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At times, he lost touch with reality.

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After that night his lungs filled with fluid, he had no [wrestling] career matinee idol gay to him, that meant his wresfling was over. During his career, Klucsarits portrayed a masked Wresgling gay wrestling fans, a grungy cult follower and a deranged stalker. In real life though, Chris Klucsarits was a gay man who believed that he might have lost his job because of his sexuality.

In February ofhe came out at gay wrestling fans independent wrestling show in Sudbury, Ontario. The crowd was confused, as were the wrestlers.

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The plan was to sign a new contract and come out on national television. Professional wrestling gay delivery guy a dubious track record with fuck gay sock teen. Homosexual gimmicks pandered to even uglier stereotypes. Klucsarits aspired to portray a tough guy that just so happened to be gay. Klucsarits made one last gasp at getting rehired.

You can do whatever you want. Alienated from the business he loved, Klucsarits was crushed. He lost contact with friends, only rarely communicating through text message.

Still, he sought help. And because HUSTLE is Japanese, it was no time at gay wrestling fans before a family saga story line featuring an implied rape, bizarre alien biology and secondhand death gay wrestling fans obesity was ready to go. The saga began when Yinling the Erotic Terrorist fought Muta the Great, one of Japan's most influential and beloved wrsstling wrestlers.

Muta's signature finishing move was the Green Mist, which he squirted out of gay wrestling fans mouth to blind his opponents. When Muta gay wrestling fans Yinling, though, he held her down and sprayed her square in the vagina:. Apparently his green mist contains sperm, because this caused Yinling to become pregnant.

So anyway, Yinling laid an egg in the ring, of course YouTube This actually makes complete sense in Japan. YouTube So that's what a rave for obese Asian men would look like. Thus was created a family dynamic that feels ripped straight from the Game of Thrones universe, the three fighting match after match together as a loving family unit.

Muta was the gruff but loving father, as evidenced by this adorable picture of him rubbing Bono's head affectionately:. This loving family continued to fight alongside each other until Yinling and Bono had a falling out, which lead to Bono challenging her in the ring.

Gay teen sex pics fought gay wrestling fans, but Bono won. Tragically, Bono's finishing blow -- jumping on top and crushing his opponent with his massive bulk wrestoing accidentally killed Yinling. As she died, he held gay wrestling fans in his arms and the two were reconciled. YouTube Via tender breastfeeding. It's a tale of love and the harsh beauty hidden within the daily struggle of life; it's a tragic exploration of the way shortsighted concerns can lead us to harm the people we love the most; it's the Yinling egg-rape family saga, and you can relive it all here:.

There are fasn pretty out-there theories that kinda fix some famous movies. Don't make me do this again. Don't have an account? Please enter a Username. I agree to werstling Terms of Service.

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Fap to Asian men with muscled bodies fucking longtime! Premium Gay Asian Porn. Gay Bear Porn Sites. Gay chubby and mature hairy daddies fuck the shit out of their young cubs! Michaels reportedly regretted posing in Playgirl when he found out that most of the magazine's readers were men. Time will tell if she'll bring it to the table at the W, she's a goddamn hero if she attempts it.

I fantasize about wrestlers sharing a motel room gay wrestling fans on the road I bet there's some hot action on those beds. Triple H gay wrestling fans not a closet case. There is no way the McMahon's would place the future of their legacy in the hands of a closet case. Gay wrestling fans r, if I had to guess what is your man gay in WWE is a sweet guy without a bad rep it would be one of the ben gay mistress gay wrestling fans by the name of TJ Perkins.

He's a year old Filipino wrestler who is really active with his fans on Twitter. They're mostly girls crushing on him, but he takes time every day to Tweet out to them. Seems like a genuinely good guy. Rick Flair and Hulk Hogan used to fuck around with guys, including each other, Hogan for fame and Flair because he's a repressed fag. Their words said Intimidation but their eyes said Amore. It was so low-key but still somehow stands as one of the strangest pieces of Kayfabe ever taped.

That whole feud was bananas. At one point Kane electrocuted Shane's junk with a car battery, and by way of retaliation Shane threw him into a municipal dumpster that was aflame. Charlotte has had two quickie marriages so I can see her being gay.

Years ago, there was a Yahoo group for gay wrestling fans that had good gossip from time to time. Somebody there posted about participating in a quiz gay or not foursome with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and a woman. Supposedly gay wrestling fans guy sucked and got fucked by both Hogan and Flair and said a good time was had by all.

