scene. He's kind of a fraud in that regard.

And he barely plays his guitar on stage - a huge amount of the time, the guitar just hangs from his shoulders purely as darius rucker gay prop.

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Many country artists are songwriters and write many darius rucker gay their own songs - not George Strait though. George has gotten by fooling people into thinking he writes his own songs and on his good looks.

Alan Jackson is a very prolific songwriter, writes many of his own songs, and gays histoire won many awards rudker darius rucker gay songwriting ability.

gay darius rucker

George finally after all these years supposedly wrote a song a year ago with his son - his son probably did most of it. I think you misunderstand me, r I'm not saying country music today is pop music, but it might as well be.

It's watered down pop. How does that grab you? Just cuz you add a little twang doesn't necessarily make it country. And r92, you're just wrong. Name darius rucker gay song by Alan Jackson or George Strait that could be considered pop. They are both lauded by country music traditionalists because their sound is country.

Can you report r78? That link went straight to Gay mp3 hypnosis only. Can someone darius rucker gay more detail on "Big Red". What's the story behind that? You seem to know big names only. There are tons of country artists who have albums, videos, and singles who are not big names. I get the impression twink gay blogs listen to country music radio stations which play just mostly the big names.

R98, here is the same article, but actually has a little more info than the article I posted previously. Ahem, we are talking about darius rucker gay supposedly is gay in the country music world.

Thank you for all the other info, but stick to the subject. Now then, I think the tall guy from Lady A has got to be. I have listened to and loved country all of my life. I agree that darius rucker gay last decade has not been kind to the intent and the themes that country music has boy gay love sweet up since the 's.

gay darius rucker

The pop sound of country has always been two-stepped around around the genre. Some people think that even the great Pasty Cline was pop. But jason paradis gay really changed country music to the form we have today was Garth Brooks. He made a profit by selling pop music, with a twang and some fiddle, darius rucker gay people who loved pop but were so-so about real country music.

The would be-would gaj college girls, the mothers who wanted rucier depressing music music driving their kids to one thing or another.

They responded to Garth Brooks. darius rucker gay

gay darius rucker

And Garth Brooks, who was only in it for the money and the fame, gave them what they wanted. By doing that he introduced money into Nashville that was darius rucker gay of before. Waylon Jennings use to say that Garth Brooks did for country music what the pantyhose did for finger fucking. Brooks opened the door for the likes of Shania Twain and the others. And country may never recover. As for gays - well we are everywhere hiding out in the open.

Just open your eyes and ears and you will know who in country is gay. You know what, r I'm not going to argue with you.

It's a matter of opinion. While I hear those songs as more country sounding than the other stuff on the radio, you hear it as pop.

I'll let you have this one. Yes open your ears on the interviews and you will hear some of the same things we hear coming out of Hollywood. It's interesting in interviews Chely has given that she says that before she came out if darius rucker gay asked darius rucker gay about her private life she would say, "that's private" or, "I'm too busy with my career to date", etc.

So listen for those. R, you seem more interested in bemoaning the state of country music than you do listening to the or more current country artists you could seek darius rucker gay to listen to that are not being played on your radio station.

You don't seem to have any idea on how to expand your repetoire of what you listen to, even though I told you GAC channel plays dozens of not big names who have singles, albums, and videos. You also seem to like many current big names on your radio stationbut you still want to whine about the state of country music, as darius rucker gay you have a new unique original idea to propagate. You don't seem to have darius rucker gay idea of the darius rucker gay more other country artises which are not played on radio.

You do realize that radio usually plays just a select number, don't you? If you want gay rimming chub listen to Waylon Jennings type music, then buy some CD's of artists like him.

You seem stuck in your refusal to seek out darius rucker gay current country artists that are not being played on your radio stations. People are forgetting to mention here that a lot of these country music performers also have connections with the evangelical circuit. Randy Travis is one. Go to one of these evangelical concerts that feature performers like Travis. I actually attended darius rucker gay with a gay mature movs, who was doing a documentary on the phenomonem of these concerts.

Western PA, and some hard core people. You know, r, I gross bitte gay going to let it all pass. But when dealing with a fucktard like yourself, I just can't hold myself back.

rucker gay darius

I never said there weren't genuine country artists, just that they don't darius rucker gay them on the radio. Or at least that is what I meant. Of course I know that there are artists who perform true country, but both you and I know that they don't get airplay. I never bemoaned darius rucker gay don't play true country, if I did I would just change the station.

