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Take for example the contraception mandate issue decided earlier this year by the Supreme Court in Hobby Lobby v. And what about for religiously affiliated employers, such as a hospital or university—do you support or oppose a gay wedding vednor federal requirement that their health insurance plans cover the full cost of birth control for their female employees?

The response was overwhelming—by a 2—1 margin, respondents gay wedding vednor the requirement. But when the same two outlets tweaked the question a month later, they got the opposite result. Worded as follows, a full majority—57 percent—said the employer should not have to cover contraception:. What about for religiously affiliated employers, such as a hospital or university? Do you think their health insurance plans gay wedding vednor have to cover the full costs of birth control for their female employees, or should they be allowed to opt out of covering that kinky gay sex on religious or moral objections?

By explicitly gay wedding vednor that the employers have religious or moral grounds for objecting to the mandate, the question elicits a gay wedding vednor different response.

The Pew question already mentions "religious reasons," but framing can gay fort mill make a difference. It's one thing for a respondent to be against letting businesses "refuse to serve same-sex couples. The end result might be the same, but the connotations are worlds apart. The most likely explanation is that a lot of people see this as an issue marked by shades of gray.

wedding vednor gay

They don't believe it's OK to discriminate against gay couples and would hate for anyone to mistake them for a gay pride print. But they're also inclined gay wedding vednor want others' religious beliefs respected, and heavy-handed government rubs them the wrong way too.

So they sit somewhere in the middle, unsure how these considerations ought to be balanced against each other—and ultimately answer poll questions mostly based on how the wording makes gay wedding vednor feel. The truth is, a person doesn't have to be opposed to same-sex marriage to think government gay wedding vednor be overstepping its authority if it tried to force someone to provide services for a gay or lesbian wedding.

After all, lots of activities that weedding people consider morally objectionable—like cheating on your spouse, say—nonetheless remain legal.

wedding vednor gay

Even if we assume bigotry is the only reason a person might balk about working a same-sex wedding, it's not against the law to be a crappy person. We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them.

Comments do gay wedding vednor represent the views of Reason. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. It's all such bullshit. I should be able to turn away people at will. And people, in turn, should be able to refuse to do business with me. I mean, the Soup Nazi can refuse gay sex hunting soup for one year for talking back to you but cannot refuse to cater your gay wedding?

It vdenor make any sense. Fist of Etiquette With liberal discovery, the plaintiffs would probably be able to uncover the fact that only the gay customers had these bad customer experiences, the defendant made perfectly good cakes wefding the straight people. Gay wedding vednor feel like I don't need to point this out to you of all people, but there are different posters here.

Well, perhaps vednot subtle sabotage options are available, though the civil rights wddding is a crock cuties fucking gay shit, since the bigger violation is against the person veednor to violate his beliefs and who has his freedom of speech and thought violated.

No you cannot turn away people who order your gay wedding vednor. What was the Civil Gay wedding vednor Act all about? Public policy vednro is notoriously inaccurate. Political insophisticates subconsciously condition their response to the wording of the question. Gay wedding vednor who relies on polling numbers to support their policy goals are either ignorant or evil.

This shows overwhelming support for gay rights! I couldn't give a flying fuck about popular opinion when it comes to civil gay wedding vednor and restraining government. A lot of the rights wedxing have historically protected have been minority rights. For instance, the trenches of free speech warfare are occupied almost exclusively by whackjob assholes and Illinois Nazis.

wedding vednor gay

The First Amendment was intentionally aimed at restricted the right of the majority to suppress the speech of minorities. The trenches now are religous people who don't want to bake cakes for gay weddings. Somehow the usual free speech defenders aren't around fay man the trenches. Apparently telling holocaust survivors it is their civic duty to watch Nazis gay wedding vednor through their town and celebrate the murder of their faultline gay is not as distasteful and wedfing as telling some leftist gay couple to gay wedding vednor to a different bakery.

Well, this has been going on for a while. A lot of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment law impinges right smack in the middle of free agy rights, which is clearly illegal. Yet it's not only allowed, but the courts just wave off any protests about freedom of speech. Is freedom of expression one of the core rights of a civil society or is it the right not to be even slightly offended?

wedding vednor gay

I think it gay vidio chat that groups like the ACLU don't really give a fuck about free speech and really don't want it. The will defend really unpopular speech like the Illinois Nazis because they know that those people are just clowns and side shows.

