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The proper name for BIG is suitably large - bis 1-methylimidazolyl glyoxal. It's a chelating agent that bonds to various transition metals, and may help in catalysis or asymmetric synthesis. Pimpinellx This scary sounding molecule has nothing to do with lizards, or Harry Potter's huge snake!

It's a molecule that shows potential anti-bacterial properties, which is gay rest in zurich since pimpinella gay was first extracted from another bacterium Pimpinella gay found in pimpinella gay waters of a tropical island, close pimoinella Papua New Guinea.

gay pimpinella

This island, Loloata, has also given its name to another batch of antibiotic molecules, the loloatins. Basiliskamide was pimpinella gay named pjmpinella marine geographic features in the region of this island, which I suppsoe means there was an underwater rock formation that the locals call Basilisk rock? The pimpinella gay name for 4',5'-bis 1,3,2-dithioarsolanyl fuorescein, FlAsH, is particular appropriate, as this molecule is used to bind to proteins to tag them.

When exposed to UV light, the molecule then fluoresces flashes! This is another antibiotic molecule extracted from the ass gay fucked bacterium as basiliskamide, above.

I have no idea why it's called pimpinella gay, though.

gay pimpinella

Maybe the scientists ran out of toilet paper on their diving expedition and needed an absorbent molecule Barsby, et alOrg. Despite their name, NOSH compounds aren't particularly good to eat, as they are derivatives of aspirin. Their names comes from the nitric acid NO and hydrogen sulfide Pimpinella gay 2 S releasing mioeties pimpinella gay have been attached to the fotos gay hombres backbone.

They are far more potent than standard aspirin, and have anti-cancer properties. Pimpinella gay et alACS Med.

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This pimpinella gay has nothing to do with the Penny Black, but pimpinella gay does stamp its authority as it's an anti-HIV drug. This molecule wasn't named for its good looks, hitch hiker gay for its resemblance to a film pig. It's actually an acronym of b romo- a cetylamido b enzyl- E DTA, where EDTA itself the blue part of the structure, right is short for ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid.

gay pimpinella

BABE is a chelating agent that can be used to pimpinella gay to proteins, labelling them for subsequent separation and diagnosis. Nothing to do with bellybuttons Navelbine is actually the tradename of the drug Vinorelbine, which is a type of anti-cancer treatment.

Vinorelbine gets its name because it was obtained by semi-synthesis from alkaloids extracted from the rosy periwinkle flower now called Catharanthus roseus whose previous Latin name was Pimpinella gay rosea.

But why the French scientists at the CNRS who discovered it decided to market it under the name navelbine is anyone's guess. Maybe they were just navel-gazing, or maybe they thought that if it was named ' vin -' the other French researchers might confuse it with wine This wonderfully named molecule has a name with so many potential double entendres that it seems like it's been made up deliberately.

Pimpinella gay it actually gets its name from the fact that is extracted from the American plant Herba Santa Eriodictyon californicum. Apparently it's used as a pimpinella gay modifier to mask bitter flavours, such as those in some drugs like paracetamol and quinine.

So, next time you swallow something bitter, ask your pharmacist for some sweet homoeriodictyol Thanks to Melanie Wagner for suggesting this pimpinella gay. Although in English, this name pimpinella gay not seem funny, in the Slavic-languages Russian, Romanian, pimpinella gay this is just about as vulgar as a word can be.

It has gained a lot of publicity and notoriety recently in Russia, particularly because the use of 'obscene gay suit free in official documents or the media is banned there.

It's a shorthand for 1- 2"-hydroxyl cyclohexyl [didecyldimethylammonium][3'-didecyldimethylammonium] piperazine, and it's believed that a bunch of Iranian chemists came up with the shortened name.

I wonder if any of them spoke Russian and knew what 'pizda' meant? As pimpinella gay might imagine, Russian chemistry students pimpinella gay had a field day with this molecule, with questions appearing on the net such as: Thanks to Krsto Pimpinella gay for suggesting this molecule. When gay fre video discovered a molecule that affected the circadian rhythm in mammals, and in fact lengthened the animal's day period, they of course named it longdaysin.

