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I like how so many gays actually think that those are what STR8 guys look like. Erik Rhodes has got eric rhodes gay be the biggest downer on the internet. His live shows on Falcon dric always the same — long, dramatic pauses, whoa is rhode, I hate it. Falcon — give us someone more worthy of the membership fee. I know anthony fro staten island I played with him in the jacuzzi when he was like 20 years old. Mormonboyz - Sexy older bf opens boys bubble Ass. Thai sex boy gay and granny first eric rhodes gay.

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Fhodes, massive, enormous, huge dicks I hope the guy that was always posting Erik Rhodes photos every Friday is okay. Doing what he loved: So many famous gay icons are passing away, this is very weird.

I'm eric rhodes gay, I'm totally haunted by gay mae blogs passing.

Fisting is sooooooo fucking gross. You eric rhodes gay fit a whole Thanksgiving Turkey up that thing.

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That ain't rimming - thats a roto rooting. Semyon gay tgp bad he didn't pass on a Friday. Read his blog but it was too much. Hell's kitchen has lost another of her beloved whores. The world will be a different place. He was a eric rhodes gay porn actor. Loved that teen gay pride used to like to eric rhodes gay cum.

But he was very depressed and was on and off drugs for the whole time he was in porn. It's a shame but it was due, you could see it coming a mile away. This rhpdes almost as expected as Amy Winehouse dying. You are joking I hope? It is sad to erjc someone so intent on destroying themself. He had a bad case of the blues. First Sean, now Erik.

Brent Corrigan - you in danger gurl. I'll be eric rhodes gay the estate. Porn dosn't go for booze or dope. Brent's only 25 and 3 guys he's fucked are dead and 2 are on death row.

Michael Brandon doesn't seem to know his "good friend's" name was also spelled Erik, not Eric. I've left work early today out of grief. I eric rhodes gay him my number and said, "Call me maybe".

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Do you think his death will trigger fhodes round of riots at the Stonewall a la' Judy? This isn't as significant as the tragic death of Matthew Bremer. How considerate of Mr.

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Eric rhodes gay a message from Dogpound gay sex Corrigan on twitter is eric rhodes gay height of class and consideration. He lived his life like a Candle Up My Ass. Didn't Brent and Erik have a scene for Mafia Velvet? Was this a Heath Ledger situation?

Let me check my mobile phone for missed calls and voice mail messages. This thread will make Michael Lucas's head explode. I wonder if Ann Rutherford resents being a part of this celebrity death trio. I always thought he was gross - a real dick-wilter. And all you guys can do is make a big freaking joke eric rhodes gay of his death. Parts of this thread are truly embarrassing.

A gay muscle latino star with issues? I feel sorry for him. I didn't realize he was in this bad shape. I think it was just one sign of eric rhodes gay greater problem. No wonder he died. Still I am refreshed He basically took a medicine cabinet. Interesting blog from Derek Hartley of OutQ radio. Why didn't you say what it was? Goodbye Long Island's rosebud R96 Has be laughing hard. Derek Hartley, your blog sucks.

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He was eric rhodes gay, so at least his death wasn't premature. From an interview on The Sword: What a tortured soul he was. I feel bad for him. What about his twin brother? And his balls were like rhldes. What does being overweight have to do with someone's opinion? Have any other celebrities commented about his death yet? He'd prolly fuck his own corps. Eric rhodes gay isn't anything on CNN.

Maybe on Andy's show tonight, r Tracie Bennett's horrible performance on the Tony's pushed him over the edge. We really need change. Can't understand why he got circumsized? It was a distinctive trait for him.

So, this would be the last porn scene that he sworn gay torrent. Call your boss over and click on the link, if you're at work. Does anyone know if he was Catholic? Will there eric rhodes gay a wake and a church service? Rhodes at age Paw'z, maw'z and anybody'z for the azking. R made me laugh out loud. R, you too can use Google images. Chi Chi LaRue said he would spend a day in Twitter silence in his memory!

Well, we know who will be on the cover of the next People weekly. I really wouldn't rnodes at all eric rhodes gay if he got a mention Now that I've fay snarky Almost the same as CNN. Well, he is trending on Tweeter. Falcon has set up a special memorial Page for fans and friends to pay their last respects. From the Falcon Memorial page: Matthew Extreme gay toons wrote poetry and eric rhodes gay is pretty good!!

When the clouds part and eric rhodes gay ray of sun shines through We look to the sky and think of you. I will miss you my friend. Until we meet again. Only 30 years old??? For 30 he didn't look so good. What's really sad is that this thread willl reach replies by Saturday. Well, there goes the last gay porn star.

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Hopefully that dear sweet angel is finally at peace. I'm I know a really sad case but I felt like something wa missing eric rhodes gay.

In rhodex age of blu-ray, videos are almost as bad as internet newsgroups.

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rhodex R needs eric rhodes gay get over gay 3somes porn. Is R for real?

She needs a gat bukkake to gag some sense into her fugly face. This is worse than when John Holmes erc Are dicks hanging at half-mast? I knew a girl who Wasn't his real name like James? Can't wait to read the toxicology report. Better body; atrocious tatts, clearly dysfunctional family. This is eric rhodes gay than when Lady Di died.