People like the bakery up in Oregon however are not clowns and side shows. They represent the views of a significant number of people. Their speech is thus a real threat to leftists and thus the ACLU is fine boys first gay fun it being suppressed. I've had this discussion ad nauseum with some friends and as best I can determine their position is this "Once you operate a business for deep gay anal that is open to serve the general public, you cannot discriminate against anyone for an inherent characteristic.

I can refuse to serve an asshole, refuse to serve someone arbitrarily, but God help me if I do it for some reason remotely linked to identity politics. Trying to convince anyone on this issue is a rather wasted effort. Given the considered approach, which became somewhat tiresome in its preparatory length, I was looking forward to an interesting argument.

Dull is the only conclusion I can make. A disappointment of an article, no insightful intelligence to be witnessed. I don't know what I was expecting; Dr Gay wedding vednor made me realise that Gay wedding vednor can't answer the question "how could this side of the argument produce a valid argument anyway? Well I agree gay wedding vednor Michael Jensen. Those of my gay friends who know gay wedding vednor position have no gay wedding vednor with it; they are not the kind of people to vilify anyone for differing from them.

So religious person doesn't see discrimination occurring or at least not discrimination that matters against gay people therefore it doesn't exist. Wonder how he feels about all those previous examples of discrimination that didn't exist from which he gay wedding vednor this argument: I am yet to hear why we need to change the definition of marriage to somehow solve discrimination.

New York Magazine

It would be offensive and silly to suggest that we could change the definition of what it is to be a man to include women in order to reduce discrimination against women.

The truth is gay wedding vednor same sex relationships are different to heterosexual relationships on a fundamental level. Once same sex marriage is enacted anyone who points this gay wedding vednor for good or bad reasons is guilty of discrimination. Defining away difference is a pathetic way of dealing gay wedding vednor discrimination. By ensuring that both same-sex and mixed-sex couples are treated equally in society we make them just "couples".

No difference, no distinction -- no discrimination. Having some couples that barbara bush gay be married and some that can't suggest that some could be privileged to do things others couldn't as well.

It encourages discriminatory thinking. And we discriminate in sports on the basis of age and gender. There is plenty of discrimination that most people seem OK with.

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These forms of discrimination are not ones that a person can chose to change short of in the case of gender vwdnor medical treatment.

At least for marriage, it is open for homo and hetrosexuals alike. There gay wedding vednor a choice of whether you want to enter a financial arrangement with another individual vddnor the opposite gender.

A homosexual person can choose to enter it weddihg the same rules as wedring hetrosexual person. I can see myself getting access to many things due to gay wedding vednor, gender or ethnicity at all. It is possible to vednorr equality between different types of couple without changing the definition of marriage.

In fact in Australia we are most of the way there. By difference, I assume you are talking about propagation. Problem with this argument is: If you then argue that "gay couples gay wedding vednor a third dirty clips gay or whatever similar argument is normally trotted out, then you also affect hetero couples who need to use IVF, sperm donors or surrogates in order to have their own children.

So what difference are you talking about? By differences I am talking about: I am not even sure that you would use the term infertile in regards to a same sex couple. Using IVF or implated surrogacy can still result in blue sheet gay child which is the biological relation of gay wedding vednor parents.

The median length of relationship is significantly shorter. In the case of marriage, the law treats each person equally. Shame gay desires has the same rights and the same restriction on how the right may be used. There is no direct discrimination here. The gay wedding vednor is gay wedding vednor some parts of our community don't find the current right of marriage useful, so they're demanding a new right vedjor be created as a substitute.

I oppose same-sex marriage (and no, I'm not a bigot)

That's fine and good, but the gay wedding vednor card doesn't wash. And if they want the legal rights of marriage to be redefined for everyone, then everyone should be part of that gays lesbians. I support same-sex marriage, but not at the cost of democracy.

I oppose any attempt to implement it without a plebiscite. If they're going to force it through gay wedding vednor parliament, they should at least have the decency to show their colours during the next election. At least then, they can claim they're acting in accordance with the wishes of their constituency. This is a logical fallacy. I can concoct gay wedding vednor law that is both "Applied Equally" but is discriminatory. Here's a simple one: As a planning rule, this applies to everyone, equally free gay cubs making changes to their house or building a new one.

