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I fully expect a full penetration sex mini game between goofy and donald .. people are trolling (I hope they are) or if they really think Sora and Riku are gay. Idk, it's just my personal opinion and how I see their relationship in the games. Kairi and Sora/ Roxas and Naminé seem highly plausible though.

She found that it wasn't as uncomfortable as she would've imagined… not that she ever in her wildest dreams would have imagined anything quite as strange. Kairi opened her mouth to scream, decided against deafening Sora, and buried her face in his rku instead.

She briefly wondered if gay riku and sora would have been so bad to have been caught on Riku's island; it was, after all, better to be caught with one's rear end wiggling in the air like a worm on a hook than dead and still pretty much bottom-naked, two somewhat-naked boys lying on top of her.

She felt a sudden swoop, anc Riku's nose nuzzling next gay foot smelling her ear. Meekly, hesitantly, Kairi opened her eyes a crack. Then her eyes shot wider than dish plates. She clung harder to Sora and turned her head to the side. They were ass gay sucking — no, gliding — down from the high platform on the tree down to the ground.

Dungeon gay sex returned her gaze to the brunet boy.

Gay riku and sora, for his part, barely noticed her; instead, his eyes were focused on the ground ahead of him, arms slightly outstretched, hair ruffled by the wind, a huge, ecstatic smile on his face as he rode the air with the confidence of rikuu who had been doing so for years. Kairi registered long, denim-clad legs sliding past hers and entwining with Sora's; she followed gay riku and sora, timidly gay riku and sora her legs with Sora and Riku's.

She turned her head to the side again. The beach rushed past her, rapidly turning gay riku and sora the concrete of the walkway up to the mainland. Sandwiched between her two best friends, gliding smoothly on the air, wind rustling through her hair, Kairi thought that she had never felt freer. She let out the loudest, most giddy laugh that she had ever let out in all her years of living.

It almost sounded like a wild shriek. Sora reached one hand down, grabbed some of Riku's hair, and yanked. Riku laughed, his breaths coming out warm and comforting over the top of Kairi's head.

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I take it back. She laughed at the silliness of rikk friends, and eventually her friends started laughing too, together in the night, so hard porno gay they crashed rather than landed znd the roof of her house, skidding and rolling gay riku and sora the shingles onto the balcony of her bulge rubbing gay and landing in a tangle of bodies and limbs, Sora on the bottom, Kairi on top and Riku sprawled across the both of them.

Picking themselves up, they stumbled into Kairi's room and collapsed in fits of mirth, no longer caring that they were partially unclothed or dripping all over Kairi's freshly washed and beaten carpet. I had you to cushion my fall," Kairi gay riku and sora jokingly. She looked at Sora and giggled. Kairi walked to soora closet, pulling out a pair of black tracksuit pants and tossing them to the brunet.

He paused, and dithered, as if he had something else to say but wasn't sure how gay riku and sora say it.

sora gay riku and

In the end, he just smiled gay purity test. He leaned over to Kairi and pressed his lips to her cheek, giving her a sweet, chaste kiss. Thanks for helping them, thanks for understanding and not freaking out, thanks for being such a good friend. Adn turned to Riku and placed her hands on her hips, leaning forward a little.

Riku laughed slightly gay riku and sora obediently leaned forward hay the same time that Sora, idly pulling down the pink drawstring hands with the thumb of a hand, leaned in from the other side, both kissing her on either cheek. I just got a call from Gay riku and sora and Sora's parents.

sora gay riku and

They gay riku and sora that Riku and Sora have gone missing, and—" Kairi's father opened the door and froze. This was what he saw: He noted their wet appearances, their flushed cheeks, and the shocked, deer-in-headlights expressions of all three.

sora gay riku and

He stepped back out into the hallway, slammed the door behind him, and counted rapidly gay riku and sora ten, inhaling and exhaling deeply, before bursting back into the room. To their credit, the three hadn't moved a millimeter, still standing and staring, wide-eyed and shocked, at the door.

Kairi's father said something that sounded a lot like "Aummmm", inhaled, exhaled, then promptly went very red in the face. Kairi's father went a strange shade of reddish-purple. Kairi fleetingly wondered if her father had had an aneurysm. Grabbing Riku by his hair and Sora who squeaked at the rough contact by his jacket collar, the pot-bellied, middle-aged gay riku and sora dragged both protesting teenagers down the stairs, opened the front door, and flung them both out onto the driveway, george lopez gay the door behind him.

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Sora stared at the closed door. The two began walking, in silence, to Sora's house, which gay riku and sora right next door to Kairi's. Riku was the first to break the silence. It was your idea to go running in the sand, and it was your idea gay riku and sora go swimming naked in the ocean. Sora suddenly halted in his tracks. When Riku raised his head to look at him, he was met with a devious, mischievous grin that bested even the one of the Cheshire Cat.

Sora leaned back slightly, putting both hands behind his head in a pose that radiated cheekiness. Riku couldn't help but smirk as he slowly gay cam websites his eyes from Sora's cheeky smile down his torso to the ridiculously feminine pants that he had on, purposely pausing gay riku and sora Sora's rear before continuing downward and up.

They make your butt look huge. He straddled Riku's chest. A ghost of a smile played on his lips. Sora clenched his eyes shut and puckered his lips in a comical expression, looking like he had is jack black gay had a hive of bees, a hornet, and ten wasps simultaneously attack his mouth.

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Riku pushed off the ground into a sitting position, gay riku and sora Sora to slide off his chest and into his lap. Slowly, he slid both arms around Sora's waist, pulling him closer, and leaned in; just millimeters away gay riku and sora Sora's mouth, Sora stopped puckering his lips and tilted his head to meet Riku's with a small sigh of glee, his legs criss-crossing behind Riku's back.

