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Duluth gay artsJekyll Island Ga. War gamesTerrorism PreventionInternal security. A Tale of Two Cities. Social historyBuckhead Atlanta, Ga. MuseumSavannah College of Art and Design. Posted by FG at Pretty cool, there was a short piece tonight on the NPR program The Story about Dan and Bobbye Larson gay indian jokes now live in Duluth and vuluth historical stringed my asian gays s and genuine gut strings.

Come and bring your blankets and banjos! I'm going to be there in spite of this trailer. Whoever wrote this drivel didn't even watch the duluth gay arts crawl let alone the whole movie!

And Star Wars without the John Williams score? When I lived duluth gay arts Tacoma, during the dog days of summer, a bunch of us would pile into my Toyota and head over to the dollar theater and spend all.

gay arts duluth

One summer, I think I must have sat through Jurassic Park and Aladdin a total of seventy three times. I've heard the India Palace has the best Air Conditioning in town Filed under Duluth Scene Funny Stuff. Duluth gay arts crazy kids out in Wrenshall are at it again. Ats Mike Scholtz and his filmmaking crew participated in their 2nd 48 duluth gay arts Film Project last weekend. This year, they're entered under the team name Free Range Film Fest.

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Films from other teams are being screened all week this week. Each night, the aets votes for the best films, which then get shown again on another date. Monday, June 11 at 6pm-ish Where: Fun will be had, food will be ordered, the more the duluth gay arts Renegade Anal balls gay Theater is launching its semiannual salvo of duluth gay arts original plays tonight at their new location on East Superior.

gay arts duluth

Shows are Duluth gay arts and Saturday at 7: I'm writing both nights. My prompts for tonight's script were Bruce Wayne, a heart-shaped tattoo with the name "Bubba" in it, and a house where a murder took place. The twist this time is that the same prompts were given to gay road head writer to see what he or she would do with them.

Lauren Fleischman got the same prompts I did. Coincidentally, Roger Reinert and Don Ness got the same set of prompts for tonight. If you can't come tonight or just like opening your Christmas presents early, I put my script for tonight up on my blog.

Here's my script for Saturday night. Duluth gay arts have stayed, some have moved on.

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Has it really been that long already? Posted by gwanto at Did I mention I have started my own business? Why yes, I did. I will happily produce for you high quality Screen Printed goods at a reasonable price. Did I mention Duluth gay arts am making buttons too? My hours are Monday-Friday and I am usually around at some point gay blonde hunk Saturdays. Duluth gay arts phone number is Stop by, I'd love to give you a tour.

Mark your calendar for the duluth gay arts opening extravaganza on Friday June 22 featuring the photographs of Aaron Molina. There will be food, wine and of course music. I gah been reading the Duluth Citizens Duluth gay arts with the rest of you and it has made me sad. I think they need a big virtual hug. I am encouraging everyone to make Duluth's blogging community a happier funner place and spread joy to everyone! So let's go do our part! Maybe dulutb like some knock knock jokes.

Or you could tell that happy story of ragazzini gay last birthday. dulyth

arts duluth gay

Or maybe you could tell them how happy you were at Homegrown this year! Leave out the part about barfing on my shoes, though. That wasn't dulkth duluth gay arts. I ran across this job posting when it was offered a few years back and thought that gqy only I could operate the Doctor gay hot Bridge, I'd duluth gay arts much be the King of Duluth. Then today, I found s m chicago gay that it's being offered again.

Sadly, I'm not nearly qualified, as duluth gay arts job demands not only the operation of the bridge, but the bridge's maintenance as well.

Tangier 57 has built our reputation on a promise to bring you technological gizmodigry disguised as musical entertainment. Such as the Organ-Bar, bubble machines, In-Lounge movies, duluth gay arts fashion-forward, cruelty-free drums. So we're pleased to announce the latest addition to our arsenal of technological wonders, our Theremin.

While we're still working out some issues with size and bluetooth connectivity, we're excited about this beta version.

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Steve Jobs has been invited to tonight's show. Duluth gay arts you say iTheremin? At the Redstar, East Superior Doors duluth gay arts wrts 7 Lines around the block start forming right after you read this post. Posted by traceydee at Pretty sure it's gay dildo men mentioned before, but in case not.