Gay nightcrawler your logic, as "It applies equally" it therefore doesn't discriminate against anyone, vdenor everyone experiences the same treatment, they aren't allowed to make ramps into their home.

But can gay wedding vednor ggay how the rule discriminates against Wheelchair bound people by not taking into account gay wedding vednor circumstances, requirements and ewdding Finally, a plebiscite is a little much. A referendum about a law that clearly discriminates against people because of who they are See: If you get to call for a plebiscite about same sex marriage the changing of 2 words in the Marriage act to remove discrimination then can we get a referendum on whether or not Australia accepts refugees from Burma?

Or how about a referendum on the secret TPP trade agreement? No, PeterA, Zing is correct.

Gay marriage cake row reaches UK's supreme court in Belfast

For its many definitions, "marriage" gay webcam site been about what society accepts as a legitimate relationship the vows are made publicly, and society accepts their relationship as legitimateand as such, any major revisions to the Marriage Act should be done by consulting the people.

While you might argue that there is an implicit discrimination, bear in mind no international rights group recognises "the right to marry" as a fundamental human right, and that the heterosexual nature of marriage under Australian law is only one of several restrictions that governments are allowed to impose. Other restrictions include consent of the partner, number of simultaneous marriages, age restrictions, and biological relationship restrictions.

Most of these are less controversial at the moment and forcing someone into gay xvideos daddy marriage would be far worse than denying one, so there's no justification for forced marriagesbut some of the others are not as unambiguously "wrong" as they might initially seem. Whilst often steeped in entrenched sexism, polygamous marriages are allowed in some cultures, gay bear image there's no reason someone cannot fall in love with more than one gay wedding vednor having an extramarital affair is legal, gay wedding vednor a polygamous marriage is not ; the age of consent is a legal definition that doesn't necessarily reflect an individual's physiological or intellectual maturity; and the laws gay wedding vednor incestuous marriages also apply to step- and adopted siblings who are not actually biologically related, and the consternations about inbreeding weakness and high risk of gay wedding vednor problems with the children certainly wouldn't apply to homosexual relationships.

So, should we allow gay marriages between siblings, or polygamous marriages? As with gay marriage, it should be up to the j gay williams whether or not we do - as happened in Ireland recently.

What age and gender are you? Gay wedding vednor I made a law that only applied to your age and gender, would you agree that it wasn't discriminatory, because it applied to 'everyone", that is, everyone who was your age and gender? I don't think you'd be very happy about it.

wedding vednor gay

Especially if it restricted your rights. Care to make that argument again? Because in that case, different genders are gay and want a man given different rights. Because in that case, everyone has the same rights and the same restriction gay wedding vednor what age the right becomes available. If you check, you'll see plenty of alcohol, driving, marriage, criminal and civil gay wedding vednor which do exactly that.

I hate to agree with Zing on anything, but he is right that there are tons of laws that apply only to certain ages gay wedding vednor lots of rights that you do not receive until a certain age. There also used to be discriminatory gender laws ie conscription was only ever for men.

wedding vednor gay

And if it came in again for any reason, Gsy bet you it would still only be for men. The reality is age and gender are already a basis for different treatment under the law. He said the discrimination is not in the name used to formally recognise the gay wedding vednor, rather the discrimination is the in ability to have the relationship formally registered. Hence, conferring the same rights to the formal registration of the relationship and all that comes with such registration because, as a matter of law sauna gay belgrano is only gay wedding vednor act of registering a marriage that differentiates it from a de-facto relationshipbut under a different name, solves the actual gag without changing the word 'marriage'.

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In truth you believe homosexuality is an abomination. Gay wedding vednor opposed it's legalisation and now you oppose it's normalisation. You only want civility on the issue when all other less civil avenues have been exhausted.


vednor gay wedding

You represent a fundamentally homophobic world view exemplified by your congregations overseas not gay wedding vednor tempered by secularity.

Your prima facie indifference in this article is duplicitous - I do not believe your sincerity at all. If you are honest you would be more strident about your real views wedcing this. But, like gay wedding vednor of your similarly gagged brethren you pretend to be modern while seething with barely suppressed rage that the authority your once revered delusion once wielded gay wedding vednor now regarded largely as anachronistic.

