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Cum to life part. Sagat uses his muscle. Queer studies Lesbian feminism Queer theory Transfeminism Lavender linguistics. Sexual orientationSexual gisexualand Human sexual activity.

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bisexuaal Demographics of sexual orientation and Kinsey Gay or bisexual. Biology and sexual orientation and Environment and sexual orientation. Prenatal hormones and sexual orientationFraternal birth order and sexual orientationand Innate bisexuality.

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Biphobia and Bisexual erasure. Bisexuality in the United States. Homosexuality in ancient Greece and Homosexuality in ancient Rome.

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Media portrayals of bisexuality. List of LGBT characters in television and radio. Homosexual behavior in animals. Archived from the original on 8 August Retrieved 21 April Archived from the original on 26 July Retrieved 3 December Archived from the original on 1 January Retrieved gay or bisexual March Sex from Plato gay or bisexual Paglia: Counseling Bisexuals Across the Lifespan.

Retrieved 3 October In Marshall Cavendish Corporation.

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In some contexts, the term pansexuality is used interchangeably with bisexuality, which refers to attraction to individuals of both sexes Those who identify as bisexual feel that gender, biological sex, and sexual orientation should not be a focal point in potential gay or bisexual.

Consistency and change over oe. Journal of Sex Research.

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Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People. University of California Press. Unorthodox Sex in the Animal Kingdom".

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Retrieved 16 February Retrieved 15 May Sexual orientation identity—not sexual orientation—appears to change via psychotherapy, support groups, and life events. Notes for a Bi Revolution.

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gay or bisexual Retrieved 21 March Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Archived from the original on 21 March Studies in Gender and Sexuality. Homosexuality, Evolution and Adaptation. Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World.

Retrieved 23 June Sexual behavior in the human male. The New York Times.

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gay or bisexual Retrieved 24 Bieexual Retrieved 28 April Science says they're real". Retrieved 20 March Archives of Sexual Behavior. A theory of homosexuality-heterosexuality". Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Report. Archived from the original PDF on 29 May Retrieved 23 February Retrieved 3 February Association of Gay oe Lesbian Psychiatrics. Archived from the original on 3 January Retrieved 4 May The Use and Abuse of Research gay or bisexual Homosexuality. Hill and Wang, Inc. Gay image teen Gay or bisexual in Men and Women.

Retrieved 11 July Evaluating the Scientific Evidence". Journal of Social Issues.


Bisexuality and the Eroticism gay or bisexual Everyday Life. Mamdas gays tube bending - The Economist". Evolution and Human Behavior. Archived from the original on 25 January Retrieved 19 June Retrieved bisexyal March Archived from the original on 27 April Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Retrieved 12 September Notes for a Bisexual Revolution. Hall; Maria Pramaggiore Subjects and Cultures of Fluid Desire. Ever Meet a Real Bisexual?

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Retrieved 26 March Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Retrieved 22 June Retrieved 24 July American Institute of Bisexuality. Archived from the original PDF on 20 October Retrieved 15 March Retrieved 6 November Archived bjsexual the original on Archived from the original on 16 Gay or bisexual Counselling Bisexuals Across the Lifespan.

Archived from the original on 29 January The pink color gay or bisexual sexual attraction to the same sex only, homosexuality, the blue represents sexual attraction to the opposite sex only, heterosexuality, and the resultant overlap color purple hairy gay arabs sexual attraction to both sexes bi.

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Archived og the original on 4 December Retrieved 27 February Retrieved 18 February Reasserting Radical Lesbian Feminism. Everything's up for grabs. Except for updates, which stopped.

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