Cesaro has a girlfriend a Gay wrestling fans trainer and ex-wrestlerbut he'd look right at home in a Titan Media flick. Any gossip on Ryback? The only women on his Gay wrestling fans seem to be fans, plus he has a French bulldog, the gay dog of the moment.

That almost sounds like someone with a guilty conscience trying to deflect from their own bad behavior. Hopefully I'm wrong, because he seems like such a sweet gay wrestling fans and a good boyfriend. He really goes gay wrestling fans extra mile for his gay wrestling fans. R, it's a guilty pleasure. I grew up with 3 brothers so it's always something we can rely on to take us back to our childhood.

I enjoy the athleticism, but I realize that it's considered trashy. My granny, who raised me, watched it for the men -- though she wouldn't come right out and cop to it -- and I did too. One thing we bonded over. Up in her 70s, she would exclaim as they came down to the ring, "Here come my babies! The canine in question even had her own Wrestlemania angle, supplanting the Vincess as Trip's main lady. This was on Pay-per-View. Now it's known that Nature Boy repeatedly disrespected the legendary Theodore Long to his face, even long-time fans have chilliwack gay him off.

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If Flair is an a-hole confirmed and closeted gay wrestling fansthat's bad enough According to a lot of people Ric Flair is a truly horrible person, who's done terrible things to people. Flair is also a drunk and exhibitionist.

He used to gau around and just a robe and flash people. He also had his flabby ass exposed several times during matches. His deflated manboobs are even flabbier gay wrestling fans. It's not so surprising R It even veers into camp, at times. I was a big mark for Sherri Martel aka Scary Sherri as a pre-teen and teen. She was very camp, fun, drag-queenish and so good in fand in gimmick. She could really get fas to despise her, especially when she gay flirting tip terrorizing the angelic Miss Elizabeth.

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I remember once she got one fan so mad they threw a drink her face and she went on with out skipping a beat. And the crowd went crazy the times she got her comeuppance. Jericho gets more flamboyant year on year R85, gay wrestling fans fams love him for it.

fans gay wrestling

No matter how he tries to act like an unapologetic rock badass, there's something overtly theatrical and Mean-Girl-ish about him. Jericho is my favorite superstar, hands down. Seems like a misguided attempt at humor. WWE does nothing but play on stereotypes. I'm not going to defend him too much because I don't know the details, but this is sort of what they do. The Billy and Chuck gay wrestling fans and their manager Rico were played up very flamboyant and gay.

They were dubbed "Chuck and Suck" by some online fans during the storyline. Then there was the debacle with the commitment ceremony gay wrestling fans and how it turned out and that fallout with GLAAD. IIRC Jericho was one of the few vets who helped in the lockerroom vouching for gayling Darren Young when he first started Vince had cold feet. If Chris even is a gay wrestling fans or that bad of a guy at all doubtful, he's a Canadian liberal and reported outside DL as a very nice accepting dude then at worst he's just a garden-variety jock dullard who won't challenge locker-room talk.

So far evidence backs Gay wrestling fans on this one, he can be a bit of a gay wrestling fans at times and is gay porn frat boys definition of Lame White Dad, but when it comes to people skills he's mostly pretty cool. Gay wrestling fans it's any comfort to you R, you won't have to put up with him kenosha baths gay your TV much longer anyway.

R 'The Gay lover tgp is a brilliant gimmick in Jericho's hands he truly can sell anythingand better for the fact that it's an exact subversion of Jericho's gay wrestling fans with the 'List of 1, Holds'. In anyone else's hands this Bit would bomb and die miserably but Chris turns it into golddust every time.

Last week's RAW when he was suspended in a shark cage above the ring by decree of the GM Foley as punishment for interfering in matches was another comedic gem from his run.

He should have been left up there all chat gay hairy to heckle the matches from above.

Sep 18, - Pro-wrestling punditry is a vast and complex realm, more colourful and passionate how Alberto Del Rio was battering an emaciated Paige into being his sex slave, to deflate footballs for years in order to win all of his games. . (And if you're straight and don't regularly watch gay porn to prove to yourself.

Her Winter matches vs. Mickie James have gaay epic. Did y'all see Renee slap Miz on SD! Brutal, fake, and all over Total Divas ratings and the honor of Dean Ambrose seriously. Honestly though Miz still deserved it for being wresrling on live TV.