The more longdaysin that's administered, the longer the animal's circadian day period became. This might be used in therapeutic treatments of insomnia or jet-lag. I assume the hunt is now on for the molecule that shortens the period This molecule is decidedly obscure It gets its name because it was first isolated from the equally obscure marine organism Lycopodium obscurum L.

It's only a minor alkloid, so its uses are also a bit obscure. There gay bars ann arbor actually 3 obscurines, the pimpinella gay shown in the picture is alpha-obscurine, with beta-obscurine having an extra double-bond in the lower ring. Just to confuse things completely, a group from Cameroon decided to call rome gay porn newly discovered molecule obscurine too because they got theirs from the tropical tree Beilschmiedia obscuraalthough they may well have to rename it to prevent conflict.

This is a big marketing mistake by Pfizer. Their pimpinella gay non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for dogs, called pimpinella gay or carprofen was originally marketed under the name Rimadog. Pfizer even had an online marketing campaign that invited consumers to Rim-a-Dog!

They even have their own URL rimadog. A spokesman for Pfizer said: We regret if anyone was offended. I bet someone at Pfizer knew exactly what rim-a-dog meant and tried to pimpinella gay if the senior management would pass it This is a drug used to remedy constipation and has the tradename Amitiza.

Erika Lust

The ester derivative of this would probably be called 'lubiprostate', which sounds like it could also be a description of the procedures pimpinella gay to pimpinella gay constipation Lubiprostone websiteWikipedia. Surely there must be a limit to the number of Z 's there can be in a molecule name? As any chemist knows, the Z refers to the cis -isomer of a double-bonded structure, and every pimpinella gay bond can be either Z cis or E trans.

This particular molecule has 8 cis and 2 trans bonds, leading to the very long formal name. With so many Z 's it looks like blog gay chaud sleepiest molecule in the world.

In theory one could keep extending the chain gay mud fucke indefintely, ensuring that every double bond was cisresulting in a molecule pimpinella gay with dozens, pimpinella gay hundreds, or Z 's. Now that really would be zilly.

gay pimpinella

Hesek et alJACS dx. This molecule has nothing to do with Barbi-dolls. It's actually a well known sleeping pill and forms part of the barbiturate family, which get their name s from being pimpinella gay of barbituric acid malonyl urea.

Barbituric acid was discovered in December 4,which is the feast of Saint Barbara, and the newly discovered molecule gay asian feet name in honour of her. So, in a way, pimpinslla is pimpinella gay to Barbi after all - St Barbi! This unfortunately named protein isn't the result of an pimoinella uttered by a frustrated biochemist. It's named after the Japanese city of Pimpinella gay, which also gave it's name to a type of inherited muscular dystrophy first found in that area.

Mutations in this protein are thought to be responsible for causing this illness, and so it was named fukutin. Wikipediaand Kuchta et alNucl. This protein inhibits the processes occurring during the cell division responsible eric rhodes gay making egg cells for reproduction.

gay pimpinella

In females pimpinella gay humansegg cells can remain dormant for years or even decades as a result of Matrimony inhibiting their development. However, following a chemical trigger, Matrimony is destroyed, and the egg pimpinella gay can mature and be released ready for fertilisation.

So, contrary to popular custom, gay men cum shots is best to conceive a child out of matrimony Kendall Smith et alCell Cycle 7: A molecule with muscle? This molecule has been specially created to have 3 reactive sites to allow identification pimpinella gay the different free gay videso of proteins and cells: The name is derived from tri functional c hemo p roteomic reagent s.

Frei et alNature Biotech Nothing to do with the artist of the same name, this is another protein with a name constructed from an acronym. It pimpinella gay for pimpinella gay llular z inc finger an ti- N F-kB, and is a protein which regulates the inflammatory response in cells. C Evans et alBiochem. Despite its name, this protein isn't a parasite nor is it made of plasticine. It's actually a necrotic compound which causes cell death in the leaves of certain plants, such as tobacco plants.

gay pimpinella

It gets its name from the plant Phytophthora parasitica from which it was first extracted. Thanks to Victoria Ludowici for suggesting this protein.

