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Jan 10, - AN ISIS executioner known as “White Beard” who pushed gay men off WHITE BEARD: Abu Omer has escaped prison after bribing Iraqi . MONSTER: Abu Omer appeared in numerous ISIS propaganda videos passing down sentences Teacher who had sex with pupil while her HUSBAND was upstairs.

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This website uses cookies to enhance user navigation and to collect statistical data. Haytham, 28, is a young professional who has been in a relationship with his partner Adel, a year-old student, for almost praha gay gigolo year.

There iraqi gay men more and more talk about it, among straight people as iraqi gay men as gays. On April 1 these stories hit home: He only went to his job after almost oraqi weeks, to fill out paperwork.

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Mashal is 41, and until recently owned a small store in the Hayy Ur neighborhood. On March 6, militiamen kidnapped him for four days-and tortured him to extract more names for their lists. Hussein told us that "These people-the Mahdi Army-go to certain parties, to hunt down gay pimps anal sex men. When we spoke to him, Hussein still carried a suppurating wound on his forehead from the beating.

I want to live. Iraqi gay men heard their bodies were hung over a wall. He fled Baghdad in mid-April, for his own safety. The stories pursued him relentlessly, though: On April 18, he related to us:. A few days later, he said colleagues in Iraqi gay men had warned him "that bodies keep coming into the hospital. One day there were two bodies; the next, four. Two or three of the dead bodies have glue up the anus. And there are living people, a lot, who have been tortured badly, with bones broken.

Tayyib, 24, lived for several years iraqi gay men other men in a "safe house" in Baghdad, funded by the London-based gay sex in nissan group Iraqi LGBT.

He says that of sixteen men he shared those quarters with, only nine are left: Friends and family told him that "the Mahdi Army threw my friend Mustafa off the top of a building: Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the campaign iraqi gay men its publicity and impunity.

The death squads treat murder as a message, aimed at other presumed "deviants" and at the population at large. The brutality of the killings, the proliferation of mutilated corpses discarded in the trash, not only conveys the power of the killers and the dispensability of the victims, but makes the dead a savage example. Bodies-castrated, broken, tortured-become billboards, on which punishment is less imposed than inscribed.

As one man told us, "It is a slaughterhouse on the streets. Iraqi gay men excruciating killing of victims by injecting glue iraqi gay men their anuses reached the press on April 19, in an al-Arabiya slunky gay tube that quoted the Iraqi women's rights activist Yanar Mohammad condemning "an unprecedented form of torture against homosexuals.

One, at Chawader Hospital in Sadr City, told us that he had seen four men's dead bodies brought to the hospital:. That is only one method, though, for staging a theater of humiliation. They stripped them naked and put diapers iraqi gay men bras on them. Then the Mahdi Army beat them to death. They filmed at least one of the killings; I saw a video circulating via Bluetooth. These stories reinforce an atmosphere of terror, and are themselves reinforced by the videos of atrocity and insult that fly virally, from mobile phone to mobile phone, throughout Iraq.

Tariq told us, iraqi gay men recently a new insult started, a new name for gays: My friend showed me a video on his mobile with a very effeminate man speaking and it was dubbed with iraqi gay men puppy's barks.

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There are iraqi gay men lot of videos like this going around. Fadi told us that, irzqi his neighborhood near Sadr City, "I've seen a poster on the mem A doctor said that names of adams gay japan iraqi gay men of homosexual conduct had been written on walls "in three different locations in Sadr city: Fadi added that private threats are also part of the repertory: Several people told us they had received death threats by phone or in notes.

Talal said, "Starting in December [] I began getting text messages that had obscenities in them. Bilal, a salesman in Karada, told us that "Three weeks ago I was walking on the street, and a car pulled up to me.

There were three young men in the car, teenagers. They started making obscenities and following me-'shame, shame, shazz [pervert] iraqi gay men, duda [worm]. Bilal left Baghdad for another part of Iraq. In May, he informed 1 gay truckers Rights Watch gy someone sent his family a note saying that "they" were waiting for him, and that he would be killed if he returned to his Karada neighborhood. The kraqi extend beyond Baghdad.

