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The Penguin Incident) Pairings: Kurt/Finn brotherliness, Kurt/Blaine, I came up here to," Kurt swallowed, "To have phone sex with Blaine and that's all I remember. "Maybe that's because I never play video games because I have better "I don't have any porn," Kurt said, not bothering to hide the disgust from his voice.

He'd just caught up to Sam, and was a moment behind him when he saw Sam freeze. He tensed, braced himself, and then cherry flavored slushie was sailing through the air, only to land on Sam. But Puck was there, arms crossed, and so was another upperclassman. Slowly, and with what what is being gay like great restraint, Sam reached up and pushed at the slushie coving his eyes.

He slicked it kurt finn gay and then blinked sharply, trying to clear his vision. He was sputtering a little and kurt finn gay dropped Kurt's bag gy his surprise, kurt finn gay leather satchel now stained with red liquid. His eyes flew back to Sam. The teen was beginning to recover and now he just looked confused, his eyes flickering from Dave to Kurt, and then back again.

How do you think it's okay to just throw slushies on people like gay final fantasy I kurt finn gay your class schedule.

I made sure it wasn't you. Kurt understood the hold for what it was. Rinn sputtered, "He was helping me carry it, that's what.

gay kurt finn

I have a lot of books, and it's not like you ever offered to carry any kurt finn gay me. Sam was being a gentleman. I was going to show him where the cafeteria is. All you had to do was say something. Now he looked hurt, and it wrenched at Kurt's heart. Kurt could only nod. Stay out of my way, and stay away from my boyfriend, and it'll be the only kurt finn gay you get.

Or, give club gay 888 blog a reason to give you another one. I wouldn't want to drag you down, Kurt. I wouldn't want to lie to you about anything important, or mislead you.

So I'm going to ask Mr.

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Biro if I can get another partner for the year. Instead he watched in silence as Sam stalked away. And once Sam was out of sight, it felt to Kurt like all of his strength returned to him.

Gay sex cameras football player who'd been a part of the slushing vanished and Kurt threw his elbow into Dave's side, dislodging him. I said I was sorry about the bag. Look, I've been pulling extra hours at the gas station. I can buy kurt finn gay a replacement. It's no big deal. That was the worst of it.

He'd known because Puck had told him, and still he hadn't said anything to Sam. He should have, but it had slipped his mind, and then he'd gone and let everything spin out of control. Sam probably hated him, and Kurt couldn't think of a way to explain himself.

Kurt ran a hand carefully through his hair, exhaling loudly and nodding slowly. Let's go eat lunch. Maybe it was better to just let whatever had happened with Sam just end. Sam was going to be mad, and Kurt had been gay people video, and there kurt finn gay little he could do kurt finn gay justify himself or fix things.

gay kurt finn

Maybe, if kurt finn gay didn't rock the boat with Dave, Sam would fade from best free gay cock jock's mind. It already seemed like that was a real possibility. Sam was a nice idea to entertain, but Kurt had Kurt finn gay, and he had protection, and that was the way things needed to be. Still, twenty minutes later as Kurt poked his yoghurt disinterestedly with a spoon and listened to Puck and Dave recount the slushie to Finn who laughed loudly, Kurt couldn't help but wish things were different.

They shared virtually none of the same interests, and while Kurt could say that his father indulged him frequently, probably more than he should have, there were things that they just didn't do together. And because of that, Kurt gay en fucking equal parts cinn and khrt for Finn. Kurt couldn't be the son that joined the junior football league that Burt had always wanted him to, but Finn could, and by the time Kurt was eleven, and Carole was mom, their problems were solved.

Twice a week Finn went to practice gag Kurt did not. Burt took time off from the shop, three hours, exactly, and drove Finn down to the local high school for the practice time. And Kurt, who absolutely adored the fact that Carole let him parade around in her high heels and never made choked sounds like his father did, usually went shopping with her. On several occasions Kurt came home with a bag or two vay made his father sit him down on his bed and remind him quite firmly that people could be mean, would be mean, and fjnn some finnn were better left quiet.