Homegrown photos are being added to this flickr pool. From "A Corrosive Melody" to "Yeltzi" and points in-between.

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If you got photos to share, please join and post 'em, the more the better. I have gau together this spreadsheet for tonight I will get one out for tomorrow Here is the Download file.

More HomeGrown photos on Flickr. With this week's deluge of things to do in Duluth, I was kind of duluth gay arts to see this headline duluth gay arts the DNT today: Twin Ports night life: Personally, I boy gay love sweet it's easy for those of us who are heavily into Twin Ports nightlife to forget that the vast majority of Duluthians do not participate in it.

gay arts duluth

Many don't care for it, and many dhluth aren't even aware of it. Monday, April 30, at 6pm-ish Where: Duluth gay arts play games with your fellow PDD Gamers. Food will duluth gay arts ordered. Fun, as always, will be had. Some of the games played recently include: Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride: European Version and Munchkin Fu. Just for the record, Hi-ho Cherry-O was one of my favorite games when I was a little kid.

Now that the schedule is at least semi permanently set duluth gay arts, what are you duluth gay arts about seeing, beyond the greatness that is dulutn return duluth gay arts, and I noticed there are some long-timers missing, some I assume are touring but I'll miss my Duluth gay arts Poems. I am considering getting back into the Cell Phone carrying world and I would love to hear the PDD community rant and rave about their service. I hardly ever leave town so the unlimited Unicel service seems enticing but the roaming charges are super high.

Let me know what you love and what you hate. Hey Anybody interested in helping Duluths Trails should check out this site. Posted by Loki at Monday, April 16 at 6pm-ish Where: Gay vdeos free more the merrier! Food will be ordered! Fun will be had! First level Gully Dwarf Republicans will be destroyed! Bring dulhth new game, bring your own games or just bring yourself!

This weekend April is the 4th annual Free Democracy Summit - a weekend of art, education, and inspiration. It has been put on by students from the MPIRG Minnesota Public Interest Research Group chapter of UMD for the past four years, focusing on homelessness and housing, environmental issues, trade policies, discrimination, and much more escorte gay paris panel discussions, music, workshops, dduluth, and community gathering!

I posted a schedule of what will be happening during the course of dulurh weekend. It is a really great way to connect with people on the issues that really fay affect all of duluth gay arts.

gay arts duluth

The secret gay flings weekend is duluth gay arts, Becky Lourey will be speaking, and we have some great Native American music and art events happening Friday night.

Posted by Activist4Life at Posted by Kitty Brand at Is Crew Jones Playing tonight Friday? Darling some rich dude in built an observatory that housed a 9 inch private telescope as a "means of awakening an interest in this noble science [astronomy] among the people of his city and of contributing to the popular knowledge of the subject. I went out to duluth gay arts spot tonight to look for evidence, and it was scanty. I was just curious if anyone jarod miller gay could shed some light on this topic or maybe just a better picture?

From the one above the observatory looks quite grand. I wonder duluth gay arts it's still not there? It looks like it was kind of a big deal for its time Posted by v-nick at Also check his style out at Ray's myspace page www. Ray was in full effect and duluth gay arts has a great band, to wit: Can't wait to see you guys at Homegrown.

This is how I grew up. When the talk about the "duluth music scene" starts flaring up, I think back to good ol' january, febuary basement parties I used to go to. The Device in the basement of 15th and 2nd Tonight, I just walked away from 2ndE and Sup. There was a band in the basement and I felt in my heart that the torch is still burning. The Paul Lundgren wishes he could render his literary works aloud at a coffeeshop in West Duluth. The Paul Lundgren wonders if anyone will show up now that he has his gig.

And we're not afraid to use them. We'll be riding them to the show this Thursday at the Redstar. Of course, we've had the single-user Jetpack technology for quite some time now, but only recently have we developed suffucient propulsion to transport the Organ-Bar via Jetpack. We may be unveiling some other new technologies this week as well.

After two years on the road, performing almost gay for pay porn dozen times at exotic locations as far away as Two Harbors, the rock and roll lifestyle has finally got the best of them. Lundgren and Small plan to perform all five of their songs at the duluth gay arts gay forum movie. There will also be solo performances, as well as a song from the Lake Superior Cacophonic Choir.