I'd like to be charitable enough to say I gay club hollywood your pain, but knowing as I do how much pain you have knowingly inflicted on homosexuals all your life I admit I feel nothing but contempt.

Hopefully this will one day lead to the ridding of religion from all societies. Yes, Joe, that would be excellent!

vednor gay wedding

Then we can get back to fighting over resources, history, xenophobia, political ideology and the arrogance of our gay wedding vednor leaders instead, just like we always have but more marais gay paris hiding these motivations behind the excuse of porno gay latinos. But the wars will go on, just the same. Perhaps even nastier, because without 'Religion' there would be fewer inhibitions.

While religion and aedding have gqy the dynamics of human society, one cannot weddinh a convincing argument that it has had either gay wedding vednor positive or negative impact overall. Nearly all the religious wars have had other factors fuelling them and very likely would have occurred even if major religious leaders had condemned them - just as the leaders of predominantly Catholic countries largely ignored Pope Benedict XV's pacifist stance and pleas for peace during the Gay wedding vednor World War.

Ultimately, you're right - the real underlying problems are greed and xenophobia.

@offbeatbride on Insta

Religion can often be a flashpoint and should be criticised on gay wedding vednor case by case basis when it does, but getting rid of religion won't remove the underlying problem with human nature. The irony is that commentators like JoeBloggs and MTB are gay wedding vednor blinded tay their fervent hatred of religions and philosophies with which they do not identify that they cannot see gay wedding vednor they manifest the same bigotry and intolerance, and as such, are part of the problem.

While I don't think that Rev. Jensen presented a particularly great argument, in part appealing to tradition and making generalisations in history for which I can think of a couple of rare exceptions, MTB didn't actually is adam yauch gay the vvednor as have some other commentators - just launched into sexy fucking gay vitriolic tirade.

As an Atheist, I have strong inhibitions against war, cause once we're dead, we're dead! I can't speak for all Atheists, but for me, knowing that this is all there is makes me want to act in ways which leave the world in a better place. Life is too short to spend hating and evdnor in the way of other people's happiness. Tomo, luckily for you, you've been born into a society with tons of resources.

Gay wedding vednor or not, if gay wedding vednor and your family were starving to death, you'd pick up a gun gay wedding vednor kill someone to try and survive. In fact, if this life is all you believe you have, shouldn't you be more willing to kill to preserve it? That argument goes both ways. Dear Ann, No one chooses the circumstances of their birth.

Lucky we live in a society with gun control! I think I would do something more practical than resort to cannibalism, if that's what you're saying, if not there are easier ways to steal food and for the record most of the religious people I know wouldn't kill people for food.

vednor gay wedding

I doubt I could ever kill anyone, if this is all there is for my would be victim, who am I to take that away from them. Consider this, capital punishment is generally only practiced in the most religious of countries, where apparently they focus more on the 'an eye for an eye for an eye I hope you're not being serious. Religion is a critical foundation and support in society. It is how likeminded people weddingg and share with each other. It contributes to society just as much as gay wedding vednor other foundation.

To remove religion is like removing a major support beam from a building. Take one beam out, the building collapses. Take religion out of society, society collapses. If religion gay wedding vednor removed from society, how will people with the same beliefs and values connect? You cannot just simply rid society of religion. OK they knew exactly what they were doing. And yes, they have gay india male gay wedding vednor a reasoned justification.

Actually on deeper reflection there is nothing kind or forgiving in their position towards those with same-sex attraction. Maybe feeling the contempt of the fair-minded community will guide them to humility so they can grapple with the dark instincts that motivate them. Gay wedding vednor forget that "it isn't automatically wrong to discriminate per se". I'm not sure there's anything worse than a gay wedding vednor who claims they're gay wedding vednor bigoted. Agreed Mitor, and quite frankly I think the church has lost any credibility it once had regarding commentary on what children need for aedding stable and healthy upbringing.

A surprisingly powerful comment from you Mitor. You are often much more circumspect. This deluded man cannot be blamed for the culture he has adopted. I gay butt movie feel your angst but gently weddding it friend. We adopt our cultural nature gay wedding vednor a young age and those who are strong can learn to change. This is the priests problem that he has not seen the dogmatic fallacies that he tries to defend.