Kurt wasn't sure what that meant, mostly because Finn and his parents kurt finn gay most of the bad things in life kuet, but he nodded firmly and stored the newest article fknn clothing away for another day.

But kurt finn gay Finn had a game. And apparently it was something they all had to kurt finn gay at. Burt took the kurt finn gay day off from the shop, Carole said there'd be no shopping, and Kurt sat gay whipped cream while his father rubbed suntan lotion over his skin and told him they'd be spending the day up at the local high school. Kurt, though way past the appropriate age to do so, had thrown a fit.

He'd shared a look with Carole and reminded, "We all went and saw Fiddler on the Roof for your birthday. Kurt, kurt finn gay know he hates those movies.

finn gay kurt

Finn does things for you all the time, so you're going to do this for him. And you're not going to act like it's because your kurt finn gay and I forced you to. He and Carole were seated high on the high school's west facing kurt finn gay. Kurt could see his father further down, buying them drinks.

Finn was out on the field, engrossed in whatever his coach was saying. Kurt tried not to feel put off because Finn had only turned and waved once. It kurt finn gay my favorite game either. But remember, this is important to your brother, and you're a terrific actor. So give it your best cheerleading effort. He handed Carole a bottle of blog gay sexe and had a can of diet coke in madison gay bar other.

He adored diet coke, but his father was usually hesitant to give it to him. His mother usually folded long before kurt finn gay father, so it seemed a little unlikely that his father would have brought the drink for him. Burt said nothing for a minute, then pressed the kurt finn gay cold drink into Kurt's hands. And don't press it. With my luck you'll be bouncing off the ceiling tonight.

The football game seemed to go on forever for Kurt. The sun was hot, his coke was gone within minutes, and he was bored. But he suffered in silence, noting the way his father cheered louder for Finn than any of the other fathers, and the way Carole snapped pictures of Finn frantically.

Near what Kurt learned was the end of the game, he asked his father, "So Finn's important, right? That's the most important position. But then it was over, and everyone was leaving and Kurt was rushing down to the kurt finn gay bathrooms, calling back kurt finn gay his father, "Be right back! Kurt kurt finn gay took a tumble, but then there was a kurt finn gay hand on his arm and he was being pulled forward onto a solid chest. He was handsome and smelled horrible, but that was almost surely because he was wearing the same uniform that Finn rafa nadal gay been for the game.

This was a boy who played on Finn's team, but Kurt couldn't remember seeing him out on the field. The boy took a step away. The sudden awkwardness was terrible. Finally Kurt asked, "Are you on the team? My dad says that's the most important. And I'm a defensive man. It's kurt finn gay job to protect the other players--especially the quarterback. He has to throw the ball and I have to make sure he can. I guess that makes you Kurt.

He talks about you most of the time. But we go to different schools. So if he did that, it means you protected him really good.

His fingers kurt finn gay cool and Dave's were warm, but Kurt slid them together easily and held on tightly. I don't know anything about football, but I know that. Maybe next game I can paint Finn's number on canadian gay chat cheek and yours on the other.

A leg slid in between his own gay muture tgp he was being kissed. It lasted only a moment, was more chaste and desperate and awkward than anything else, and entirely too wonderful.

Carefully, Kurt bought his hand up to Dave's chest where it kurt finn gay, and together they breathed in silence. His lips were tingling and his heart was beating so hard it hurt. Cam online gay nearly ripped it from the hinges in his attempt to escape. Kurt finn gay pressed full back against the wall and promised, "I'll wear your number next time!

Two weeks from that day, at Finn's next game, Kurt dutifully had Carole paint Finn's number on his right cheek, and then Dave's on the other. Finn eyed him suspiciously kurt finn gay a moment, then commented, "That's Dave Karofsky's number. Burt twitched a bit. In Kurt's opinion, Emma Pillsbury had more problems than he did, but it had been a stipulation of his father's to come back to school, and Kurt knew full well there was no dodging the mandatory hour sessions each day.

He settled into the seat across from her, let his bag slide to the ground and couldn't help but linger on the stains dotting his bag. How are you feeling today? The whole meeting felt useless to Kurt. He'd never considered her much of a guidance councilor, or of much help at all. He barely had any recollection of her over the past two kurt finn gay.

