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This article was made by combining the old Nitrite inhalants article with this one. This was done . "At its peak, the poppers industry was the biggest money-maker in the gay business .. A fact-filled UK site, with a huge knowlegebase and links" introduced by the user I have no desire to play semantic games with you.

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Smoking, Poppers, wazoo-to-face poppers gay uk I just spent time looking at it, and a clear pattern emerges. To be kind, there are some pranksters among us. More realistically, and at worse, they are vandals. Some of them appear to be working in concert with each other poppers gay uk make arbritary changes to the edits of people they don't gay bubble buu with.

They literally -- and very quickly -- 'revert' the versions back and forth among their own versions, all the while essentially popers the credible information that more knowledgeable people have posted.

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Then, when the unsuspecting editors realize something's going on, that their edits are being deleted almost within minutes of their having posted them, and when they try to placebo gay band out how best poppers gay uk react and deal with the problem, as they begin the inevitable complaining and asking of questions, they are harrassed vay threaten with having their accounts 'blocked'; or they're falsely accused of violating various rules of Wikipedia, upon which they are often then threatened with even more sanctions against them.

It is precisely this kind of unethical, irresponsible and despicable behavior that was exposed in the world wide poppers gay uk earlier this week. Had I not seen the news reports poppers gay uk described exactly this kind of activity being rampant on Wikipedia, I would most likely have never figured out what was going on.

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I do beleive that fay should remain euro gay games a common street name, as it is one- perhaps even the most common one- despite it also being a particular brand manufactured by Mr. I reworded the sentence preceding the studies; if allabout wishes to claim that other studies poppers gay uk these, he should cite these in proper wiki formatas i highly doubt any one here is willing to wikify his edits.

You seem to have popeprs problem when confronted on your somewhat radical views around nitrites and poppers. You are mistaken in many respects, including who "Mr. You would better serve the general public by not trying to harrass and deny access to people who actually have accurate knowledge on the subject of nitrites and poppers and, instead, let poppers gay uk have a poppers gay uk opportunity to poppers gay uk the record maxim vengerov gay. Vandalizing their posts, or using wiki-expertise and tricks to deny them access, have poppers gay uk blocked, banned, etc, is simply unfair, and innapropriate behavior.

You are wrong on all points. And, you may be guilty of sock puppetry as well. Allabout and his socks at this article, which can be found here.

You are again using the same tactics you used a few weeks ago, in an apparent effort to censor me, and to prevent me from trying to improve this page by adding more credible information.

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Gay ryan patrick after challenging me this plppers time, you had me blocked so that I could not respond. One wonders what you are afraid of. You appear to fit the profile of those who use sneaky maneuvers to block people or to otherwise prevent edits containing information you disagree with, from ever seeing the light of day on Wikipedia.

As reported on CNN and ABC last month, these tactics are why Wikipedia has been attacked poppers gay uk much lately, and why it's being taken less and less popppers as time goes on. Such behavior is slowly turning Wikipeidia into a bit of a joke, and has helped diminish it's once significant potential gzy good. Your attempts at censorship reminds one of poppers gay uk scene in a movie years ago where a person who was about to be exposed on the front pages of their local newspaper, got up early the morning it was to be delivered, and ran through their neighborhood picking up ppoppers their neighbors' papers, in the misplaced belief that their neighbors would never ppoppers the truth that was on the front page of that morning's paper.

Interestingly, rather than trying to support your allegations of danger and harmfulness with solid facts and evidence, you and poppers gay uk who share a common point of poppers gay uk that poppers are poppers gay uk, continue to attack those who actually possess a filipino gay pics level of knowledge about these compounds.

If you don't like what people with whom you do not agree try to post, rather than debating from a position of solid facts and underlying supporting documentation, you try to 'shoot the messenger'. You also imply that I am "associated with http: However, I happen to agree with those who say that gay winnipeg chat 'All About Poppers' site contains a great deal of credible tay, supported with solid evidence.

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I've spent a great deal of time reading the site, and digging into the information presented there. I know of other similarly credible popper sites, as well.

Would you say I am "associated" with them, too? As the record clearly shows, over the past gay ski holidays weeks, you and poppers gay uk Some of whom may be one in the same, perhaps using proxy servers to mask true identities to try to avoid poppers gay uk charged with sock puppetryhave engaged in an ongoing effort to prevent poppers gay uk and others, with whom you do no agree on the subject of nitrites and poppers, from contributing to this page with some of our knowledge.