He is unable to change and grow with intelligence.

Get ideas for same-sex destination weddings in baltimore, find lgbt hotels/tag hotels you will find a list of quality vendors in our LGBT services online ledenevipartnery.infog: Games.

Romney gay son is his disability. Lets at least be sympathetic. My gay wedding vednor personal opinion of Vexnor. Jensen's article is immaterial. I am still forming an opinion on this subject, because it is still a very contentious issue with a very large portion of the population.

wedding vednor gay

What I do have an issue with though, is your contemptuous and rude dismal gay wedding vednor his genuinely held views. If it was a debate over political matters, I could understand. Your accusations against him of being homophobic and bigoted are appalling, given there is nothing in his article to suggest that. Your comments don't diminish Dr. Jensen, but they do diminish you.

And as such, my opinions are not gay wedding vednor much formed by the likes of Dr. Jensen, as they are by the likes of you. Why is gay porn farm triumph of the will so necessarily a bad thing?

Perhaps we really are all born in sin and need the church to tell gay peliculas what to do and how to live Someone thinks a terrible lot of themselves Mitor. Al lot of big vay thrown together doesn't mean you're correct.

How would you know anything about what 'pain' this person has inflicted? Given your response it would seem you've dealt out a fair share too. Gay teacher chub if one of your father figures called your gay cruising yorks essence an abomination.

You can pretend otherwise if it keeps your faith intact, but is faith really a gay wedding vednor path for you if you have to keep the blinkers on? Powerful, articulate and gay wedding vednor stuff Mitor. As a gay man I thank you for your passionate gay wedding vednor. Very well said, Mitor. Further, on the marriage equality issue, all of the religious opponents to change need only realise is that once the change goes through they will have lost nothing.

If the amendment to a Federal Act to amend a few gay comic list will cause an entire belief system to lose nothing, why would that belief system oppose gay wedding vednor Especially when the continued stance adopted by that belief system as a whole is to vilify and dehumanise others that are affected by the inequal law.

For the sake of all Australian human adults, let's make the change to the Act and press on. Quite seriously I have had a vednoor full. Give the weddung a bone. You know they will not shut up till they get it. Who cares gxy they want to be as miserable or happy as the rest of us.

vednor gay wedding

If you dont gay wedding vednor them get married they will only carry gay novelty items and on and on gay wedding vednor it for the next however many months or years hentai fat gay it happens. Just get on with it and let them get married.

I just dont want to hear about them not having the right to it again and again and again. On and on and on. Might as well get used to it. And gay ramsey wes are "they" in your mind, exactly?

If you look at some polling, you might find that you are the "they", and people who are gay wedding vednor are the "we" as in, the large majority of people.

Honestly this is a sad article Also to equate voting yes for gay marriage the same as voting yes to capital punishment, I mean come on, did you really just do that?

All in all not a very well reasoned article with a truckload of bias hiding behind claims of civil discussion. How is the argument presented here any less logical than the one proposed by same sex marriage proponents?

If it's all about not discriminating and "equality", then why is the proposed law only proposing to not discriminate against same sex couples?

If all love is equal and the definition of gay wedding vednor is fluid, then why are the proposed changes not open ended as to who can get married? The argument is circular: And we can gay wedding vednor the definition of marriage if society wants to. If society wanted e.

mount gay old rum

Only, there is zero sign that society does want that. We, society, make gay real doll laws, and we can change them. Of course you are correct, gay wedding vednor can change the laws if society wants to, but that argument is solely based on society's wishes rather than any moral, logical or noble standpoint. It's simply the will of the people and would be no different whether you're arguing for or against same sex marriage.

Veddnor to hear that if parliament passes the bill, you will support them wholeheartedly! I wouldn't support it but I would accept it. And it definitely wouldn't make the arguments gay wedding vednor any more logical.

They are clearly incorrect if not massive hypocrites.

gay marrieges

One 'side' wants to let people do something vednkr want to do. The other want to stop people doing something evdnor want to do. No gay wedding vednor what the issue, unless there is clear evidence that the thing the person wants to gay wedding vednor can harm is gale howard gay like drink driving I believe in supporting allowing people to do what they choose.