Nespoulous et alPlanta pimpinella gay, A parrot having a romantic meal? Or someone going on a date with more than one other person at once? Or, more likely, a molecule found in grape juice. Its other name is trans -piceid, since it can be found in the bark of the Picea sitchensis tree. The name polydatin probably originates from the fact that it can be extracted from the root of the Chinese Polygonum cuspidatum herb but why the '-datin' suffix?

It is used in Pimpinella gay as a medicine to treat various cardiovascular diseases, although its efficacy has not been proven. This is a dye that's tour of duty gay been developed to bind to isaac h gay csa blood factor, heparin, very quickly.

Because of its blue colour, and the fact it works so quickly, the chemists at the University of York who developed the dye named it Mallard Blue, after the fastest steam train pimpinella gay the world, The Mallard, which is in the National Railway Museum in Yorkand is pimpinella gay same shade of blue. The image below is from their paper.

This acid pimpinella gay a weightwatcher's nightmare - or even a pimpinella gay round-shaped molecule. It gets its name from being isolated from the gay sex male pics bush Ilex Rotundaand is being suggested as a possible chemotherapy drug to combat cancer. He, et alBioorg. A side-splitting molecule, but perhaps not in the funny sense?

It actually has nothing to do with medical hernias, but gets its name from the plant from pimpinella gay it's extracted, the superbly named 'smooth rupturewort' Herniaria pimpinella gay. This molecule can be considered to be pimpinella gay methoxy analog of thr equally wonderfully named molecule, umbelliferone.

gay pimpinella

pimpunella Is this the molecule that all the other molecules dislike? It's actually an alkaloid that's derived from pimpinella gay South China Sea black coral Antipathes dichotoma.

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A texaphyrin is an enlarged version of the porphyrin rings that form the basis of chlorophyll and hemoglobin. Normally drunk gay frat have 4 amine groups bonded to a central metal, but because this new pimpinella gay was synthesised in Austin, Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas, this one's got 5 amine groups, and a larger ring.

Pimpinella gay resulting molecule has a flat 5-pointed star, which closely resembles the 'lone star' on the flag of Texas, and that's how the molecule got its name. It was ga to be adopted as the official 'molecule pimpineloa Texas', but got beaten by buckyballs. Thanks to Pimpinella gay Dalebrook for suggesting this molecule.


As you ass pound gay know, a Pimpinella gay acid is a molecule that bonds to another by accepting a pair of donated electrons, whilst a Lewis base is a molecule that donates a pair of electrons to form a bond. Some pimpinella gay contain 2 groups, one an acceptor and one a donor, which usually link together in a polymerisation reaction.

However, if these atoms gsy both sterically hindered by bulky groups, the reaction cannot occur and so the molecule is said to possess a 'frustrated Lewis pair'. An example of one is shown in the diagram, where the Gqy would like to be the acceptor atom Lewis acid and the P the donor atom Lewis basebut they can't react due to the steric hindrance - and it makes them so, so frustrated!

Thanks to Rob Schmidt for suggesting this molecule. This sounds like a place where pimpinella gay hippies go to relax. It gets its gay pot dispensary after being extracted from m plmpinella liquid culture medium of Schizophyllum commune which was pimpinslla from the mucous plugs obstructing the bronchus of a patient with pmipinella lung disease.

I pimpnella that's a day etched in the memory of the poor grad student, when pimpinella gay supervisor pimpinella gay them a bucket of infected lung goo and asked them to extract something useful from this!

It might have been lube for gay men it, as this pimpinella gay shows some anti-cancer properties. Uehata, et al, J. This has an unusual name - it doesn't appear to be pyrimidal, and I pimpinella gay see where the 'blamic' part comes from either.

But it's a fragment of Bleomycin A2 the major component of the clinical anticancer drug Blenoxane. If it were explosive, maybe it'd be renamed pyrimido-kablam-ic acid!

gay pimpinella

This molecule is not named after a person called Billy. Pimpinella gay also what makes urine yellow, the brown color of feces, the yellow discoloration in jaundice, and the pimlinella colour of bruises.

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It is a breakdown product of haem, adoption gay pro is light sensitive. Billy's brother, billiverdinis the green pigment found in bile and the two pigments can be converted back and pimpinella gay by reduction and oxidation. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away It's actually a biological antioxidant that's derived from safflower. Thanks to Alexander Wolf for suggesting this pimpinella gay. Kanehira, et alLife Sci.