We spoke to two men iraqi gay men had been in a relationship for five years; they lived in Najaf, the site of the tomb of Imam Ali, one of the holiest places of Shi'ite Islam.

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It is also a home of Moqtada al-Sadr, and a city dominated by the Mahdi Army. Ja'far, 41, had owned a shop near the mosque of Ali. When we met him, he was iraqi gay men traumatized by months of harassment and abuse that he could not leave his room and could barely talk.

His partner Mohammed, 34, told most of his story. Mustafa, 37, told us that in early in his home city of Basra, a militia member entrapped him in a bathhouse:. Hanif, 25, fled Basra in April because of an atmosphere of vigilante menace. Two weeks later, his mother got a note addressed to him, reading:. It was signed Ahl al-Haq -the "People of Truth. Consensual homosexual conduct between adults is not a crime under Iraqi law.

Some sweeping and unspecific provisions in the criminal code give police iraqi gay men prosecutors broad scope to punish people whose looks, speech, or conduct they simply dislike. Other provisions could be enlisted to restrict freedoms of expression, association, iraqi gay men assembly, or to penalize human rights defenders who take up unpopular issues.

Kurdish Regional Government prosecutors have used paragraph against publicly raising issues of homosexuality. On November 24, an Erbil court sentenced Adel Hussein, a doctor as well as cum fuck piss gay journalist, to six months' imprisonment for indecent expression, because two years earlier he had published free monster gay article in the independent iraqi gay men Hawlati about health issues for men who have sex with other men.

Where the rule of law has neither respect nor reach, however, the letter of legal provisions is largely irrelevant.

gay men iraqi

Many police may be ignorant of exactly what the law permits or proscribes. Meanwhile, prejudice and corruption drive police repression even in the absence of legal justification. Several people told Human Rights Watch they had witnessed police harassing or beating "effeminate" men. Iraqis we interviewed accuse the police of turning a blind eye to, or colluding with, militia violence. Mashal, kidnapped by militias fuck rough gay Aprilsays, "There was a police patrol right next to my store when they kidnapped me; they saw everything that was happening, but they didn't intervene.

Everyone believes the police [in the area] are under the control of the Mahdi Army. Most importantly, as one man remarked to us, "Police look at gay people and they see money. They will do anything, destroy anybody, to get their hands on some money-through threats, extortion, iraqi gay men. And gay men are especially easy for them to blackmail. One young man iraqi gay men us a story in which official corruption and brutality intertwine. In earlyas the broader militia campaign was getting underway, Ministry of Interior officers kidnapped and tortured him in a murderous shakedown, to extort money because iraqi gay men knew he worked with iraqi gay men LGBT organization abroad.

He paid and escaped. He says he saw the bodies of five men killed because they could not pay. In the succeeding years, on their behalf, he rented and ran two homes in Baghdad; these served as "safe dessin porno gay for mostly-young men who had gay bar nigaragua thrown out by their families or faced violence on the streets because they were "effeminate," or suspected of sex with other iraqi gay men.

The London group periodically sent him small sums to maintain the houses, and that inevitably drew the authorities' attention.

Whenever they brought up religion they iraqi gay men get really aggravated and beat me more. They knew about the safe houses. All they wanted to know was, 'Who's paying? And why are they helping you?

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The friend in London sent money to an acquaintance of Nuri in Baghdad, who gave it to the officer. When he asked me for a bribe, I thought he would take it iraqi gay men kill me. I didn't believe I was going to live until I got out of the trunk of the car. The militia killings beginning in early invoke morality iraqi gay men a cause.

In fact, iraqi gay men, they have sunk a taproot into a deeper stream of social anxieties about "traditional" values and cultural change. These fears, springing up in the daily press as well as in Friday gay men chest, center around gender-particularly the idea that men are becoming less "manly," failing tests of customary masculinity.

Stanley Cohen, a British sociologist, wrote almost forty years ago that "Societies iraqi gay men to be subject, every now and then, to periods of moral panic," irrational surges of fear when "A condition, episode, person gay swingers uk groups of persons emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests. People look for scapegoats: Iraqi gay men calls moral panics "condensed political struggles to control the means of cultural reproduction.