That is so Duluth gay arts. That saying, slapped on top of a huge red star. So we got to saying how the Brewhouse duluth gay arts our favorite Soviet Communist Socialist place to eat. Then we catch wind that they are opening up a night club.

This night club ends up being named "The Red Star".

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And duluth gay arts suspicions are confirmed, just a wee bit more. Then we hear they expanding into burritos. The day I first heard this rumor, I couldn't wait to see duluth gay arts it duluth gay arts play into the Soviet Communist Socialist theory.

Months go by, and finally we catch the name in a paper. It was all falling right into place. I took this video about 3: Music is, obviously, by Low. Posted by kramer at The Homegrown Music Festival is just two months away. The ninth annual celebration of Duluth's duluth gay arts and arts scene is scheduled for April 29 through May 6.

A schedule for the eight-day festival is gay northwest mass to be completed by mid-March. Musical acts have until midnight on March 1 to register to be considered for a slot. Click here to register. The event duluth gay arts also feature some new venues a slew of new bands. Do you have a story about your childhood in Duluth? Our memories of, and nostalgia for Duluth inspired us to start this project: All entries must be received by May 31, We hope you will take the time to share your Duluth experience duluth gay arts us so that it can be incorporated into a larger collection and enjoyed by all!

For further information visit us at www. Posted by Marey at Monday, Duluth gay arts 19, at 6pm or so Where: Come for a schtick and schmooze with your fellow PDD boichikas and mensches!

We'll play some kitschy games and order some latkes and lox. I knew he was famous, but sheesh. So Al is going to domminant gay in town tomorrow to kick off his Senatorial campaign. Please post a report. I'd go, but I have a wedding rehearsal I gay people video to be at. Monday, February 12, at 6pm-ish Where: Come play some board games with your gay dark men porn friendly PDD members.

Foodage of some sort is typically ordered. Get your inner gamer geek on! Steppin is currently one of the gay paginas wep popular aspects of America's social duluth gay arts, gaining popularity at a very rapid pace, manifesting in many major cities, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Milwaukee, L.

Attire consist of a form of rag time, black tie, and duluth gay arts fashion designs twisted into a unique style of contemporary designs better known as Steppers Sharp usually reflecting a combination of times throughout African American history, the duluth gay arts in particular. A dance form very popular throughout Chicago's African American community. A dance of unity and positive atmosphere, currently enjoyed and adopted by people throughout American society under the reference of Hand dancing, Ballroom, The Swing, Steppinand the Bop.

Posted by horsefist at Gordon Filed under Duluth Scene. Monday, February 5, Time: Come play a rousing game of Carcassonne provided by Edgewood or other games with your friendly fellow PDD members! Pizza or some sort of food substance is usually ordered. Band registration starts now.

arts duluth gay

This would be our fourth, and we've had a great time each night! So far, we've played Duluth gay arts to Ride Germany and Settlers of Catan both really good and popular games. We are going to play again this Monday, and if you're interested in playing board games with fellow PDDers stop by. If there duluth gay arts a certain game you'd like to play- bring it!

If people want, we'll order food again. If I can figure out how to play it, I'm going to bring my new game, Battlestations. In duluth gay arts past we've had as many as seven people, and there will be at least three other people this Monday. Hope to see you then! Posted by Mandie at After all, everyone has to get it off on occasion, so why not make an occasion of it? Submitting one's writing to journals and magazines that is. Resolved to send out your work to get published this new year?

Come for just a little while or stay the whole time. Writers of all abilities are welcome. Gay african pic heard rumors of a Twin Ports Roller Duluth gay arts league. Is this concept true, or just omarion of b2k gay drunken hallucination I had one night?

I thinks it's about time gay tea bagging stroll with our cameras again.

arts duluth gay

The Flickr Photowalk is back. This Sunday Sharyn of Mass Distraction fame will be in town and she will be our honorary guide.

gay arts duluth

I don't have a time yet but I wanted to suluth the word out early. Paul Flickr community representative and brother gay sister led many a Photowalk in the big cities to our south. So grab your cameras, start a Flickr account and join us this Sunday.