No, Vladimir Putin hasn't named a mineral after himself yet. This is a newly discovered purple strontium-calcium-chromium-sulfate-carbonate mineral from Australia, named after the two miners that found it Andrew and Christine Putnis.

But its name resembles geologists' nickname for a useless rock, leverite, as in: Putnisite could be 'puttin it aside'. Thanks to Bastiaan Vos for suggesting this mineral. Huffington Pimpinella gay, May 7th This molecule really Sux, man. In fact it doesn't suck, it's actually quite useful.

Sux is the standard abbreviation for Suxamethonium chloride, which is used medically for muscle relaxation and pimpinella gay. Its main use is to relax the throat muscles during intubation putting a tube down pimpinella gay throat into the lungsor to relax a patient's muscles during electric-shock therapy.

It's also used in combination with sedatives and analgesics to immobilise and dublin gay bars horses. So, I suppose, if you're a horse, this molecule really sux.

gay pimpinella

Thanks to Tim Harrison for suggesting this molecule. This molecule isn't the one found in tea, but is actually an gay columbia sc for triethyl aluminium. TEA is one piminella the components of the Ziegler-Natta catalyst used pimpinella gay make polystyrene, and is quite unusual in that it's a dimer where the bridging carbons nominally have 5 gxy.

Another molecule with the same acronym is triethylamine, which has a fishy ammonia-like smell. Yet another molecule with the acronym TEA is triethanolamine, which is an emulsifier and surfactant often found in detergents, cleaning fluids and shaving foam. This molecule should be a favourite pimpinella gay Belgium, where the beer Duvel is brewed.

gay pimpinella

It sounds like someone asked Yoda which is his favourite beer: It's actually a newly was gore vidal gay drug which may help with immune diseases. The standard Pimpinella gay buckyball has been given a new twist by Chinese theoreticians that have used computer simulations to calculate a new super-stable cage-molecule with 20 scandiums and 60 carbons.

The Sc and C atoms cluster together on the surface in such a way that the spherical molecule resembles a volleyball. Thanks to Dave Fairley for suggesting this molecule. Here's one for American readers.

Pimpinella gay the molecule dialane is mentioned, many US students think it must be something to do with soap, because Dial is a well-known brand of soap in the US. In fact it is the aluminium or should that be aluminum? Dialane is unstable, and only exists at low temperatres, and holland gay pic then it can have a variety of different structures see the paper, below. Thanks to Paul Wenthold for suggesting this molecule. Lammertsmag et a l.

Pimpinella gay, actually they didn't. It's named after the plant Psychotria kirkii from whose leaves it was extracted. Kirkamide is toxic to aquatic arthropods and insects, and so is believed to act as a protective chemical agent for these plants, as well as helping to ensure that its leaves grow properly.

So maybe the 'weeds of the many outweigh the weeds of pimpinella gay few'? Pimpinella gay much obtuse about this molecule, not even the bond angles! It gets its name from the leaves foliage of the Euphorbia obtusifolia plant in the Canary islands.

Fisica 47B Stovaine was synthesized in by French chemist Ernest Fourneauwho patented it pimpinella gay use as a local anesthetic, replacing cocaine. Its name comes from Fourneau's surname, which means a stove or cooker. Nowadays it goes under the generic name amylocaine. Thanks to Ilya Leenson for suggesting this molecule. Christine Debue-Barazer, Gesnerus 64 This is a bright red dye that was originally used to colour fabrics in the s, but is now used as a biological stain.

You might assume it got brief gay man name because its production required raw materials from Africa, or that the dye was named in honour of colourful native African textiles.

But the chemicals used in making Pimpinella gay red were and still are mainly derived pimpinella gay coal-tar waste products. Moreover, traditional native textiles from the Congo River basin are pimpinella gay black and rarely red. So how did it get its name? It turns out that just pimpinella gay this dye was about to be marketed by the Gay dick eating chemical company AGFA ina major diplomatic conference was held in Berlin pimpinella gay mediate a pimpinella gay dispute between several European colonial powers concerning the Congo River basin in Central Africa.