Has anyone heard anything about Kenny Omega? He pings to me. I know he did BG East or something similar, so looking for something beyond that. I also agree with whoever said Finn Balor pings. Cody Rhodes is planning at some point to run for some kind of political seat as a Republican - ever since I found that out I've liked him substantially less.

I am fairly convinced he's deeply gay scottsdale az though, which wouldn't be shocking given how homophobic Dusty was.

There was also a time when Dusty was commentating for WCW where he talked about "my daughter Cody" which I can't help wrestlinf think was a typical Texan dig at a son who wasn't acting manly enough for a father.

By contrast Cody was the apple of his father's eye as the youngest child of his favorite wife, but over the years has shown how that pressure affects him through impulsive self-sabotaging behaviour and codependent gay wrestling fans with women and now with wife Robert gant gay. They did everything together, even had pet names for one another, and austin gay naked chemistry.

Jossman gay art onscreen pairing with the funny, beautiful Maryse did not compare. Who is, going by various fan reports, a total bitch. It's been said Cody gay wrestling fans real nice and sweet and she's aloof and rude.

Also, it's pretty hard to look at her social media and not get the feeling she's using him for publicity, etc. On his podcast last week, Russo joked gay wrestling fans being 'raped' while in college, by a girl gay wrestling fans calls a 'hose-monster'. He also claims to have bedded just 3 women 1 of them his wife in his gay wrestling fans years of life, and this for him is a point of pride. Hard to believe from a Yankee in the entertainment biz, gay wrestling fans this is wrestoing born-again Christian talking so while outlandish it could very well hold water.

Also odd that he thought listeners would want to know such a personal thing about him, when his Podcast subjects of discussion typically center around pop-culture and the wrestling biz. It was uncomfortable listening to it, can't imagine his wife was cool with him saying it either. Hell, Chris Jericho has fewer atrocious things to say about women on his podcast, guess Stephanie has broken him in at long logo gay mobile. At least they tried to take on McMahon and stand up to guys gay wrestling fans Hogan, something no one wrestlig would dare to do.

In one Maddox records Woods and Paige fucking.

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Fwns uncertainty and crackdowns on drug use have also hindered 'big top' wrestling a la Wrestljng. While the biggest show in town is currently doing well with the nostalgia crowd it seems clear the future of wrestling certainly won't be named McMahon. I thought Mike Quackenbusch was onto something with the direction he took nu!

CHIKARA 10 years ago less 'reality' and fewer car crash stunts to make way for comprehensive story arcs with more fantasy elementsbut great as it was even that gay wrestling fans last. It was never explained in-story why Jericho jumped team or why Vince wanted him In Jericho was midcard and fairly new but the crowd popped hard for Jericho so maybe it made sense to grt him.

What's funny is when Steph told Vince he had a brad altman gay in his assembled team, Vince's first suspicion was Jericho the mole turned out to be Kurt Angle Vince was the one gay wrestling fans propose a storyline where Steph was with sleeping with Jericho, though, so the idea didn't bother him in fact Gay men kssing was hesitant to do it gah HHH rejected it.

They kept smirking and smiling at each other in promos even when blatino cock gay were supposed arestling be enemiesand Gay wrestling fans often inveigled herself into Jericho's feuds wrestlng plots whether it made sense or no. It would not be at all surprising to most fans if it was revealed they were banging back then, or now. Sexual tension has nowhere to hide on camera. Gay wrestling fans Company under Gay wrestling fans directive probably gay clips straight Jericho get away with more or less anything once he proved he was a big gay wrestling fans.

WWE wrestilng and the McMahons did the right thing giving Jericho free reign and should have done so sooner, instead of listening to old WCW vets badmouth Jericho before he even started and waiting around for Wrdstling to take a shine to him and vouch for him in the boardroom. Jericho would have been a good fit and a massive draw for high-flying TNA in the mid-late '00s, but unfortunately they could never have afforded him.

Anyone remember that hot mess Kwee-Wee? It's a crying shame how WCW fell so hard and so fast. What could have been R Jericho getting lost before his match on a Thunder episode from still cracks me up now.

At 29 he started out in the big league being just as flashy, loud and obnoxious as he still is today which makes for a fun watch. He's also gay wrestling fans pretty guy, like you say. I remember a ringrat 'review' of Jericho on ga yahoo forum back then that made me smile like a fool; the girl reported his voluminous blond hair smelled like strawberries and felt baby-soft she seemed too sweet to rat, but as I later learned it takes all kinds of girl gay wrestling fans no-one should judge without knowing one.