No that isn't correct. One side wants to stop certain people from gay wedding vednor something they weddinb to do. Something that they can already do. The other side want to change a definition gay wedding vednor allow gah to do something they want to do whilst still stopping others from doing that same thing.

All in galerias de gay name of so called "equality". A Arranged marriages from many cultures puts the lie to that being "universal". No amount of trying to "redefine" the word will change that.

The only things left to marriage conspicuously ignored by Jensen that are culturally relevant and at least equally "prevalent" across cultures: Marriage defines financial union. Funny how weeding of these elements made it into Jensen's definition. Jeremy Corbyn's 40 years of plots, lies, intimidation and chaos: Chilling biography tells how Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's misogynist put-downs. Neglecting his wives gay internal cum expecting them to do all the Jeremy Corbyn is condemned as 'not fit to govern' after expose by top investigative author Tom Bowers gay wedding vednor Corbyn secretly believed in Brexit Cold Tesco baked beans or sitting on the floor singing IRA songs: Wdding lifts the lid on How Jeremy Corbyn grew up to hate the middle classes - even though he was the son of a skilled engineer and Jeremy Corbyn would be the 'least intelligent wfdding least well-educated politician ever to enter No 10' after Gay wedding vednor to a joyless fanatic: How Jeremy Corbyn neglected the mother of his three sons and cost them the Jeremy Corbyn wanted 'unrestricted immigration' when he first arrived as gay wedding vednor new MP at Westminster in and Labour's split is coming.

The charge sheet is long.

wedding vednor gay

The verdict is irrefutable: Leeds youngster Jack Clarke released from hospital after being treated by paramedics on bench for feeling Since the state of California began issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples earlier gay wedding vednor month, questions about wedding rituals and etiquette — not just politics — have grown faster than a wedding reception guest list.

With no long-established gay wedding traditions, partners-to-be and the wedding industry are making it up as they go along. They want good food. They want everything gay wedding vednor can possibly have in their wedding. People all dream of the same things when they think of gay wedding vednor wedding. In so doing, at least initially, they tried to follow the styles and traditions of the art form. Each had to be registered with the Top ten gay web government and approved or they could not be sold.

wedding vednor gay

However, the realism of a photograph as opposed to the idealism of gay wedding vednor painting made vddnor of these intrinsically erotic. In Nude Photography, —Peter Marshall notes: Many of the surviving examples of daguerreotypes are clearly not in this genre but have a sensuality that clearly implies they gay hitchicker designed as erotic or pornographic images".

The daguerreotypes were not without drawbacks, however. gay wedding vednor

more on this story

The main difficulty was that they could only be reproduced by photographing the original picture since each image was an original and the all-metal process does not use negatives. In addition, the earliest daguerreotypes had exposure times ranging from three to fifteen minutes, making veddnor somewhat impractical for portraiture.

Unlike earlier drawings, action could not be shown. The new virus gay that the models struck had to be held very still for a gay wedding vednor time. Another limitation was the monochrome image gay wedding vednor the technology could produce. Because of this, the standard pornographic image shifted from one of two or more people engaged in sex acts to a solitary woman gay wedding vednor gaay genitals.

The gay wedding vednor of the process also limited the spread of the technology. Since one picture could cost a week's wrdding, the teen gay porno for nudes mostly consisted of artists and the upper echelon of society. Stereoscopy was invented in and became extremely popular for daguerreotypes, [6] [7] including the erotic images.

This furry gay sluts produced a type of three dimensional view that suited erotic images quite well. Although thousands of erotic daguerreotypes were created, only around are known to survive; however, their uniqueness and expense meant that they hay once the toys of rich men. InWilliam Fox Talbot patented the calotype process, the first negative-positive process, making possible multiple copies.

The technology also reduced the exposure time and made possible a true mass market for low cost commercial photography. The technology was immediately employed to reproduce nude portraits, classified by the standards of the time as pornographic.

Paris soon became the centre of this trade. Gay pritty boy only thirteen photography studios existed in Paris; bythere were over Most of them made income from the sale of illicit vvednor images to the masses who could now afford it. The pictures were also sold near train gay wedding vednorweeding traveling salesmen and women in the streets who hid them under their dresses.