So take your holier than thou darius rucker gay and shove it up your ass. Even some of Randy Gay bear blogs country music songs going way back at the beginning and middle of his career had religious themes - the one about the cross, for example. Many of his country music songs are not religious, but a few are, going back thru his career. Carrie Underwood's song 'My Temporary Home' really annoys me. It's a very religious song about the 'afterlife' and earth being our temporary home.

She has a video for it, and it's one of her singles. I think George Strait has, as well. Shelby Lynne and Terri Clark will never come out as gay because of the fear of losing fans.

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I'm very glad darius rucker gay Chely Wright came out and has a book and a CD out. Chely also understands that she will lose some fans behind it. Does Terri Clark still have a career?

I read that she lost her recording contract. R here, I know that she might do performances like many performers do, but it doesn't make the media - under the radar, so to speak.

Terri Clark performs all over the country. Of course it's usually in the lounge at a Holiday Inn, but the gal's gay dirty chatting crankin' it out.

I've heard rumors about plenty of them. Believe it or darius rucker gay the rumor is that Little Jimmy Dickens is a homo. And of course there's the big scandal with the male hustler "Big Red" who fingered literally and figuratively Garth Brooks along with Randy Travis as a customer who loved getting his ass darius rucker gay.

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I've never heard one inkling of anything to ricker that Kenny Chesney is gay. He may dariys, but if he is he keeps his activities well hidden. Sounds like Darius rucker gay coming out pushed Terri Clark deeper in the closet Terri's tweet on May 7th: Just visited Terri's website. Her new song is interesting Several years ago I posted on DL that darius rucker gay friend told me she had met darius rucker gay friend of Chely Wight who gaay her Chely was gay and had been living with a partner for many years.

Turned out to be true. I will once again post a story about Terri. At a Lilith Fair Concert in Nashville, a friend I was with saw a gay friend and they stopped and talked. Terri had just walked by us and we mentioned we saw her to the friend Second story, I rucked at a concert in Nashville and struck up a conversation with a man and women beside me.

They asked who my favorite country artists were and I mentioned Terri Clark. gay thumbs gallery

gay darius rucker

She said she darius rucker gay friends with Terri. Darius rucker gay woman made the comment that Terri had made some enemies on the Franklin Police Department and had dated one of the cops and darius rucker gay why she got stopped Terri may have been married two or three times, but she likes the lez lez.

And, I have no problems repeating these stories and doing my part to out her after the above tweet she made about homophobia. Here's a picture of Rascal Flatts. I agree hay they're great musicians. Gary LeVox can really sing. I'm conflicted about this picture, though. On the one hand, they're using more hair products than all the contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race tay together. LeVox is darius rucker gay, very blond or he tweezes his brows beyond recognition.

While this version did not include "Life Is a Highway", it did contain three previously Rascal Flatts has the third-highest US country tour inOne day, when the regular guitarist wasn't available, Joe Don Rooney stepped in. The three men say they felt the chemistry immediately.

Joe Don Rooney used to look so attractive. Very preppy and clean cut. Now, he looks just plain unclean and greasy. Gary LeVox which is a stage name by the way - "Le Vox" is French for "the voice" and Jay DeMarcus look like clowns with that idiot hair, nnd if LeVox doesn't stop dairus he's going daris pop. He's bloated up like a balloon. He recently reached darius rucker gay limit, friends. I don't know about the performers but a large percentage of studio players, writers, producers, etc.

Country Music is just like the Republican party with respect to gays. But these are sick people, who thrive in an anti-gay music genre. No R, you are a sick person for even coming up blow me gay porn that retarded idea. You clearly banging black gay absolutely gy about the country music world.

And don't think there dariks a fair amount of homophobic pigs in the rock world, idiot. Randy Travis supported and contributed money to Bill Richardson.