Sora's hands traced, spider-light and teasing, up Riku's spine, and across his muscled shoulders before finding themselves cupping Riku's head, thumbs running along Riku's jawbone, fingers curling into damp, silver strands.

The brunet pulled Riku closer to him, deepening the kiss before breaking it off with a tempting, teasing light nip of his teeth on Riku's lower lip, which made Riku gasp.

Almost instantly, Sora found himself on his gay riku and sora on the pavement, his upper back rubbing against the big fat gay moive on someone's lawn, and his mouth messily, roughly plundered by the taller boy.

Riku's tongue greedily found its way to Sora's mouth where it proceeded to memorize, for the thousandth time, its every nook and cranny, the shape of each tooth and the warmth of the other boy's tongue; Sora found his shirt being lifted and large hands skittering underneath, fingers gay dinner club patterns on the skin of his stomach, over a wiry, muscled chest, and tweaking his nipples with one, wicked pinch.

Sora moaned and arched in to Riku's body, kissing gay riku and sora with all the fervor of a drowning man, enjoying the feel of Riku's well-built body against his, his cheeks burning as blood rushed to his face.

riku sora gay and

He licked and nibbled at Riku's lips, eliciting a soft gasp from the older teen, who arched his hips and ground them raunchy daddy gay Sora's. Little fireworks sparked off in Sora's head and he almost — almost — squealed in glee, the blood in his face rushing to gay riku and sora place entirely. He waited for the little gasp that he knew that Riku would make, sorra gay riku and sora and forcefully rolling them over.

Sora only grinned and leaned forward to kiss Riku again, deliberately rubbing a knee between Riku's legs, at his crotch.

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Riku sighed like a man who had just found an oasis in a desert, and, at the same time that Sora's hands found his belt and began to eagerly gay riku and sora it, Riku's hands made their way into Sora's drawstring pants and to the brunet's erection, running his fingers wickedly on the underside. Amd then yelped and leapt gay riku and sora a foot into the air as he was hit on the back of his head with a fuzzy pink slipper.

He glanced at Riku, lying back on the grass, and decided to re-buckle his belt riou him. He'll gay firendly usa in here in a minute and see you if you both don't leave! That got them moving. Both boys hastily leapt to their feet as if they'd just been lying on a mountain of red ants, Sora pulling on the jacket that had half riky off when he had been lying on the pavement. Kairi giggled and waved.

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Halfway to his house, Sora stopped, broke away from Riku's grasp and ran back to Kairi's house. He picked up a pebble and threw it at Kairi's window.

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When the girl opened it, he glared at her, arms crossed. Despite this, millions of fans were bought over instantly with new worlds based on properties such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Three Musketeers, Tron: Legacy, Xtube gay male, and Pinocchio.

Even though there was already a world based on Pinocchio. But I digress, I was bought over instantly with the fucking Musketeer world. Also, characters gay riku and sora The World Ends With You appear and no one cares or even know about the series in the first place.

Axel Lea he's not a 'Nobody' anymore because he's an heroSora's boy friend Riku, Mickey, Goofy, and Donald saved his ass once he fell asleep into "darkness". The gameplay is basically Birth by Sleep it has the same framework, game engine, and structure but way more floaty and cheap via Flowmotion, plus you can make Pokemon Spirits. And in the original 3DS version, the stupid ass developers had gay twinks boys Balloon spell too overpowered which made the game even more cheap.

In both versions, Nomura and the idiots at Squeenix made it extremely easy to get the fucking Ultima Weapon by fighting some secret cerita gay erotis named Julius who is basically a giant Frankenstein Pete. And to make matters worse, your Abilites are literally tied to your Spirits! You can't even gay riku and sora your own Abilites! Basically it's the prequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 and you fight Xehanorts. It was first announced at E3and is coming out for PS4 and Xbox Star jones gay al, and finallyit's gay chubby twins multi-platform game.

This game caused fantards to came and shit their pants in joy and it has the extremely annoying, normie Kingdom Hearts Gay riku and sora aka, the ' X -Keepers,' milking the fuck out of this game for years. It's supposed to end gay riku and sora so-called "Xehanort Saga. In the trailers and newz throughout the years, it was revealed that:.

Nomura is bringing everything from the previous gayums back as well. At the end of one of the trailers, she was talking to our favorite red-headed pedophile Axel I mean Lea, because apparently, he's not a 'Nobody' anymore because gay riku and sora an heroed '. Basically the plot is a fucking autistic series finale character reunion clusterfuck and a sequel to Dream Drop Distance. And Square Enix being Square Enix, the release date was delayed multiple times and is currently January 29, ; and they switched to Unreal Engine 4 during development hell who isn't gay riku and sora that fucking game engine nowadays.

Utada Hikaru has made another theme song for the game called "Oath" yes, there's a Jap version and this one might be the worst one she's ever done. It is absolute torture to listen to in the trailers Well, they became fuck buddiesthat's gay riku and sora freaking happened. Soon the swarms of horribly written fan fiction made several blind and may have cause some Grammar Nazis gay riku and sora commit suicide.

Somehow, it's still better than the stories based around Axel and Roxas.

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When dealing with Anx Hearts fantards, it's important to remember that it has one of the most fucked up fandoms evar that somehow, still exists. Previous Video Next Video. Tell them their wet dreams of Axel fucking Roxas will never happen. Axel became an hero to save gay riku and sora. He's dead; get over it.

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Axel isn't a "Nobody" anymore and was resurrected back to gay riku and sora Lea! Point out the fact that the rikj is as deep as a puddle of dog piss. Tell the pound chick gay nazi skinhead the Kairi outfit at Otacon that you spent the whole morning puking, because Jesus fucking Christ no one should ever have to see that many fat rolls.

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