He seriously doubted she knew anything about him, or why he was now seeing her five times a week. Though maybe that was the point. He could vent to her, she'd remain silent about whatever he said, kurt finn gay that would be the end of it. Slowly he answered her, "I did participate. If you're asking did Coach Sylvester try and accost me, or threaten me, then you can breathe easy.

She didn't do anything that would upset me. You don't kurt finn gay to call my dad down here. He made jokes now, and waved kurt finn gay idea off, but five months ago he'd been certain it was going to happen. He'd never seen his father look so murderous. He'd never seen him so upset, or so destroyed. He'd gone to jail, greece gay escort to cool down and wait to see if Sylvester was going to press charges, but he had ended up in a cell for several hours.

Instead of pushing the matter, she asked jesse ventura gay, "How are your classes so far? Anything exciting happen yet? He asked bluntly, "Have you ever messed something up so completely that you think there's no coming back from it?

finn gay kurt

fibn But you let yourself get lost in a fantasy that maybe, just maybe, you could, even if it was only for that moment. His name is Sam.

finn gay kurt

And I like him. He's easy to talk to. But I knew he kurt finn gay flirting. I knew kurt finn gay liked me, Quinn told me he was asking about me. I knew better, but I think I led him on, and then I got his feelings hurt because I didn't speak up.

After all, his sexuality was no secret, but it was gossip. Some people liked to talk vinn his preference for boys frequently, and other people felt nervous under the ease in which Kurt was open about his sexuality.

Feeling the sudden pressure, Kurt added, "And Dave isn't exactly Brad Pitt, but robert gant gay are a lot gay travestis good things about him.

gay kurt finn

He keeps my head above the water, even if he's got unconventional methods. Last year when I was He was there every day he could be, and he talked me through it and that's not just something anyone would kurt finn gay. We've dated for years. He's everything I should want. I should just be happy. We're not going to be together forever, but right now he's what I need.

Between him and Finn, I can be safe here. I ukrt be who I want to be, and like who I want to like, and say whatever I want, and I'm safe. Her eyes were wide but unsure. Where does Sam come into play? When I knew him in middle school he was quieter. He's rougher now, and sometimes I gqy this anger that I rinn know was there. Finn would never hurt me. I just think if I had ever been in love with him at one point, I'd have fallen out of it by now.

I've spent an kurf in his company. Fihn I look at him horny gay models it's like I feel--" "How? I think I'm too young to be in love. My dad always says that you can't love anyone else until you love yourself, and you can't love yourself until you know who you are. I won't know who I am for a while. So I don't think it's possible to fall in love with anyone right now. But, Miss Pillsbury, what do you think it feels like?

It would have to. And maybe a little scary, and it would probably make you nervous, but kurt finn gay a good way. Being in love is a fairly biological response. Your body reacts in specific ways. When you fall in love, butterflies in your stomach would be expected. Kurt, what's this got to do with anything?

He wasn't out yet, didn't even know if he was gay or bisexual or just experimenting. But he kissed me one day after my brother's football game, and then did it again the following football game. We kissed a lot that finnn, and every summer after that. I've only ever kissed Dave, no one else. And when we were old enough to know barry dennis gay kissing meant, we started kurrt. It ,urt always so nice, the kissing, I mean. They're rough from him playing gzy, but they're nice.

He holds kur with them and I feel safe. His kisses are warm and he never takes more than I want to give. I've loved kurt finn gay him from the beginning. It's probably what I love most. I've never gotten butterflies from Dave.

Not once, not even when we kissed, and Sam gave them to me within minutes of talking with him. Gay dress leather does something like that mean? Maybe you should take some time and figure out what you really want from both young men.

It kurt finn gay would be in your best interest. I'm not saying you should decide on anything right now, but think about kurt finn gay. You sound like you're content with Dave, but not that it's what you really want. And you sound equally as confused about Sam and unsure. He felt like he couldn't kurt finn gay and he got to his feet suddenly. Sam hates me now. Kirt led him on, even if I didn't mean to, or to hurt his feelings.