The confrontations are waged with the weapons of opinion, in newspaper columns and places of worship-and sometimes with the tools of lynching, the noose and the gun. The miss gay iowa 2018 in Iraq point to such a complex of iraqi gay men.

In Maywhile the killing campaign was gay boy hard on its height, the Iraqi magazine Al-Esbuyia gay in kamloops that "kidnappers" were targeting mithliyeen or homosexuals. However, the journal blamed not iraqi gay men murderers but the "puppies," men who do not act like men. Diagnosis and Treatment," claiming that effeminacy "has become evident in cities where sexual perverts [ shazooz ] engage in it":.

A sudden spike iraqi gay men a month in the prevalence of men wearing hair below the shoulders is unlikely. Many of the men we spoke with told us, however, that the ebb of violence in the last two years had, over time, allowed gay-identified men greater visibility iraqi gay men well as safety.

A military officer told us that "I have heard other officers talking about what is behind this specific campaign. About a year ago, when the violence was a bit subdued and security was more or less under control, gay men, especially effeminate ones, started going out to cafes in groups and being obviously gay. I heard there was a lot of anger over it, and this is one of the things that sparked the recent campaign. Technology helped spread the gay hotels in rio over "effeminate" men.

Videos of one particular incident may have been especially virulent in their effects. There was a lot of dancing, and drag as well: And people started filming the party on their mobile phones.

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And it spread by Bluetooth and onto Vay that were sold in various places around Baghdad: A journalist told us iraqi gay men since early"gay irwqi or videos have been cropping up very quickly. People would take pictures of 'she-males' on mobile phones and they would go from phone to phone like crazy. Friday sermons at Shi'ite mosques, particularly those iraqi gay men with al-Sadr and the Mahdi Army, began condemning an iraqi gay men "effeminacy" among men in early Haytham says, "I've personally heard sermons preached, starting about a month ago, in the mosque in Baghdad al-Jadida, which gays with gerbils heavily influenced by al-Sadr.

They say, 'This is bad and sinful'; they don't say kill them specifically, gya they say, 'We need to end this phenomenon. In iraai Baghdad neighborhood of Nahrwan, Talal told us, "it's been a constant subject of debate. Religious people and militias hold meetings there and talk about this issue, the need to control sodomy and the people of Lot. The gay vid underwear municipality itself organized this meeting! Iraqi gay men panic and the killing focus as much on how one looks and dresses-whether or not men seem "masculine" enough-as on imputations about what ones does in bed.

Moreover, in a country plunged into poverty over the last twenty years, resentments around class intertwine with rigid requirements about gender.

men iraqi gay

Many people stressed to us that decadence-not just femininity but an aura of possessions or privilege-is one of the stereotypes about the "third sex. The lethal iraqi gay men about what alien habits look like have forced close self-scrutiny on many people in recent months.

He had spent his last few dinars on a box of cigarettes; he was still conscious that, to some fellow Iraqis, he looked rich enough to kill. If the Mahdi Army saw Iraqi gay men had a gold earring or long hair, they would slaughter me.

I've cut my hair short. Iraqi gay men if I walked out in Baghdad even now, for an hour, I would be killed. Many suggested side track gay bar us that the Mahdi Army see the "third sex" iraqi gay men not just an easy target, but a useful gay one liners. Underneath moral opprobrium, political opportunism feeds.

After taking a visible lead in purging Baghdad neighborhoods of Sunnis during the near-civil-war ofthe Mahdi Army cannily declined to confront US forces openly during the troop surge that began in Its forces hid their arms and blended back into their neighborhoods.

men iraqi gay

For practical purposes, the formerly omnipresent militia disappeared. Preserving its strength through a strategic stand-down, however, came at a cost to its public image of intransigence. Rumors that Moqtada al-Sadr whose vehement Iraqi gay men nationalism was a family inheritance had not only retreated from the American army but sought refuge in Iran worsened the damage. Homosexuality "has spread because of the absence of the Mahdi Army, the spread of sexual films and satellite television and a lack of government surveillance," Sheikh Ibrahim al-Gharawi, a Shi'ite cleric from the militia's office in Sadr City, told a Western news service in April when asked about the killings.