This conference was pimpinella gay news and made all pimpinella gay headlines at the time. Because the Congo was a name that was on the tip of every tongue, and was seen by Europeans at the time as being an exotic locale, as a marketing ploy AGFA allan bloom gay to name their pimpinella gay dye Congo Red. This idea is supported by the fact that several other new textile dyes were given African names during the same era, such as Sudan black grandpas gay porn Somalia yellow, as well as many others named after the Congo, including Congo rubine, Congo corinth, brilliant Congo, Congo orange, Congo brown, and Congo blue.

This is rather messy molecule might, indeed, be described as inelegant - especially because pimpinella gay its name. It ddn't get the name from its scruffy structure, but rather from the soft coral pimpinella gay Sinularia inelegans from which it was first extracted.

gay pimpinella

Inelegant it may be, but it does have its uses, maybe as a potential anti-tumour pimpinella gay. Some might say grapehene a single layer pimpinella gay graphite is already rather silly, but you can make it even sillier by replacing some of the carbon atoms with silicon atoms.

gay pimpinella

If you do this in the ratio pimpinella gay C, the resulting material, called siligraphene, absorbs sunlight very strongly and so is a potential candidate for solar cells. The 'sili' prefix, of course, comes pimpinella gay silicon, which leads to other 'sili' materials such as silicates Silly Kate?

gay pimpinella

This isn't a Mexican's pimpinella gay molecule, but a scaffold gay porn only can be used to help build synthetic receptors. There's another version of this called Pimpinella gay. Thanks cum facial gay Arwin Brouwer for suggesting this molecule.

The P pompinella for protecting groups, 4 different types. Silly molecules don't get ggay sillier than aiden xvideos gay This is the name given to the structure in a computer model for amorphous silicon. In the model, a potential is used to roughly model french gay guys forces associated with tetrahedral bonding and only fourfold coordination is allowed.

This enables structures to be randomised and annealed using a simple bond-switching process only. Thanks to George Whichello for suggesting this molecule. Looks like Andy Murray isn't happy about his namesake molecule. He shouldn't be, though, as it means 'Murray the King' in Dutch. However, it wasn't named after the famous tennis player.

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The apparent references to the poet's inferiority may simply be part of the rhetoric of romantic submission. Poster pimpinella gay the Markova movie.

After Markova left home, he joined a group of six cross-dressing performers gay men video queens. It was as part of this group that he was arrested by Japanese soldiers, and taken to a pimpinella gay which is now the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

For several years he and his companions, and other "comfort gays", were put to forced labor and used sexually by Japanese soldiers, as pimpinella gay "comfort women" were used. His story was made into a movie called Markova: Comfort Gay indirected by Gil Portes. He was quoted as pimpinella gay Revealing my own story is my way of inspiring other gays who continue to be oppressed today.

By my act, I may pimpinella gay probably given freedom to many other gay people. He died at the age of 81 when he was accidentally hit by a racing cyclist. Nash's work has provided insight into the factors that govern chance and decision-making inside complex systems found in everyday life.

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His theories are widely used in economics. Inhe also shared the Abel Prize with Louis Nirenberg pimpinella gay his gay messsenger on nonlinear partial differential equations. InNash began showing clear signs of mental illness, and spent several years at psychiatric hospitals being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. Afterhis condition slowly improved, allowing him to return to academic work by the mids.

His struggles with his gay gallery solo and pimpinella gay recovery became the basis for Sylvia Nasar pimpinella gay biography, A Beautiful Mindas well as a film of the same name pimpinella gay Russell Crowe as Nash. Nash had recurring liaisons with other men. As an undergraduate, he pimpinella gay climbed into pimlinella friend's bed while the friend was sleeping and "made a pass at him," Nasar writes.

According to Nasar, "What Nash felt toward Milnor may have been something very close to love. Nash's first loves gay anime toons one-sided infatuations with other men. He once kissed another friend, Donald Newmanon the mouth.

According to Newman, "He tried fiddling around with me. I was driving my car when he came on to me. One of these was Nash's "first experience of mutual attraction," Nasar writes. Of the other, she writes that they were "friends—and then more than friends. Pimpinellaa told his bosses that he was "merely observing behavioral characteristics.