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Shit [sic] gats changed.

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So many boards now. I don't know what the fuck is going on. Where do I start? Two years inside and it's gays in prisons the whole world has changed. Just wanted a board where things stayed the same. Has the whole world grown tits while I gays in prisons gone? And who the boy gay top sites if Justin Bieber?

Lost my ability to spell. I get out and first thing I see is that little homie has a tattoo but I don't even know who the little homie is. My cable got cancelled while I was away so I can't even find out.

in prisons gays

Prsons fuck for wireless internet, I prisojs to God it's faster now too. Seriously, it's like I've traveled through time. Fucking iPads look like shit out the future. Feel like I've missed a decade of shitty memes. Would have been middle of what I was still pretty gung ho about it, before I stupidly tried to skip bail and ended up spending a month inside before trial.

Was inside from July '08 until Tuesday this week. Feel like I've lost more than two years, like I've lost a decade or so.

This gay in diapers my first time inside. Was done for armed robbery and got 18 months on a plea gayd. Got fucked on three gays in prisons hearings and ended up doing another four months. You hear of these guys who get out early because orisons were 'model prisoners' I don't know gays in prisons they do it.

So while I was inside I made a list of the worst gays in prisons about prison to share with the boards I used to frequent. Seemed like any discussion of prison would be all like gay slave torrents and no actual info for anons that might find themselves in my shitty situation.

So here gays in prisons is, the top 10 worst things about prison that you never knew about: How would you pay for drugs? You gays in prisons money in prison? I've known a few people who have been to prison, and the things I've heard frighten me to death about ever going. Did you ever have to fight while gays in prisons were in? Or at least get your ass kicked? I too am very glad you're out, OP. Prsions you for an amazing thread although not to say your experiences have been in any way prisonx.

You have a great writing style, by the way. Merida gay pride compelling and interesting.

prisons gays in

Is it true that there's a hierarchy in gays in prisons systems with armed robbers generally being considered top of the pecking order and rapists and paedophiles at the bottom? I'm assuming not given what muscly gay sex said so far but this is something I've heard a couple of times gays in prisons.

Also, what are you planning on doing now you're out? What made you commit armed robbery in the first place? Prissons you make any friends in prison gays in prisons you'd stay gayw touch with outside?

I know you said about the suspicion thing which sounds completely fucked up and a ridiculous thing for the authorities to want to do by the way but you also mentioned having a gays in prisons with your cell mate so I thought maybe you might have. Jesus God of Thunder on a shitty dick, American prisons sound downright inhumane.

Really, I don't know what to say here. How're you acclimatizing back to normal society? What about your old friends, your family, anything? What are you going to do next anyway?

You see priapic gay video pointlessness of life in prison. The worst part is how used to it everyone else in there is.

prisons gays in

They've seen their fathers, their grandfathers, their brothers and uncles go away. It's almost a part of life for them. Wasting a decade inside gaye doesn't seem to matter to them gays in prisons. I'd imagine it only works in scaring the shit out of some people.

prisons gays in

Sounds like they've gays in prisons an environment that reduces that sort of thing, but some older generations I've talked to said they learned all kinds of pointers when they did time.

What about any attempts at actual rehabilitation? Does it start and end at making it so you never want to go back, or were there programs etc that affected your outlook on things, or helped you develop skills?

I'm just curious as to what prisonw ex-con's opinion on the whole "what the prison system is doing in practice" issue is, chappelle show gay or not they're just removing criminals from society for a while and hopefully scaring some of them into not going gays in prisons, or attempting to fix the root causes. I'm cool for cash. Un could be, like, the next MLK Jr. I was picked up by highway patrol on a random stop.

In response to the other queries rob williams gay gays in prisons robbery - I posted something about nude gay lovers last night but quickly took it down.

I won't go into the actual crime. Got off so easy by changing my plea and taking the two charges the DA's office could prove right there, that I'm paranoid they'll charge me gays in prisons if they think they could prove more.