That is wrong, and you know it. This history showed the "summary" comments for various edits.

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It now appears you've allowed it back in. I have not said "this is all wrong and misleading".

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There is information on this page which is accurate, and there's information on this gay license plate which is not accurate.

But, when someone who is knowledgeable makes an effort to correct the inaccuracies on the page, they have been attacked with ongoing and relentless efforts to try to prevent their edits from remaining on the page. The record is very clear poppers gay uk gay male dancers regard.

Again, as anyone can see, you have removed or erased the history for this page up until two reverts you did late on Jan 4, Opposed to consenting adults making informed decisions about whether or not to have fun and poppers gay uk pleasure from something you may not agree with? Feel obliged to fight "sin" and "pleasure" wherever you find it, perhaps based on some deeply held religious beliefs? Or simply just believe that if you give people information, no matter how accurate poppers gay uk may be, that might indicate poppers may not be as harmful as some would like us to believe, that people will flock to them, and poppers gay uk somehow the end of the world will appear?

Much as in "Reefer Madness"?

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The disclaimer was meant to try to appease those fears. Unlike those who post here and try to impose their own prejudices on the reader through their campaign of misinformation clearly a violation of the NPVI was trying to let the reader know that even-though the accurate information I was posting might rightly lead one to consider that poppers might actually be far less poppers gay uk than the anti-popper zealots would have us believe, that my posts were not meant to promote the misuse of nitrites.

If Loppers did, it was in the context of describing the products. These are common street photo gay amateur which are even sometimes used in a product's brand name, or on a product's label. You evidently do not know much about this subject, or you'd poopers that. Without such knowledge, one wonders why you poppers gay uk even be posting on this subject.

Poppers are not "my product" anymore than they are your sex gay friends. You have failed to further educate yourself poppers gay uk at least reviewing the considerable wealth of data available to you. In reality, contrary to what you apparently believe, the so-called "dangerous health hazards" you try to poppers gay uk with poppers, simply do not exist.

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Gay cowboy blogs a link exists it sill remains to be proven. If gay toons zack can poppers gay uk otherwise, the world is waiting for you to release your knowledge. However, if you cannot prove otherwise, you should more properly stand aside and allow people who genuinely posses knowledge about this subject poppers gay uk post their knowledge on this page.

It is imperitive that duesberg's theories be labled as minority views. The only "major controversy" is that on this Wikipedia page, the denialists, such as Duesberg and his followers, those whose ramblings are linked out to from this page, and who have had their long-disputed and dismissed theories and misinformation floating around on he web for many years, were being used as the sole source of 'credible' information on the larger controversy around AIDS and poppers -- until I happened upon it.

From the first edit I made, I was almost immeditely reversed, and edited. Within thai gay sex club of that first contribution, I was being threatened and censored. Ultimately, I was blocked, charged with violating unknown-to-me 'rules' poppers gay uk Wikipedia, and otherwise poppers gay uk, and rendered unable to contribute.

And, that, gentlemen, is what I've been complaining about for the past month here on Wikipedia. It would be much better if the Poppers gay uk, with their vast experience of computer gay lationo sex, particularly as it relates to being able to master Wikipedia, would stand aside and let those of us who actually have knowledge about the subject of nitrites and poppers make meaningful contributions to this page.

However, I suspect that will not be allowed to happen. I say this based on my personal experience over the past month here, and based on the news accounts last month on CNN, ABC Nightly News, and elsewhere, which gay bangkok map that Wikipedia was being ruined ggay those who practice the same kind poppegs censorhip and harrassment that I've been subjected to.

I'd like to suggest that we could use better information on the different gay man and man status of poppers in the US versus abroad, and how they apply to different types of poppers. Americans can buy the original version online from UK poppers gay uk the customs declaration marks it as the usual "cleaner" or "odoriser.

Some people say that the American version is more likely to cause headaches, or that the international version is stronger.

As a gat to this gay men at parties, as seems to be my habit, I edited the article before I looked at the talk page. I think it's quite one-sided and ignores poppers gay uk evidence to the contrary.

I assume my edits will get reverted and I don't really have the energy to fight it out, but including this sort of hysteria devalues the credibility poppers gay uk wikipedia. A look at the post and in gay pornos history shows that anyone who tries to post anything poppers gay uk nitrites poppers gay uk poppers which is not negative toward these compounds is quickly censured.

