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The difference between you and the two guys who make Kenny vs. Words gays use is 1 they're still psenny it and 2 they air it on TV.

Kenneth "Kenny" Hotz and Spencer "Spenny" Rice have, sincebeen attempting to out-do each other in juvenile, frequently bizarre competitions.

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Humiliation — dropping is spenny gay giving the winner 20 push-ups in a shit-filled pig stall OR masturbate a pig for its valuable semen. Who is the better bartender?

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Judged by the amount of tips you get. Humiliation — drinking a cocktail made by the winner. Who can stay in prison longer? Who has the better sense of smell? Who can is spenny gay a better rock video?

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Who is the better Canadian? Humiliation — draped in a U.

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Who do lesbians like more? Who can live off of candy the longest? Another mini competition episode. Who is more depressing. Click here to cancel reply.

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In Calgary flanked by posters is spenny gay kennyhotz and Michellesfunny. BTW come see Michelle ton…. Spenny kennyhotz I remember when you tried to replace Hotz with Zanta. It was bad form then and I hope you regret it….

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Reset Password Please wait Graham February 15, at Unknown November 24, at 1: Unknown September 22, at 8: Ary September 8, at Unknown August 15, at Unknown July 3, at 7: Kevin June 6, at 8: Unknown May 11, at 4: Unknown February 24, at 1: John January 27, at 5: Michael January 16, at is spenny gay Ben January 5, at is spenny gay Kendel December 31, at 3: Kuba Havana November 29, at Jazz November 2, at Oli October 23, at Drew October 20, at 8: Thor October 17, at anal gay group David October 9, at Mike April 6, at 1: Unknown April 5, at 3: Unknown April 4, at 3: Unknown April 1, at B CaTT March 31, at 3: Although it is implied that the loser has agreed to the choice of humiliation, in some episodes the winner attempts to is spenny gay the humiliation speny what was agreed upon.

Kenny has defined winning as not having spwnny perform a humiliation, or perform a lesser humiliation, superfans gay Spencer has defined winning as being declared the competition winner.

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This difference in opinion results in disputes over who was the true 'winner' is spenny gay some cases. Spenny's definition of "victory" is more sportsmanlike—in a race between two people, ix the person ahead is sabotaged by is spenny gay person sri lanka gay boy, official rules designate second place as the victor of the race.

Kenny's definition of "victory" is enjoying the humiliation of the loser. The show is usually less focused on who will actually win the competition and more on how each competitor will go about trying to win.

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This is evidenced by the fact that the person who performs the humiliation is not always technically the loser based on the rules—they just do not know about hookup gay fisters rules broken by the winner. On many occasions, a competitor, usually Is spenny gay, has cheated and still hay declared the winner.

The show rarely shows the aftermath of the competition, leaving it unknown how a competitor reacted upon finding out that his opponent cheated. Some episodes include the voices of Kenny and Spenny during the closing credits, commenting on is spenny gay unfair loss.

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Starting with the fourth season, Kenny and Spenny were balck gay sex executive producers and received credit separate from five other executive producers.

Matt Stone and Trey Parkercreators of the Is spenny gay show South Parkjoined the show for the fourth season and were given their own separate credit as executive producers for the ten episodes in which they were involved.

Kenny and Spenny each have their own production assistant, camera operator, and sound engineer, who film their independent is spenny gay for each episode. In the earlier js, the crew was shared between Kenny and Spenny. Crew members eventually split up into two teams, some joining Kenny's "side", and others joining Spenny's.

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The show first aired on CBC Television. Is spenny gay cancelled iw show after the first season, and Showcase Television picked up the series in late The show has switched broadcasters and been cancelled many times, including by Showcase, and again by Free hard gay anal, when one of its commercials aired by accident during the network's "toddler block".

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It was is spenny gay by Breakthrough Films and Television since its inception. Re-runs also aired on Showcase, and episodes of the show have aired on Shaw Media 's Action.

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The series finale Kenny vs. Video Service Corp has released all six seasons of Kenny vs.

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Starting November 7,[11] Kenny began uploading the series to his personal YouTube account. The final episode of the series was uploaded on December damon gay stories, Is spenny gay the 26th of January,Kenny Hotz stated in a tweet is spenny gay it was not his fault that the series was removed from YouTube. Unlike a lot of other interactive porn games, this one includes sound effects and a basic soundtrack.

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