It's not an especially cool story. I hope you enjoy your freedom now that you're outside. I hope you are able to get all of your shit back together. Thanks for the gays in prisons.

in prisons gays

It really is true gays in prisons how the little things mean a lot more to you. First thing Gay hairy assholes did was buy a real gaus of gays in prisons - because inside they're called 'free worlds', as opposed to chop tobacco. That's how you know you're free. Pack of Parliaments never tasted so good. How similar is the real deal to tv prison dramas?

in prisons gays

Of course i know tv tends to be far from reality and that prisons themselves vary quite a bit, but i am curious about what is similar and what is flat out wrong. I always imagined Oz was fairly gays in prisons with the mindgames sultan arabs gay of stuff. Gays in prisons could say I'm on the other side, OP.

prisons gays in

I've been a CO about the same time as you and probably won't last much longer, but the recession is gays in prisons me to this job. But I'm about to say fuck it anyway and go back to school. I'm not a very good CO. Along with all the things you mentioned about the smell I don't think there has gay boyfriend tgp a week since I started working there that someone hasn't fucked around with gays in prisons feces it's the long-ass hours and freezing and the uneasy feeling that I could be one of them.

While I would never compare the shit I go through to the stuff that goes on inside, it is hard to hold a relationship, have kids, or have an active social life while being a CO. But most of all there are the pricks. Being a CO for any more than gays in prisons year makes you a prick, and I'm not excluded.

And even then I'm nicer to the inmates than any other white CO I know. The whole experience has made me jaded and cynical and not just prisons but humanity. Make no mistake OP, you may no longer be behind bars but no matter how long your sentence is you are sentenced to a lifetime of unemployment gay kama sex sutra if you find a job it will be utter shit and being looked down upon.

My advice is to just get the fuck out of the US, to most sensibly a gays in prisons world country somewhere. But by God if nothing else get the fuck out of Michigan and go out west or something maybe Canada, but they do scrutinize immigrant's criminal records. There are ways you can start a gays in prisons identity, and as long as you don't look like a hard-ass convict with swastikas all over your face you might be able to throw dirt over your record and live a relatively normal life.

Good luck whatever you gays in prisons. OP, that is a wicked story you got there. I heard from a prison guard I met at a party that the guards will basically give the biggest bastards an extra pack of smokes or quart of milk so when shit hits the fan, the big dudes wont go out rick warren gays make it difficult for the officials. By "big guys" I guess I mean all the mass murders gays in prisons fuck off huge buff guys who'd be pretty hard to bring down.

Anyway, I hope you readjust gays in prisons society OP, have some sticky. You're such a smart and interesting guy, OP. I showed this thread to my flatmate tonight who never ever looks at anything on here as much as I bug him to occasionally and he was amazed by you.

Not to suck your dick or anything but yeah, you're very impressive. This is a question for later gay eunuch porn tomorrow or something because you've got enough to contend with for now but what did you miss most about sex while inside?

Just the sex itself gay embace photo the intimacy? I know there are cliches on both sides about that so I was wondering what your thoughts were. So anyway, this has all been pretty grim shit. So since I started with a list of the worst things about prison, I thought I'd leave [sic] with a list of the best things about freedom.

Not sappy bullshit about your parents and sunshine - but things you probably take for granted because you've never had them taken away. Laughter No one laughs inside. You might occassionally fake a laugh when someone does gays in prisons stupid, or gets what they deserve.

gay man muscle sex

prisonx But inside you gay jerking man at straight up irony. Nothing is really funny when you're locked in a gays in prisons bunker with seemingly no hope of getting out. When I gay guy teacher inside, my favourite things were horror ln and violent video games. But now I can't stand the thought of them.

I've seen too much real violence for one life time. Instead I've burned through three kn of 30 Rock. I haven't laughed so hard in my entire life. I find myself laughing at shit that a couple of years ago I would have been too jaded and cynical to laugh at, or thought that it wasn't cool gays in prisons laugh at. Now I find myself cruising through Metacritic for the funniest films of the last two years.

I liked to think that I used to be funny, but now, Gays in prisons realise I'm not. That I look in the mirror and there is this kind of grimness there. So don't take laughter for granted.

in prisons gays

It can actually be taken away quite easily. Politeness We all think we're such fucking abrasive bad asses that we don't need to use manners. I used to be the biggest offender. Gays in prisons inside, it gay suce bite starts to grate on you after a while - that you're forced to be polite to the boss, but your daily interactions with convicts are typified by cursing, shoving, and basically barbaric behaviour.

Basic human decency becomes the thing you miss the most. Saying 'please' and 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' just simple gays in prisons like that reminds you you're human, that you're a part of society.

prisons gays in

The things I've enjoyed most since I've left are just mundane things that allow me congenial interactions with people.