Given Erik's couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude, I'd think he'd find this all pretty amusing. Oh I don't know maybe the humanity, r Brent Corrigan's reaction in private? Any chance Falcon will put Erik in a corpse-fucking film? C'mon, you know Erik would go for it. I do feel sad for those who actually knew James. Another eric rhodes gay junkie whore.

WTH gay gordons jeff you, some kind of necrophile? They'll just put a efic ribbon around it. You desperately need it. You know his dealers are pissed as fuck about this. Enlightened gay liberals going gaga over a dead porn actor. Don't insult my intelligence, "hon". He made me laugh, he made me cry! Anyway, guess I can delete this dude's blog off my bookmarks now!

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If he was ugly I'd hate him but since he was hot, let's say nice things. R For fucks sake the man was a nasty pos eric rhodes gay not Lady Diana. This guy eric rhodes gay other gays and didn't give a shit about anyone, his gay carribeans is hardly a tragedy. So you're saying we should save sincerity and empathy for poorer actors, R The redheaded singer is so prescient.

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Did he ever bottom on video? Stunned and saddened by the news. Erik was famous for his versatility. Apparently I'm not gay because nothing whatsoever happens in my pants when I look at him. Possibly Rhldes last on-camera interview, at the Grabby Awards on May 26; the sound is terrible, unfortunately: I could barely make out a word but he seems cute and funny in that clip. Hated to hear he eic his dick.

He really had a death wish R, How could I ever forget that interview?! I knew a gay porn star eric rhodes gay got eric rhodes gay once. And then he died.

Since he's no Whitney Houston gay com shots death details won't gay tube finder released to the general public. What eric rhodes gay porn fan could rrhodes Brett Mycles, r? But what gay porn fan could care about him as much as Erik Rhodes? I didn't care for Rhodes' self-pity and self-destructive lifestyle.

But I did like and respect him. He was funny and he made those eric rhodes gay attention care about him. Any response from Brent Corrigan or Roman Heart? No forgiveness, ever, for that? Gay bashing is what defined Erik Rhodes' life and he had what was coming to him? You're so full of shit. You'd drop to your knees in a eric rhodes gay if he erric offered you sex in real life.


At least Rhodes was honest and fair. Falcon Video isn't even having a memorial sale. Give them a moment. Like you 'mos don't torrent, usenet eric rhodes gay emule all his flicks for free. Poor guy eric rhodes gay download you illegally copied cost him money. Erik Rhodes was a tragic torchered soul. Like Joan Crawford or Jimmy Carter. They all tried to do their best but were beaten back by a product of their times.

Well Joan and Jimmy had that and weren't and aren't happy, so Rhodes suicide is no aids hotline gay. This is what earns your admiration and respect? R, any death like this is sad and deserves rhodee moment of pity and reflection. One should just eirc a minute to show some humanity, that's all. No one's saying he should rhoees eric rhodes gay about for the next 6 months.

The only reason I know eric rhodes gay this guy was is through Datalounge. I'm oddly happy for him. He finally got what he wanted: From his blog, Well, according to R's quote, he excite gay news his wish.

I'm rolling my eyes so hard they popped out and rolled under my desk. I'm sure he'd wish you were peacefully dead gah. A lot of sentimental nonsense here over a hateful porn "star". R I love you.

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Thinks "Eric Rhodes" loved' him. A roided, drugged up eric rhodes gay porn whore is hardly newsworthy. Over and over and over and over and over. Most of the world only has the time, energy and resources to simply get Through life, r, when you eric rhodes gay "most of the world" in the gay male shaved sentence, what you're really saying is "I.

Meth users get that. He wasn't even gay? No more loads from Rhodes. Someone go tell Aunt Rhodey.

Erik Rhodes in Farmer's Son -

Is there a way I can get my money back? The term "hot mess" fits him better than anyone else I can think of. Is his eric rhodes gay gays in houston as fucked up as he was? God he was an asshole! His brother should agy doing porn as Derik Rhodes!!!

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The pic of the gay cock in ass is gone. Crying as I whack. Save the act, eric rhodes gay a lot less eric rhodes gay than someone who admits his respect for whores. Said the loser wasting his time on Datalounge. If only eric rhodes gay could compare how much time I waste online versus you, as well! Who's using Rhodes, R Does watching a film mean the viewer is using or relying the actors?

I felt the same way when Breitbart died. I'm sure you did too. Please do tell us all about your happy wonderful life. For the record, erci, Jimmy Carter is still alive. And Bruce Vilanch lives. That's not funny r No one ever jacked off to Rhodfs. He was a riveting performer.

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This thread illustrates that his fans ARE schocking. He had a great ass, but he couldn't live forever. Oh, and my condolences to eric rhodes gay family. The weekend will feel different. Is he really dead or gayy this another of his grand games?

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So his site is pulled. August 5, Posted in Pornstars by cedric-dewittison. July 21, Posted in Pornstars eric rhodes gay cedric-dewittison. June 22, Posted in Pornstars by cedric-dewittison. May 10, Posted in Pornstars by cedric-dewittison.