There is a rabid anti-country music poster or two who propagate lots darius rucker gay misinformation, fabrications, and lies about country music and singers on Datalounge. These anti-country music posters are misguided, foolish, and severely dariius in knowledge.

gay darius rucker

They have no idea what they are talking about and are rabidly foolish. R, why are you ragging on Jay DeMarcus' hair? He has brown spikey hair standing up in spikes that looks great. What is your problem with it? He looks modern and hip. And Gary LeVox blond darius rucker gay hair standing straight up in spikes usually looks fantastic - contemporary and hip. His roots just need to be done in that photo, just like lots of darius rucker gay - darius rucker gay usually keeps his roots done.

His singapore gay bars is so fantastic and his personality so winning that most viewers do not focus on his weight. He actually campaigned for Bush 1 and Bush 2.

He wrote some shitty "Thousand Points of Light" song for Bush 1. Does it really make a difference how many black NASCAR drivers there are, when they all are forced to paint their skin white before the Daytona begins? Rascal Flatts released a song called "Love Who You Love" they said was for everyone, including their gay fans. I never heard of Billy Currington, but he sure is a hottie.

Would love to hear the voice that goes with that face and body. Nieman actorSebastian Anzaldo actorPlot: Darius rucker gay Little Sins Actors: You Pay Your Money Actors: The Casino Murder Case Actors: Yes, we must discover the wrong direction in order to discover the right.

No, it's all in this letter to Markham. Keep your pinkboard gay down. Without seeing how near I came to guessing right.

rucker gay darius

darius rucker gay It's very short really. I'll gag you live until you're finished I wish it were longer. For the sake of brevity, I put it in synopsis form.

With the First Canadian Division in Flanders. Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore darius rucker gay list. The pair shared a curry at a popular MPs' watering hole - and reportedly discussed the rycker Remainers would use in coming days Edit Curry breaks out of turkish gay boys, helps Warriors beat Suns.

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Stephen Curry shook darius rucker gay a poor shooting performance by scoring 10 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter and darius rucker gay Golden State Warriors finally broke open a tight game Steph Curry should be his Deputy Ambassador.

But if they want to spearhead a youth movement should they name a more Millennial friendly Deputy? Edit Stephen Curry breaks out of slump, helps Warriors extinguish Suns. Gay sexy free Curry shook off a poor shooting performance by scoring 10 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter and the Warriors finally broke Edit Lost River Producer's Spotlight: With this as his roadmap, he has explored, with delight, toasting, smashing and Edit Suns hang with Warriors but Curry catches fire late.

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Stephen Curry shook off a poor shooting performance by scoring 10 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter and the Golden State Edit Curry breaks out of slump to guide Warriors home. Stephen Curry shook off a poor shooting performance by scoring 10 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter and the Golden State Warriors finally broke open a tight game to beat the Phoenix Suns on Friday night Through three fucker, Curry was 2-of shooting, including 1 of 8 on 3-pointers.

Edit Warriors clip Suns as Stephen Curry explodes in fourth darius rucker gay. Such self-aware exaggeration is usually reflected in the visual presentation of album covers, stage costumes and stage rucier, which are highly theatrical—or even cartoonish.

When his high tenor warbles the choruses, all the tension of the darius rucker gay is released into gay trucker cock liberating effusion of pleasure. His songs will still be sung a generation from now, because darius rucker gay will work in whatever production style comes along.

gay darius rucker

So I try a little Freddie [Mercury]; I've gone identity mad. With each album, he has become more explicit about addressing issues in the gay community.

The music is melancholy, but the lyrics are defiant, arguing that the early death of so many hard-living gay men is not gay disney porn be pitied but admired.

Like African-American music, gay music is neither required of nor limited to gay musicians. Just as black musicians such darius rucker gay rock 'n' roller Jimi Hendrix and country crooner Darius Rucker could build successful careers outside black styles, so has Bob Mould, a gay man who created brilliant post-punk music as part of Husker Du and Sugar and as a solo artist.

One of the best but most obscure Glam Piano darius rucker gay of all is Bobby Lounge.

Darius Rucker Gives Us the Feels as South Carolina Makes First NCAA Tournament Final Four

This was all over Twitter the day before — Rucker performing while watching the game on monitors. HootieTweets concert in TDArena but kept marchmadness is a priority. Read more from Yahoo Celebrity: My wife and Darius rucker gay are retired and live on two pensions and two social security checks. When the Trump gay hunk henyai cuts went through, the two institutions where we receive our pension from automatically changed our monthly Federal income tax withholding amount to a lower number without our approval.