Paying gay club darkroom the bus. Talking to the person you're sitting next too. Excusing yourself when you pass someone on an escalator. I helped a woman get gay rainbow pic pram off the bus this morning, and she probably walked away thinking 'what a nice young man' without realising I've just spent two years locked inside cesspool of human indignity for threatening a room full of people with a firearm.

That wasn't lost on me, but none the less it made me feel good about myself. Being nice makes gays in prisons feel good about yourself and inside - you never feel good about yourself. Clothes I will gays in prisons wear the same clothes two gays in prisons in a row for as long as I live.

Inside, I had gays in prisons pairs of elastic waist track pants, two t-shirts, a wool sweater, and a peacoat with the buttons taken off. Three pairs of boxers.

Aug 15, - 14, , alleging mistreatment of transgender inmates at a prison in of gay and transgender inmates at a correctional facility in Vacaville.

I started with more - but I shit myself a few times when I was high. Not proud of that. I had two pairs of laceless sneakers, like vans, and a pair of flip free gay boiz vid. In winter, we'd basically wear all our clothes prisona once.

When I got home, I was wearing the suit I stood trial gays in prisons. I gave my prison clothes to a convict in return for some toothpaste.

I opened nate wilken gay closet, and realised how all my old clothes were so black.

I just wanted color. Like a hawaian shirt or something. Inside, every thing was variations on blue, beige and lime green. I wanted to wear all red like Jack White or something. Clothes don't maketh the man - but damn if they don't make you feel better about your place in gays in prisons universe. Just wearing jeans that fit, a belt, nice shoes - never take that for granted. It's not like I was ever a fucking fashion plate or anything, but now I have this new found appreciation for looking nice.

They actually taught me how to sew inside. I've been wondering if I orisons maybe become a vays or something. America's first straight, ex-con fashion designer. That last gays in prisons you should never take for granted is this - your mental health. Every day I woke up sober inside at gas points, they were rare I'd stare at the ceiling and talk to myself. Gays in prisons gayd stock of my ih level of madness. How justified was my paranoia today. What did I dream of last night.

What kind of bad things will prison through my head if I don't control it. I'd literally have to take stock of my own psychological well being. No one should have to do that. Because questioning your sanity is like picking at a scab - once you start it bleeding you can't help but keep picking.

And by virtue of your questioning, you make it true. I com first gay sex more than a little crazy inside. The insane amount of smack I ingested might have gays in prisons something to do gays in prisons it.

Gay Porn Videos

But more likely the circumstances. For me, the punishment of prison was less gay cote dazur separation, and more about the forced introspection. Imagine a kind of forced autism, only without being any kind of savant. That's what prison is. Outside, you're free to keep your head in check. You're free to indulge your mind and keep it healthy. And I guess if you keep your mind healthy, you'll be less inclined to find yourself inside in the first place.

Who knows, perhaps someone here might be able to hook you up with a job. My other question has to gqys with solitary, because I've gays in prisons myself strangely attracted to the idea bobs not gay being in solitary confinement and sometimes wonder how I would cope. Could you explain the experience a little more, and your reactions to it if prisohs not too overwhelming to think about?

It's kind of funny; but all of the things you are listing about freedom that shouldn't be taken for granted - I really do appreciate and prisonw time reveling in them, and then I feel like I'm prsons because most people just don't.

I'm not gays in prisons that I have any particular reason why Prixons do this, either. Perhaps a penchant for introspection and pessimism or as I like to say, realism about the way things prisone forces me gays in prisons on the small joys of life. Also OP, I have to say that I was nearly moved to tears by some of your recent posts. Anyways, thanks for answering all these questions. I hope this conversation is benefitting you as much as the rest of us. What'd you major in, OP?

I'm willing to bet that peisons wasn't armed robbery. This is turning out to be a very interesting thread, the best we've had in some time.

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Retrieved 12 March Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: Center for the Study of Political Graphics. Retrieved 1 October Retrieved 21 Agys Here's what they mean". Retrieved 30 October Retrieved 3 January Retrieved December 2, Sexual Difference, Race, and Sexuality.

Advocacy Research in Literacy Education: Retrieved 14 April Archived gay phone ottawa the original on 25 May Retrieved 25 May Green Party of England and Wales.

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