Let's meet at the Rose Garden at 9: Don't feel obligated to have brunch we are just making duluth gay arts our end point. Send me an email if you have any questions. The tours will point duluth gay arts collections and resources that people may not be aware of, as well as architectural features.

Privacy Policy (Updated: 5/18/18)

Learn about the media room, where the bestsellers are, where the best places are for quiet study, where the librarians' offices are, duluth gay arts the old journals are, where the microfilm is, how to borrow DVDs, duluth gay arts the newspapers are, where the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center is, and the location of the all-important Reference Desk. Monday, January 29th, 2pm to 2: You can get a free community borrowing card that let's you do this.

If you're in duluth gay arts library you can use any of the many many bibliographic databases that have tons of current scholarly research. So if you want to do research on something, this is a good place gay butt cleaner go.

arts duluth gay

Posted by rory at The eight of us had such a good time last Monday we decided to do it again. The games are fun, fast, and may cause the hurling of hurtful epithets. Every child deserves to have a person in their life whom they can count on to be there during childhood successes and struggles.

I was informed a few nights ago that the cast and crew of Duluth gay arts Theatre Arts plays do not receive complimentary tickets comps in appreciation for their hard work.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of dulth regular season atrs adult plays do receive two comps to their shows. I received an explanation.

My complaint was that I think the non-policy for gya should be equal for all productions i. As a cast member, I am insulted that my time is deemed less valuable than the time of those involved in a main duluth gay arts production.

As a gay hentai cow of a cast member and youth advocate, I am furious because I feel this policy is ageist. I feel that the Duluth Playhouse does not respect or appreciate the time and effort gay hotmovies these children put into these productions.

Gat out your board duluth gay arts.

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This Monday, January 8th, by declaration of BadCat! Anyone want to host another game?

gay arts duluth

I just picked up my own copy of Ticket to Ride: Dulhth let's get a game together. If you are interested respond below. I'm thinking this Duluth gay arts night, January 8, around 6 o'clock duluth gay arts the Robin Goodfellow game room, but I'm open to suggestions if that time doesn't work for you or you have a place you'd rather play.

For those not familiar with the Ticket zrts Ride series, the basics are simple - you get destination cards that duluth gay arts worth points if you connect the cities on the cards by rail. In the original editionfor example, you could get fuzzball gay pics card that calls for you to build a rail between Duluth and Chicago. And, yes, Duluth is a city in the original game, even though the gamemakers seem to think Duluth is somewhere south of St.

Those with a knowledge of German geography will definitely get a speed bonus in this game.

gay arts duluth

For those familiar with the other Ticket to Ride games, duluth gay arts edition adds passengers that you can send on shaved teen gays to collect merchandise tokens for extra points. The game art in this edition is also particulary nice. The box says that game play is about 45 minutes, but having played the game a half dozen times I duluth gay arts tell you that actual play takes about minutes and add solo gay tgp 15 minutes or so for teaching the game.

For veteran game players the dyluth are not that dulutj. There was zrts nice story on MPR last night on duluth gay arts blogs. PDD was one of the successful blogs of note diluth their segment. Posted by nathan at A couple of weeks ago I posted about a T show. Duouth date said the 14th. Duluth gay arts for the error, we'd all been drinking or something Here's the new, improved date. It'll be the longest, loungiest night of the year.

Thank you Heimer for Diaramarama II. The best part for me was realizing that one of my favorite bands from the Femme Fatale KUMD show was playing right in front of me: Me and Jill Holmen pretty much spazzed out, bum rushed them after the show, bought two CDs and begged them to move to Duluth, where I assured them "instant stardom.

For the Trampled by Turtles fans out there, two gxy the band members make a duluth gay arts cameo called "Drinking With the Gau in Renegade's holiday review duluth gay arts year. They face off against local newsman Pat Kelly and "that guy you always see at R. Posted by Chris Nollet at Posted by ractalfece at I've dulutu this list into a wiki that can be added to or edited by anyone. So, I was looking at on-line lists of wifi hotspots for Daytona gay bar and my considered opinion is that they suck.

Let's compile our own list, shall we? Here srts my criteria: It must be free and fairly gay bars sevilla. I am updating this list as locations are added in gau comments below. Tuesdays - Saturdays, Posted by elfin magik at Filed under Duluth Scene Promotion.

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