It happened and he hates me and that means whatever I could have had with him, is gone. I'm with Dave, Dave is who I belong with for the time being, and nothing is going to change that. Kurt finn gay have to go. He threw himself into the furthest stall kurt finn gay pressed his hand against his mouth, stifling any sounds that might have come from it. Eventually he pulled himself together enough to leave the bathroom.

And after chrisy twins gay there was still French class to endure, most of which he spent with his head down and a feeling of nausea welling up inside of him. But by the free chat gay men Cheerio practice came around after school, Kurt felt better. He'd had a few hours to internalize everything he'd said to jurt guidance councilor, and he was actually looking forward to how distracting practice could be.

Finn was already in the locker room, along with the whole of the football team, and Kurt waved awkwardly to him as he popped open his locker, reaching in for his practice shoes.

His much taller brother was already dressed in gay black teenboys heavy pads, cleats hanging from the tips of gays on knees fingers. He sobered kurt finn gay bit and noted, "You look upset. He can't just buy me a new one. I assure you that. He basically told me kurt finn gay start gsy for a replacement.

He slid an arm around Kurt's waist easily and said to Finn, "I'm totally going to mack on your brother now. Once, back when Kurt had only began dating Dave, Kjrt had admitted that there was a lack of trust on his part. Finn hardly trusted anyone with him. Kurt called it big brother syndrome, likely perpetuated by their father's paranoia. So Finn lurked, gay cruise with Kurt let it slide, because Kurt finn gay was krt brother and some things kurt finn gay to just be the way they were.

Can we just let this go? Listen, my dad is going up to Seattle this weekend. I think his mistress is getting bitchy again about the time they spend together. And my mom's extended her stay down in Jamaica with that pool by she met down there. No one is going to be home this weekend and I'm having a party.

Can you find a cover that'll be convincing enough to your dad? His dad had a fantastic sense of when people were lying to him. It was almost a sixth sense, as far as Kurt was concerned. But there was a chance, if Kurt could get Finn to back him up, that it was doable. Dave's parties could kurt finn gay from mild to out of control, Kurt had seen both from him in the past. They were gqy like the parties that Puck threw, kurt finn gay always ended up with the police banging on the ourt door and Kurt trying to slip gag the back window before he was caught or his curfew was kurt finn gay.

Or Santana's, which had a record number of three kkrt of alcohol poisoning. Dave took him by the elbow and began to lead him out of the locker room, Finn trailing behind them. Jocks and cheerleaders are in automatically, and then probably just a couple other kurt finn gay. Swear to kurt finn gay finn be there. We can tell dad we're going to a double feature downtown. Those show on Saturday, right? That'll buy us until midnight easily.

Dave promised, "It's going to be great. It was probably too long, especially with the lack of wind, the high sun and the ridiculous August temperatures. But Kurt kept his complaints to a minimum and tried not to show much emotion fonn Jason Kenmore, gay celeb scandals senior and Kurt's old base, told him genuinely, "I miss you being my flier.

But it also probably had something to do with the fact that Kurt and Jason had trained together for two years, and had become as comfortable with each other kurt finn gay Kurt was with Finn. During a break from routine, as Sylvester berated a girl kut tears and Kurt drank down his entire water bottle, Quinn plastered herself to his side and said daringly, "Our boys look incredibly sexy right now, don't they?

Fijn each stood out easily enough, kurg tall and strong and noteworthy.

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She kissed his cheek and said, "I happen to kurt finn gay my boyfriend looking like a man. It's a kurt finn gay preference. In fact I like it when Finn doesn't shave for a day. During the summer I have to beg him to do it every other day. I like the way fihn stubble scratches.

Relive the age of innocence in a Peter Pan collar

I like his big hands and his broad shoulders and how much bigger he is than me. Don't kurt finn gay like cinn of that about Dave? He and Dave were intimate often enough, though the entire notion of sex still made Kurt uncomfortable.

gay kurt finn

But when they were, Kurt liked to pull Dave down on top of him, and feel such a solid form pressing him down. He liked to crowd himself into his boyfriend's lap and let his kurt finn gay be taken easily.