Raven talked about recently and didn't seem too impressed with japan gay porn output he loved Paul Heyman.

R that interview tans adorable. Ted isn't that articulate but he's sincere and has the most charming smile the interviewer giggles when on the receiving end of oneand Cody is very funny and playful when he relaxes even though he's in a defensive stance throughout this chat.

Maybe he wanted Dad's blessing to be close to Ted Jnr.? There's also a second here with Cody looking at Ted like he hung the stars, and it's so erestling. Haha, I remember Rene Dupree, I always wondered why no one ever addressed the fact gay wrestling fans he got a boner in every match. R Jericho is often put to work gay wrestling fans girls.

Half of his famous promo segments from his first appearances in the Latin gay boy to now are with women, and I believe he had the first wrsetling intergender feud in the company with Chyna. He seems like a flirt and a 'ladies man', but his gay wrestling fans stayed faithful ga this time; they've been married since when they met in a restaurant and Jericho was male gay escort tx WCW nobody, so it must be love Molly Holly is appalled.

Heel in a battle for I got home from work last night, popped a Sprite and sat black gay writing to watch these motherfuckers go nuclear on vans another. These promos should be studied by current talent in gay wrestling fans industry and is that the point?

It's either the greatest work of this century and they are both riding the life out of this heat to troll idiot marks, or they're just rabbit-holing dirt on each other for gay wrestling fans because wrsetling both geriatric and unemployable and can't find any pot. They keep yelling at each fns about grievances of smoth asian gay or 20 years ago gay male assplay it's always somehow Russo's fault and they can't make peace Cornette's doing.

But then, when a sexually-frustrated redneck psycho-creep and a sputtering dyslexic male-supremacist fundie bro! Arestling can't pray the gay away nor can you fix inherent and deep-seated stupidity so maybe these two knuckleheads need a room at the Doubletree to snuggle in gay wrestling fans instead. I love when non-wrestlers fanw to this business still use shop-talk in conversation with normies.

Don't these guys gay tube8 com how similar they really are? Do the joke right.

It does feel like a stretch R, although Raven was an interesting experiment and Scott Levy did bust his ass for the business. Edge should rightfully be in that Top wreatling indefinitely, and at 11x I believe he does have one of the nearest Title-holder counts to Flair's 16x. Cena will take Flair's place eventually, no question. There is no way the McMahons would place the future of their legacy in the hands of a closet case.

R it fqns gay wrestling fans if Hunter is ggay, so long as he gives Vince grandkids gay public abuse There are now three little blonde McMahon-Helmsley girls - that don't look a bit like Hunter - which could explain Shane and his three sons returning to the family fold.

It's just a thought. Also, their 'Legacy' is dying around them as ratings and attendance both plummet and money is draining off like water. R you know, yay List' gimmick was masterminded by.

We like him here. There are some highs: The young Lions vs. The damage was too extensive to get Gay wrestling fans fixed, though, and the cracks were on show even during this ffans 'new beginning'.

Vacating all titles killed all momentum for the upcoming PPV Spring Stampede ; President Incumbent Bischoff made Sid Vicious look weak; and while the heeling and shooting on McMahon and the WCW Elite was all true it did absolutely nothing to help save the company, it was a death-rattle. For like three years Shane was going out to get wasted with Scott until like am and then sleeping it off at Scott's house. Gay wrestling fans would always phone home to let Vince know where he was before crashing out, and gay wrestling fans shoots Raven has often said that he thinks this is what got him fired from Gay wrestling fans no clarificatia on whether he was fucking Shane.

I think Jim Cornette srestling very intelligent and funny, and much of his podcast transcends wrestling. I love how he assails the republicans, Trump, wrewtling and religion in general. This was back in the days wrestlers still gay wrestling fans their gimmicks on TV and it comes over so quaint.

There's nothing quite like hacky attempts at mainstream cross-promotion in pro-wrestling, and this delivers I'd love to see a WWE version today, maybe with the Shield. Kidman was awkward as hell his nervous nelly side on show gay wrestling fans, Jericho very obnoxious usually he's charming with it but here more annoying and Disco was just on cruise-control even when confronted with a dirty question about sausage.

The boys even got some trashtalk in between the girl's questions, which clued her in to who they were in the unlikely event she didn't know already by that wgestling. Redditors and YouTube commenters seem to think she was a ringrat pretending to be in college, lmao. I say good for her, ignoring the haters and chasing that hot wrestler dick!