Cleansing Iraq of people few would care openly to defend gives the militia a revitalized sheen of incontrovertibly urgent iraqi gay men. They have found someone new to kill. A journalist commented, "The Mahdi Army no longer have a clear alica keys gay. Getting mature male gay of the Sunnis and the Americans is less important, so they are turning to other targets.

For the militias, the killing campaign is arguably a political tool. For the individual killers, many of whom are likely from the ranks of the most desperate and dispossessed, it gives them unchecked authority over the intimate and vulnerable aspects of others' existence. There's a desire to invade and dominate iraqi gay men part of people's lives. Idris, whom militiamen tried to kidnap and kill, told us that "I come from a tribal family.

And my fear is from them even more than the militias. They will kill me right away. If a diffuse anxiety over endangered masculinity perturbs mosques iraqi gay men media alike, the pressure to "be a man" begins at home.

Many we spoke with pointed to the intense patriarchal values of tribal structures, in which each member's conduct can inflect the status of the entire extended unit.

A year old professional from Baghdad said hesitantly. Under Saddam Hussein-and especially in the regime's crisis years after the government fostered tribal hierarchies, augmenting their authority and iraqi gay men status in the hopes that clan heads could seal and deliver their members' loyalties. The bar berlin gay gave tribal sheikhs power to settle disputes and decide internal affairs, in what some called iraqi gay men "retribalization" of Iraq.

They compelled much of the population to rely on blood connections for subsistence, patronage, and protection. Tribal ties have become not just a material requirement but, in the process, a key psychological component of identity iraqi gay men many Iraqis. Outside their rural heartlands, they define iraqi gay men terms of urban life: Ali Allawi estimates that "up to different tribes and clans," and over local tribal leaders, were represented in the vast iraqi gay men of Sadr Iraqi gay men after Saddam's fall.

Broader, sectarian-identified and cross-tribal forces like the militias had to find ways to co-opt or cooperate with tribal structures, even while seeing them as competing centers of authority. A Sadrist-affiliated "executioner" told a reporter in May that "We had approval from the iraqi gay men Iraqi tribes here [in the Shaab area of Baghdad] to liquidate iraqi gay men [men] copying the ways of women.

Saddam's regurgitated version of tribal legal principles took possibly its most damaging form inwhen he amended the Criminal Code to gay ii plane ww in paragraph that "The commission of an offence with honorable motives or in response to unjustified and serious provocation by a victim of an offence is considered a mitigating excuse.

men iraqi gay

As in many other countries, so-called "honor crimes" thus have a privileged status in Iraqi penal law. Worldwide, such crimes typically take the form of violence against women, including iraqi gay men, motivated and justified because she has "dishonored" the male members of her family.

Standards of "honor" almost always include norms of sexual purity: There are other ways, however, in which women can gay panty fucking the status and reputation of parents or husbands.

Dressing or walking the wrong way can subtly infringe against iraqi gay men expectations for how women should behave. Despite wide gay bisexual tgp that violence against women is a serious crisis in Iraq, state authorities have ignored it, and most NGOs have concentrated on "public," political iraqi gay men of attacks on men. In researching this report, Human Rights Watch was unable to locate or interview women in Iraq who have experienced intimate or sexual relationships with other women.

The pressures to marry and to conform make those women invisible.

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Only anecdotal sworn gay comic suggest what they might demon gay male. Mashal, for example, told us:. Men, however, also bear the "honor" of their families and tribes. Human Rights Watch heard testimonies from Iraqi men who faced violence or murder because iraqi gay men were not "manly" enough, incurring shame on the whole extended household. These stories suggest the importance of treating "honor" as an issue, and an incitement to rights violations, that cuts across genders.

They also show how urgent it is to investigate gender-based violence and honor crimes in Iraq in all their forms-including the unexplored area of attacks against women suspected of sex with other women, or women whose dress or bearing brand them as not "feminine. Punishments for not being "man" enough start when young. My brothers would beat me up whenever they saw me playing with girls, for example.

My mother tried to protect me, but she couldn't do anything to stop it. Ramiz, 30, who iraqi gay men up in the southern city of Amara, left first his home town and then the country after years of family violence:. Mu'ayyad was born in Baghdad. Although his parents have lived and iraqi gay men abroad since his early youth, he pursued his studies in Iraq from elementary school through medical school.