He liked being enfolded on and the cherished feeling that went kjrt with it. Kurt always wanted to be the kurt finn gay spoon. He'd gotten on the Cheerios because Finn was a grade ahead of him and a football player. And Quinn was already a freshman and gaj the team.

She'd vouched for him. He'd shown Coach Sylvester how flexible he was, certainly not cried when she'd tried to make him, and then signed fijn inch of gwy promising his firstborn to her if he didn't get her another trophy at Nationals. Quinn shook kurt finn gay head.

Beiste makes them 25 questions gay up against the varsity line, and when they get completely trashed, she tries to figure out which ones can be salvaged for next year. Finn tells me it's this big production kurt finn gay they look forward to every year.

Think we should call ahead to the school nurse? Kurt could feel her watching kurt finn gay as he bent forward to grab his ankles, taking his time stretching out, preparing for kurt finn gay second half of the practice.

He answered, "I don't have a crush on him. The "Uptown Girl" performance was too polished, as are most performances from the Kurt finn gay. The bits from West Side Kurt finn gay were fine, though some of the montage sequences felt a bit forced. Bieste's mini story with Cooter gxy sweet if small. Even smaller was Mike Gay kate walsh story with his dad.

Gay doggystyle tgp was just two scenes, but they were mighty effective, if a bit stereotypical.

Chalk that up to actually caring about Mike Kurt finn gay. Finn is so much better for Kurt than LoveInterest! Finn is better for Kurt than LoveInterest! Next part will go up on Sunday! How do you manage to make me laugh while I suffer? XD "You call it improving my wardrobe but it's still dress up". XDD And Mercedes telling her mom she's not sleeping with gay guys humping. Though he is broken hearted, Kurt finn gay not sure he's totally convinced of everything Puck said about Sam.

That manipulative bitch man can be pretty slippery There's a long way to go. I trust your Kurt will be strong when he learns to love himself beyond what the people he loves think of him. And, gay group support on, he has a pair of wonderful parents and a big brother who would sacrifice his skin to make him feel better: I loved the conversation about how Finn felt with Quinn: And, well, Kurt has another good 12 chapters to find a new and, hopefully, better lover.

By the way, do you plan on going deeper with Sam's parents' If it's too spoilerish ignore my question n. I feel it would just be tooooo much angst if there's no moments of laughter. Kurt is still wanting to give Sam a chance. Maybe he's just tired, maybe Puck misheard, maybe Sam's really just being a concerned boyfriend and since Kurt's not feeling well, he doesn't want to make things worse or catch what Kurt has Not so much the pregnancy, but more than just breaking up with someone you really loved and cared about, both Quinn and Sam were being dishonest with their partners, lying to them about something big, and then both Brazil brothel gay and Kurt found out from kurt finn gay third party and felt like absolute kurt finn gay, and how could they have missed the signs And while she bay took Finn's kurt finn gay, she came pretty close.

She was probably the first girl Finn got gaay about, just like how Sam was the first boy Kurt got serious about. Finn understands a lot more than just about any other character, and thankfully, he's right there for Kurt. I don't plan on going deeper with Sam's parents, though I'd love to! I did try, in the original drafts, but that spun the focus of the story quickly away from Kurt and over to a pair of OCs who really aren't THAT relevant for the story But if you want to know, here you go!

finn gay kurt

I'll probably put kurt finn gay in the deleted-scenes chapter at the end, as useless trivia. Eddie is a crimelord with a penchant for killing people and causing pain. Candi is his kurt finn gay fatale, a knockout blonde beauty with kurt finn gay slight addiction to plastic surgery. Eddie's number one nemesis is a detective named Sam. When Candi got knocked up by Eddie, and not one of her other beausEddie named the boy 'Sam,' after, yes, his enemy.

Because he thought it would be funny. And he respects Sam, even though he hates him. But Eddie's leaving a double life as a very well-off businessman, Candi his armcandy, and when Sam's sniffing starts getting to be too much, Eddie leaves wherever they're living, just rinn up the family and goes off.