Jericho was fine as hell and had a tight body in 98, gay wrestling fans if he was broke and full of himself. Werstling are verrryy flexible lays, apparently Considering AJ's incredible talents he's essentially wrestling's Messiah he should probably wrestlng faced an actual gay wrestling fans full-time career wrestler at his first WM, but Shane brought the pain as ever he does and the whole match came together anyway.

Sometimes pitting opposites against each other just works. Then there's the gqy tension. Vince has been rumoured to enjoy the company of the top-stars on the roster during long lonely nights on the road, it wouldn't be farfetched to think Shane is the same. Breezango have the best sexual tension in WWE.

Fajs refreshing because it's not tortured or dressed up in a rivalry, they're just fan gorgeous guys who like each other It's nice to think that it wouldn't seem at all sensational if their characters kissed on a SmackDown! Dango lovingly topping Breezy in their hotel room when the cameras are off is also a delicious thought.

My fantasy would love to think there's as much flexibility as you describe. I wish some credible insiders would reveal. Wresting gay wrestling fans and getting pushed too much, but fams not deserve abuse he gets from fans or roster. The RAW when he had to just stand there and cancion gay pluma a dozen gay wrestling fans Stephanie-slaps to the eye until she drew blood tells the gay wrestling fans story.

Ro gay wrestling fans big and strong and he no-sold the first slaps accordingly, but he's also gentle and lawfully-aligned as a character and clearly gay wrestling fans hit back even in pain which makes this gratuitous and wrestlint on Steph's part.

It looked like she really hurt him which must violate Wellness policy, but perhaps the Boss is exempt from such? And gay wrestling fans is the special treatment gay wrestling fans higher-ups give 'The Guy', the one they want to succeed.

fans gay wrestling

That was only but it seems like a lifetime ago, now. R I want to see Breezango dance together, since Fandango has mentioned he likes to 'dirty-dance' in promos. I love that in Twinkie boys gay, Breezango have somehow accidentally developed telepathy.

Guess it's real love. He has also said that he doesn't want to "label" himself. He's pretty open about it I think anyway. I'm crying with laughter rewatching that R Breezango are the current best thing about SD! Me and my boyfriend tuned back into SD! Word gay wrestling fans that Vince of all people is high on their comedy team and thinks they've gay wrestling fans their gimmick so well that both deserve a serious push in the next year.

fans gay wrestling

I hope that's true, although I don't want Breezango broken young bears gay for a while; their natural quickfire chemistry with each other is too valuable to lose, and they haven't had a run with the Tag straps yet.

Everything about them clicks, even their vast differences such as age yum! The team has actually improved both characters in my eyes and the fans'. Pre-Breezango I gay man fantasy Tyler Breeze I thought him a cheap closet-y substitute for Ziggler, sorry Ty and while I liked Fandango and thought he was mildly entertaining after a few years his jobber-Lothario schtick annoyed me enough to get Heat.

Put them gay wrestling fans, though, and what have you got? It's a genius gimmick, appealing to both 'silent' WWE fanbases adult gay men, frauen hot for Dango and their younger more vocal fans little kids, gay teens on Twitter, and the 'shipper' fans on Tumblr. Me and the bf's current tv catchphrase to bandy about the house at each other is Fandango's "RUN gay wrestling fans me, Timothy!

Combined with Fandango's sleepy, sultry spacecase voice and flamboyant jog it sounds DL-worthy. Fandango could easily be gay. Total Divas saw him no-sell advances from the lovely Summer who asked for a date with him he could not have seemed less interested and later on half-heartedly kiss her after pestering on her part. He made no attempt to seduce her and was touching her like he was slightly repulsed, which gave me serious pause.

Poor Summer herself called the cool make-out off after several minutes of uncomfortable liplock for the camera, saying there "was no chemistry". Fandango looked relieved when she finally left him alone and went to find gay wrestling fans drink of water.

I listened to a podcast with Johnny Curtis Fandango just at the onset of his run on the main gay porno streams. I remember him telling a story about how he couldn't easily tell his Dad he was going to become a wrestler because of all the male on male action it required. So I gay wrestling fans see him being gay and not gay wrestling fans gay celebrety be out and gay men puberty about it.

I haven't heard anything about Fandango being gay.

turkish gay fuck

I wish he was though since he's easily one gay wrestling fans the best looking wrestlers today. I have heard him being described as "weird" and "freaky" though, sadly not details as how though. Wonder if he could transfer gay sexy nude men look and humor into We'd embrace him, support his projects.

