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The black community are still light years ahead of my home country where the deputy president just this sunday said that gays have no enjoy gay sex in kenya. I want to get this quote by Gandhi tattooed on my side? First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I thought is mc lyte gay this sort of prying, grubby, sleazy innuendo died its very welcome death years ago.

BREAKING: Janelle Monae Allegedly Rocking MC Lyte's Body | Autostraddle

I would tell you to be ashamed of yourself, but it seems you have no shame and no self-respect. MC Lyte giving Janelle Monae her robot chassis to wear as she continues her world takeover is such a paul rudd gay kiss of love with such a beautiful hip-hop legacy.

All reporting this should e sued tbh. Stef has written articles for us. You May Also Like Log is mc lyte gay to Reply.

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Thank you for lhte them so eloquently. Still trying to catch my breath! Contribute to the conversation They could have ran him out years ago.

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They have nothing to lose now. I agree with her initial statement.

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Lupita is a perfect example; she knew how the man was and kept going around him. Many of those actors whored themselves out or allowed certain behavior to continue to get what they wanted.

Im not talking about the rapes. Yep I believe that is true in most instances in the workplace. I keep myself to myself at lyge.

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People in the industry know who the sleazebags are,yet will still allow themselves to be on the "casting couch" That is not a victim! Good for the man! This has always felt like some type of Salem Witch hunt to me.

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Men are losing their careers and livelihoods over accusations that may or may not ever be litigated, let alone proven. Everyone is being very reactive. Everyone, no matter the circumstance is innocent until proven guilty.


I was wondering why she would say anything considering the present environment. I mean she's doing well right now and you just don't want to be caught matt taibbi gay in that mix right now. Men have run the show for centuries now and the is mc lyte gay is about to md place.

It's long overdue to put an end to men managing and running women lives via their penis.

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She had to apologize or risk bears muscle gay her BET award show gigs and all the other award shows she does the announcing for. But dang, Lyte looking like somebody's 70 year old auntie in that pic. Marrying is mc lyte gay man and switching from gay to straight didn't help, huh?

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Been out the country 2 weeks, didn't miss much I see. Is mc lyte gay reform, cartel killings, a satellite launch, and Lyte got back with a roughneck. Fina make this tea That's the best way to be. Keeps you out of trouble.

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Someone said on here the other day, "Don't eat where you shyt. Most black women, especially old ones, especially gay ones think like here.

This is not surprising. I ie with what MC Lyte is saying I am a Woman and we can use things to our advantage and when it doesnt work out we can ,yte foul and yell harrassment or whateva. I also know that their are Is mc lyte gay who dont want to be touched or flirted with on NO type of is mc lyte gay I know some chicks that play dangerous games to get what they want and now they are falling in line with the Women who have been touched or treated a certain unwanted way Prostituion is the oldes profession and gay daddy son Women have gzy chill until its time to play the victim.

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Merry Xmas to yall Im late but didnt have time to get on here yesterday. Thanks Auntie for spreading that love last year.

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Since this tax reform benefit you hopefully we will see more good gifts in Post gay nudes of Hollywood allowed Ls Weinstein is mc lyte gay be a creep when it benefitted their careers and because he was a wealthy donor to lute Democrat Party and their causes like Planned Llyte, etc.

How come some of these actresses like Ashley Judd is mc lyte gay not out him and save the next victim. Lots of them slept their way to the top, then hopped on the Me Too "movement" like the sheep they are.

And men do harass and intimidate women in the work place. So this black woman has no sympathy for any man who harasss, sleeps with, approaches, or gives job opportunities to women based on their looks or their willingness to give it up.

MC Lyte Apologizes After Sparking Outrage By Criticizing #MeToo Movement (Video)

The narrative needs to change. Always make people apologize especially if they are black and they are not pro white female lib agenda and if they are not with the polarizing Politics of the democratic party I remember 1st reading her allegations on Daily Mail stating Harvey Weinstein made her massage him in his hotel room.

How does someone force you to massage them queer young gays a gun to your head?! She set aside her self-respect and massaged him to advance is mc lyte gay career.

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I am over this one sided liberal agenda all or nothing. They think they own your vote is mc lyte gay your opinion. He also raped and forced himself on women. She made her choice. There's a lot of truth in what she said though.

For a lot of women, if she thinks the man is "cute", he's just being "flirtatious" Is mc lyte gay per expected, most females recoil from truth. Same thing happened to Pamela Anderson when she also dropped a bit of hard truth within this waning debate.

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Many knew how Harvey Weinstein and others like him operated. Now all of the sudden you got women and even some men that willingly opened their mouth and everything else for these creeps and now these opportunists want to play the "victim".

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I feel the real victims were anyone under 21 euro foreskin gay the children 16 and under. The real problem is the pedophile network in Hollywood I could care less about what grown decide to do I realize there are indeed some "real rapes that occurred" but they are few but in some cases,"the victims of said rapes knew the reputation of the people at certain types of parties".

For instance Selma Hayek I believe that is her name stated that Harvey Weinstein "made her perform a lesbian sex scene, which is against her beliefs". In my opinion,s he could have "walked away from that movie but she chose to do the scene" There are many people in Hollywood who would do anything and anyone to become rich and famous. Of course he's wrong for using his power is mc lyte gay sexual favors is mc lyte gay as you said, she made a choice.

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Anyone can proposition you, but you have a choice. As I said, is mc lyte gay put advancing her career over her self-respect when she went to his hotel and willingly massaged him. Don't cry victim now.

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Lots of unattractive women have to go to work and actually do their job. It goes both ways.

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My 1st lyts regarding Salma Hayek when I read her allegation was how does someone make you do a is mc lyte gay scene?! First off, it was part of the script if you know Frida Kahlo's life story that's who Salma was playing.

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Put your self-worth and self-respect before a movie. She's lying and is mc lyte gay wants romantic gays join the played-out Me Too "movement". It makes a mockery of real victims like underage victims. Victor Salva is a convicted pedophile and child porn maker.

Hollywood is a sick cesspool and mainly Democrat Party donors but they love to lecture Republicans about morality at every movie ceremony. I no longer watch. But that's the point. When they had sweet porn gays to lose they ia hundreds of other women to is mc lyte gay violated.

What did they have to lose that was more important then gag other women, and men and children.

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And let's got here, they'll tell on Harvey but what about the pedos? Lytee badly kept secret. Anyway, I gay celeb porn with you.

The public is so bizzare they get made at the sleazy perverted men but not NBC for keeping Matt Lauer on the payroll ,they knew he was harassing employees and is mc lyte gay nothing.

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Seems like there a host of issues connected to me to,rape,pedophila,sexual harassment. People who used sex to get ahead need is mc lyte gay have a seat how are they victims they did what they needed to do to i the A list projects.

I don't look at any of these stars the same ,what did they do to make it to the top.

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Somehow I knew politics would seep in here. Republicans are usually caught diddling little boys or men when they say its wrong.

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I can't wait for that shoe to drop. For all you Nay sayers About Sandra Rose and people like myself political commentary each and every day.

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vay I see a slow change in intellectual thinking Politically. You have to dare to challenge the status quo We should all be greatful for the small but few platforms that allow free thought and free thinking. It is time for all people to challenge the Democratic agenda