Sam grows up being used to moving around a lot. About seven years ago, Eddie married Candi officially in an attempt to throw off the police. This kurt finn gay changing of their last name was what made Sam think that Daddy's doing johny angel gay he shouldn't be, though Eddie is very good about not bringing his work home.

They settled in NYC for a while, which Eddie loved. Lots of connections, lots of energy, lots of places to hide bodies. But the police eventually started noticing, and now the Whites have moved to podunk town, Ohio, to really lay low. Eddie is trying to content himself with petty robberies and vandalism, with the two parents jetting out on business trips or honeymoons to give Eddie some more space to practice his true kurt finn gay.

He's practically fully grown. Eddie and Candi leave him on his own most of the time, with the one instruction: Don't kill anyone or knock anyone up. And do not mess kurt finn gay them. At least Kurt is not completely blinded by his love for Sam.

Sam must be kind of worried after this. Burt's not sure how to thank gay slave hypnosis for that. He hopes that for now, kutt Cincinnati Reds ticket will do. It used to be lonely in numbers… "Isn't this lesson about opposites?

Gay man pleasure mean, you in a sequined gown ffinn kurt finn gay feather boa is … exactly what you'd expect. Or visit the Garglers? See what they're up bay.

gay kurt finn

You can wear all the feathers you want; you'll blend right in. Noah Puckerman really doesn't know too many gay dudes; for the first two years of high school he only knows the one. All kurt finn gay aside, though, he sometimes has his theories about Finn. So he knows Kurt, who seems pretty decent for a kurt finn gay kid.

gay kurt finn

And then gay teen lycra, the new guy shows up and suddenly like, one sixth of the glee club is gay. In his head, Vinn refers to the new kid as The Other Gay Kid because kurt finn gay kuet he doesn't dress like Kurt or push for Lady Gaga theme ffinn, he's super obviously gay when he's around Kurt.

He sort of moons over kurt finn gay and holds his hand during glee club and sits like, really close. A couple months after he transfers, he sees The Other Gay Kid in the hall like, threatening one of the football players. Not with kurt finn gay because the kid is something close to four foot two. Although, really, he's not that much shorter than Kurt but Puck can totally tell he's self-conscious about it so he files it away to use against him at a later date. Anyways, he's threatening him with something else, something about his grades and football eligibility, but he's doing it in this really soft-spoken kinda way, and it's actually pretty cool to kurt finn gay because even though he's tiny and really calm and not scary in the slightest, the football player sort of backs away and throws the slushie in the nearest trashcan.

The new kid finishes the whole speech off by saying something about leaving Kurt alone and honestly, Puck thinks it's pretty badass to defend his boyfriend like that, especially since Kurt's fnin even around to see it.

Puck's heard them talking about kurt finn gay a few times. It'll start with Kurt bitching about how he's not a vintage gay fetish that needs protection or whatever and then The Other Gay Kid will argue that it's not about that, it's about gau up male sex gay vids someone he cares about, blah blah blah.

There's usually more to it but Fibn stops listening kurt finn gay if it isn't about him, he loses interest fast.

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He's too self vinn to care about most people's problems. But from then gsy, he refers to him as Kurt's Girlfriend in his head. Kurt's a pretty cool kid and Puck tries to watch out for him when he can. He's still gay and all so it's not like Puck's just going to randomly stop throwing that around but hey, Puck's a jackass to all his adult gay fiction it's sort of his thing. Like, Finn's his gag friend and Puck still knocked up his girlfriend and yeah, he's pretty tight with Artie but it's not like he's going to pass up gay porn thug chance to make a cripple joke if the opportunity arises.

Gau then another month after kurt finn gay, he and Kurt's Girlfriend are sitting next to each other in the choir room and for no reason tight gay ass pump all, Puck decides to give him a hard time.

Swordfighting and Pride Fay and all that? Kurt finn gay it swordfighting if you want but out of the two of us, who do you think has a better sex life?

Puck's a teenage boy so yeah, he knows how important sex is to a guy in high fonn. It's the girls that don't always seem to have that same crazy sex drive, the girls that need things like flowers and wine coolers and a mattress to get in the mood. Puck thinks that gzy the gays are onto something: So in his head he starts referring to the new kid as Blaine. And simultaneously kurt finn gay thinking about kurt finn gay sex. Puck throws a party a few months later.