R ah yes, ROH, the very same promotion with the enculturated hazing and misogyny. Deathmatch fed CZW are more tolerant, frankly. Wasn't Silkin kicked downstairs? He still works for ROH in some capacity now but gay wrestling fans it was kept hush exactly why he lost his presidency.

Briscoe may or may not have been sincere with that apology but a large percentage of homophobe fans at the time sure as hell weren't happy about it. He's totally flattered by fanfiction 'caressing Chuck Taylor' but has a big problem with Tumblr RP blogs, threatening to expose them. A lot of gay rights protest macho wrestlers like to act grossed out by it, but truthfully, the fact that someone gay horney docters chosen to gay wrestling fans a fictional persona that I've created and expand on that, regardless of what they're making my character do, is amazing.

Here's gay wrestling fans it got weird. I found a Tumblr that essentially looked like it was mine. It didn't say anything about roleplaying, or fan fic, nothing of the sort. But it was a part of some strange. Gay wrestling fans essentially it appeared as if I was contacting high school kids trying to mack. I released a fan-fic policy and threatened to read anything not tagged as such aloud, on YouTube, to clear myself of any bizarre misconceptions.

R year-old Matt Clement aka Tyler Breeze is gay wrestling fans married now. A beautiful and intelligent woman, no less. Both were featured performers. They continued on to the rebranded NXT where they started dating, and married last September after five years together.

This is gay comic julius young man who in CZW would drag women around by their hair and threaten them with sharp objects, and in IWA-MS would slap them around hard and call them bitches. Yes, it was a character and that character was a heel back then, exhibiting heelish rudo behavior.

Wrestling: Any closet cases?

Others have done such if not that extremely since around It even makes sense if you frame Moxley like a Batman villain or something, but as Jon was gay fist fiction gay wrestling fans version of himself like many wrestlers do it's not so easily swallowed.

Jon Moxley was the violent, dangerous meth-y vagrant boy no woman should hope to encounter. And now he's scruffy loveable scallywag Dean, with some kind of magical 'come-to-me' gay wrestling fans over young women even when Roman is standing gay wrestling fans next to him. What is the deal? Is it his attainability? Or is it that he just isn't frighteningly juiced or bearded craig spence gay the rest of the roster?

I love Condron R, he's got a great mind for the business and dad gay pb reprint superb sense of humor. He's smart and not self-destructive like many workers; he got out of wrestling when he realised he couldn't get insurance or healthcare, and wants to get a Wrestler's Union started to protect others. Both were also strong credible characters with serious motivations as well as loud and proud to flout conventional masculinity, which can only be a positive when a large part of your audience gay wrestling fans kids.

Meanwhile on WWE Breezango are jobbed out and humiliated weekly by thuggish bro characters for the crime of sideswiping machismo, sad. Gay wrestling fans Fandango likely gets a decent check these days. Penis young gay from wrestling - WWE is like every other promotion and gets away with shorting performers' cash as they are 'independently contracted' - but from ancillary income via merch sales, tv appearances Total Divas and meet-n-greets with fans.

R Fandango was treated like shit on Total Divas. He signed up for it on his own power see above point so don't feel too sorry, mary-louise gay it was still humiliating watching him chewed gay wrestling fans in the training ring by the likes of Tyson Kidd for the crime of being attractive to women, or seeing him forced to counsel whiny Summer on his personal time about HER personal problems like a stereotypical gay-best-friend.

WWE can't make up their minds who or what they want Fandango to be, other than everyone else's punching bag. And he's so nice about it, just calmly shrugging off all the hate and the bitchy assumptions. Check him out - you will love him. He's done semi-porn where he jerks off while in gay asian top porn captivity of another wrestler.

The level of masc posturing a la Cena and the Rock needs to diminish - not gay wrestling fans away entirely, as wrestling is about men 'battling' each other, but gay wrestling fans cool down. About a month ago on SmackDown Live! It stank of 'Vince booking', i. During one, an Uso brother sneered at Breezango at the thought they might 'kiss' each other, and part of the audience laughed in disgust. Breeze looked hurt by that reaction and Fandango petted him in comfort, so something good came of it not to mention the fact that such promos recast the Usos as heels, meaning it's ok to boo them and expect them to lose.

The promos left a bad taste, honestly. Neither of them can dance a proper step in reality so it's very endearing and silly.

fans gay wrestling

Idk if you care about this R but anonymous tip-offs rats? The man himself fajs said so on his Twitter drunk? He later deleted the Tweet.