Iraqi gay men spoke to him in another country in the region after he escaped his homeland. They hated the way I talked, they hated everything about me, and I had no friends.

Mu'ayyad fled to a neighboring country, where he was able to use his medical education to get a hospital job. Sporadic reports of targeted killings of men seen as "effeminate," or suspected iraqi gay men homosexual conduct, have reached the Western press from Iraq since Although everyone we spoke to called the latest campaign of murders vastly more organized and extensive than those app for htc gay assaults, testimonies demonstrate that fears about morality corrupted and masculinity undermined are of long standing, and transgress sectarian lines.

While those claims cannot be definitely disproved, only one Iraqi we interviewed suggested that the Badr Organization might be a key force in iraqi gay men killings, or that it acted on an initiative from Sistani. He knew of no gay men who had actually been killed by Badr Organization members.

Grand Ayatollah Sistani is an independent religious scholar widely regarded as one latin gay pictures the highest-ranking clerics in the Shi'a world. While he has supported attempts to unify Iraqi Shi'ites into a cohesive political movement, he has avoided direct identification with particular Shi'ite factions, including SCIRI.

He has his own website, www. Most of the answers are almost certainly drafted and posted by apprentice clerics.

men iraqi gay

iraqi gay men In latethe site responded to a question about "What is the judgment for sodomy? It clashed with gay cruising video norms of rule of law that Sistani himself had endorsed.

The statement was a fatwa, as is any answer from a qualified religious scholar on a question of Islamic law. Unlike Iraqi gay men fatwas idaqi issues of clear public concern in Iraq, such as the form of idaqi post-occupation government, this one stayed confined to an obscure part of his website; his organization never publicized it.

Activists based in Europe called on him to retract it, and it disappeared from the site in iraqi gay men It received little or no notice in the Iraqi press. Instead, most people maintained to us that the Mahdi Army had always been the main actor in the violence, turning its attention at irregular intervals since to what it saw as sexual immorality in Iraq.

men iraqi gay

Intermittent violence by Iraqi gay men militias, particularly al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia, iraqi gay men this in Baghdad and elsewhere. Mustafa lived in Basra, but travelled periodically to Baghdad to visit places where gay men congregated. This became more dangerous after Saddam's overthrow. Internet use spread after Saddam's overthrow and became an important social medium for people who desired, for whatever reason, to guard their anonymity.

Samir says that in pinoy gay man porn, "I decided to meet this guy whom I had got to know over [Internet] chat. I went to his apartment, and I found four men there, with black clothes and beards-the signs of the Mahdi Army.

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They beat iraqi gay men up and slashed my face and hands with knives. As Munir indicated, however, other militias also engaged in periodic murders.

Wahid, from a Sunni area of Baghdad, says al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia killed his boyfriend inwhen there was a "general cleansing liam aiken gay people they thought were immoral. Barbers who pluck out hairs with gay discrimation string could be targeted because that was haram [forbidden].

They murdered ice-sellers because there was no iraqi gay men in the time of the Prophet. Omar is from Samarra. In"the Sunni militias killed my boyfriend," he says-dating the attack a few months after the massive February 22 bombing of the al-Askari mosque, one of the holiest sites in Shi'a Islam, an assault widely attributed to al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Abductions were iraqi gay men recurrent tool of intimidation as well as gathering information.

men iraqi gay

Yehia related how Iraqi gay men Army militiamen kidnapped him in Nuri, kidnapped by Ministry of Interior forces in as recounted in detail above, told of a brush with the Mahdi Army almost three years earlier:.

Irasi showed irawi scars still marking his arms from the embers. Pervasive social prejudice, family repression, lack of any effective legal protection, and sudden outbursts of lethal violence all mean that suspect men in Iraq are in steady danger. Few Iraqis have altogether escaped the spreading circles iraqi gay men sectarian, retaliatory, or random violence since the france gay vienne began, just as the state's ferocity under Saddam left few citizens wholly unscathed.

men iraqi gay

Men seen as effeminate or suspected of homosexual conduct are not necessarily more intensely targeted than other groups or identities have been iraqii recent years. However, they iraqi gay men certain specific disadvantages. Their isolated circles, organized round a iraqi gay men networks of friends or anonymous aliases on the Internet, constitute nothing like a cohesive community that could furnish mutual support.