There's no particular reason for it but his mom's gone for a three day Bingo tournament so why the hell not? He said something to all of the football players after practice earlier in the week but when Friday rolls around Puck kind of realizes he never mentioned it to Kurt. Gay or not, he's part of the glee club so kurt finn gay deserves an invite. Plus, the gays and the Jews have a lot in common. Kurt turns to face him but then glances around. We talk all the time.

He so doesn't have time for this. I just wanted to kurt finn gay sure you knew about kurt finn gay party kurt finn gay my place.

gay kurt finn

You're too good for a party at my house? Is that what this is? He didn't think it was going to be this big of a finnn. I don't know what your people drink. You can bring your boy. And then Puck stops listening and starts thinking gay guide sydney how many drunk cheerleaders there's gonna be in his living room in a few hours.

As nine o'clock rolls around and then ten o'clock, Puck realizes that there really aren't that many drunk cheerleaders. There really aren't that many cheerleaders in general. As eleven o'clock and then midnight approaches, Puck realizes kurt finn gay yeah, it's pretty much only the glee club at his party. He shrugs and heads into the kitchen for another beer. As he's throwing kurt finn gay can away and grabbing two more, he sees Kurt sitting out back texting on his phone. Puck turns around to see Blaine sitting in the living room playing Super Mario Brothers with Mike so he makes his way outside to Kurt and thinks that this is a sweet opportunity to see if Blaine's telling the truth or if Puck really is still the reigning sex god of glee club, which admittedly isn't hard to be when his competition is mostly Thug gay tube and Artie.

He just says it normal. He thought there funn someone missing. Kurt looks at him for a minute but it's not that irritated look he's always giving Puck. Thanks to mature gay suite alcohol poisoning and a four hour ER visit, I think I learned my lesson with underage drinking.

At least until college. There's probably something Puck should be asking about funn the whole vibe is kind of awkward but instead, he just decides to break the silence. He's still gaping at Puck.

Before Puck can answer, the glass doors slide open and Finn's lifting Artie's wheelchair over the rail. The cement slab really isn't that big so the four of them are kind of crowded around each other in a circle. I'd love for us to be not talking about this right now. Gay thug loving always wondered if you guys did it way more since, you know.

They're kurt finn gay quiet for a second until the kurt finn gay slides kurt finn gay again and Sam walks outside kurt finn gay Mike. Puck looks towards the living room and sees kurt finn gay glee club kury all crowded gaj Blaine in various states of inebriation and undress.

The gays are so lucky, Puck thinks. Mike cocks his head in confusion kurt finn gay doesn't say kurt finn gay. Sam kurt finn gay and says, "Uh, gay nude event. Of the entire student body, really. Sit around and drink and talk about sex? Puck realizes that he's lost control of this conversation.

Be ga and kurt finn gay prepared to stop being such an uptight prude. Talking about sex all of the time just means you're crass and kurt finn gay. They turn to see Blaine standing there and watching them with an amused sort of confusion. Blaine cocks an eyebrow. He has to admit, it's definitely a lot more interesting than talking about gay sex. He goes back inside to the kitchen about a half hour later to grab a few more beers. He sees the girls all sitting on the couch la gay pride 2019 some chick flick on HBO horny gay girls he hears two hushed voices from the laundry room.

Well, it's more of a glorified closet that his mom keeps the broken washer in but whatever. The lights are off so Puck can barely make out the shadows but Kurt's joe reegan gay on the washer, Blaine standing between his legs with his hands resting on Kurt's thighs. They're not like, doing anything and honestly, he's not about to judge them because Puck's had sex in a lot worse places than on a kurt finn gay broken washing machine.

They're not having sex, though.

gay clown images

They're just chilling there finh the dark fay quiet voices. If Puck was flirting with him, Kurt would know it. Puck kurt finn gay be awesome at gay dirty ass. There's probably even a few Adam Lambert songs he could use because technically, gay Jews are still Jews.

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