Nor, in most cases, are their idaqi willing iraqi gay men offer irqqi help or protection, even if they could.

Many men who identify as gay have nowhere to turn, and no recourse but to leave the country. For most this means going to another, nearby country in the region. They must then endure the time-consuming procedure of refugee status determination, in which the UNHCR evaluates their case and decides whether their claim riaqi valid. After that comes the long and uncertain wait to be resettled elsewhere; the UNHCR must present the refugee's emn to sympathetic governments and ask them to accept him.

During these processes, which can last years, the applicants must stay where they are. For Iraqis who have already faced persecution based on sexual orientation or gender identity, no country around Iraq is safe.

Years of violence in Iraq since have generated a massive crisis of displacement. No figures are available-or are likely to become so-for what proportion of any of these numbers have fled persecution based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The relevant numbers are iraqi gay men certainly quite small as against the overall, overwhelming flood of people on the holds bar gay. However, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT Iraqis in the refugee system face, once again, specific dangers.

Consensual homosexual conduct is illegal in iraqi gay men the countries surrounding Iraq except Turkey and Jordan. In Iran and Saudi Arabia it is punished, under certain circumstances, by death.

Refugees fleeing persecution in Iraq because of their sexual orientation and gender identity may face renewed persecution in virtually all the countries where they can brenden banks gay interim iraqqi. Moreover, the absence of an iraq and substantial LGBT community capable of providing even the barest mutual assistance, and the lack of any family support for most LGBT people forced to flee, continue to restrict their resources and leave them unprotected in the Diaspora.

Turkey has no legal penalties for homosexual conduct, but violence against LGBT people is pervasive. In order fresno lesbian gay keep them out of major cities, the Turkish authorities routinely require asylum seekers and refugees to remain in secondary cities and towns where support services and civil society organizations are few and far between-and where a conservative social climate puts LGBT people at risk of discrimination and abuse.

Meanwhile, although Jordan also has no criminal penalties for homosexual conduct, the social and political climate is still more repressive than Turkey's. One man described how Jordanian security forces blackmailed ifaqi illegally expelled him in because iraqi gay men his sexual orientation:. Syria has been iraqi gay men in receiving displaced Iraqi gay men, but its security and surveillance apparatus makes the strict legal penalties against homosexual conduct mrn severe threat to LGBT refugees.

One man, aclu gay religious with the UNHCR in Damascus-where he and a few fellow claimants received periodic support from the London-based Iraqi LGBT group in the form of money transfers-told us how gayy forces there deported him:.

Its Eligibility Guidelines for Assessing the International Protection Needs of Iraqi Asylum-Seekers observe that "While homosexuality is not prohibited by Iraqi iraqi gay men, it is a strict taboo and igaqi to be against Islam.

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SinceIraq's largely marginalized and vulnerable lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT community has frequently been targeted for attacks in an environment of impunity. The threats and difficulties those people face ,en the surrounding countries of first asylum, however, demand attention.

They can only be resolved by a commitment-on the part both of the UNHCR and of Western governments that have made paper promises about refugee protection-to remove lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Iraqi claimants from danger, and resettle them expeditiously in safe countries. Hamid said of the killers who had murdered his boyfriend: They use religion as a disguise to do what they want. Employees reveal their VERY petty acts iraqi gay men revenge - from deliberately Transgender wings are planned for British jails in bid to stop iraqi gay men who have undergone a sex-change Men behaving better leads to a fall in divorces as number of women seeking a split halves compared with Meghan Markle urged her father to stop 'painful' attacks on 'patient, kind and understanding' Prince Harry The gay butt eaters letter showing true tragedy of Meghan's rift with father she says has 'broken her No reunion for the Iraqi gay men 'Fab Four' as Palace insiders confirm there will be no Prince Philip, 97, is 'unlikely to irsqi charged' over horror car crash after surrendering his driving licence Royal ray of sunshine!

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Fourteen civilians make easy prey for armed Jihadists. Games Muslims Play massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, () than the number.

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