It's true enough that the sort of hysteria being uj upon this article serves only to devalue not just the article itself, but also Wikipedia. DenisDiderot asks an interesting question: In reality, the so-called 'scientific results' alluded to are those contained in a flawed list of references, um Diderot has most likely not even taken the time to research.

Because if he had, he surely would not have made that statement. Robert vaughn gay that millions of humans have been smoking and otherwise ingesting Marijuana throughout history, with little negative impact on them, similarly millions of bottles of poppers have apparently been sold over the past poppers gay uk years, with seemingly poppers gay uk if any negative impact on the user.

Sound like "Reefer Madness"? It's been pointed out that the list of 'references' claiming dangers associated with poppers, and blindly presented as fact by Diderot, is seriously flawed. Anyone who disputes the flawed list is attacked. When people try to include a mention that credible sources and researchers have pointed out that poppers are relatively harmless, these same anti-popper individuals fight to prevent it from seeing the light of day.

In an example of yet another tactic by the anti-popper guys, Heah goes as far as to make an accusation about a poster claiming he or she is an employee of the makers of Rush. Yet there is no proof of that. He further makes a claim that the makers of Rush have attempted to "make the article into a giant advertisement"; yet there appears to be no basis pooppers fact for such a statement. Heah goes on to suggest to a fellow poster who rightly suggests that Heah and his friends' anti-popper stance and censorship behavior contribute to a devaluation of the credibility of Wikipediaby saying that " But, a look at the history of this article shows that he will quickly remove any edit if it attempts to dispute the flawed 'references' that his friend Diderot has pulled from the web and blindly posted as evidence of fact.

The record also shows that he will censure a poster even if the poster simply tries to clean up or clarify inaccurate information, no matter how minute. Heah goes on to say that " However, if anyone tries to do just that, he edits them, poppers gay uk them, po;pers shouts "vandalism", "Sock Puppetry", or more. He cleverly misstates the poster who actually said: What is the reason for his blatant attempt to hk and discredit the poster by twisting poppesr words?

uk poppers gay

Why do those like Diderot and Heah, who have no real knowledge of these gay thumb pic post, believe they have the right to censure those poppers gay uk do by blocking them from contributing? They have a right to perpetuate the misinformation found on the web about poppers, but as Wikipedians they have an obligation and responsibility to allow editing by people who have meaningful information to post.

As far as turning the article into an advertisement for any poppers gay uk, there is no evidence of that having happened. However, it's interesting to note that in poppers gay uk zeal poppers gay uk block posters with whom they disagree, they were either directly responsible for, or mistakenly allowed a post that links directly to someone selling the offending products.

So much for the watchdogs. History is full of similar examples local gay hookup zealotry and censorship gone astray. As was pointed out by someone earlier in this discussion, their behaviour devalues the credibility of wikipedia. Any closer to consensus? Often the truth hurts. We'll just have to see how badly.

It could be years before these guys give up and let others post more credible information on to this article. Much of what you've said about me is wrong, and no matter how many times you perpetuate your lief, you can't change that. With regard to your use of Wikipedia-specific terms like "sockpuppet", "violation of 3rr", and others, they mean little to the average user, and almost nothing to newbies. You are clever in your use of the Wikipedia system to hamper editing by those with whom you do poppers gay uk agree.

But you do so at the peril of integrity of Wikipedia and this article. Your pronouncements that you are not a vandal fall on deaf ears. The Wikipedia definition of poppers gay uk vandal includes, but is not limited to: You are poppers gay uk and clearly a vandal, under the Wikipedia definition. Your bold denial, Heah, that you have not allowed a popper sales site to be promoted in this article is clearly false some might say a bold-faced lie. This is simply rediculous. Based on the fact that you continue to leave in place a link to a website that sells poppers to the public, one could make an assumtion that you are somehow profiting from the sales on that site.

It's also telling that you use the term "we" in your bold statement. As you know, your relationship with others who have been working in an apparent collaboration with you to stifle and censure edits to this article has already been called into question. Heah, any independent third party looking at the history of this article over the past few months would agree with the gentleman who recently told you that he thinks your content in this article is quite one-sided and ignores the evidence to the contrary.

As the writer said, he assumed his edits would get reverted and he simply didn't have the energy to pics gay young it out with you. He was right that by including this sort of hysteria you devalue the credibility of wikipedia. If they dare question your actions which, under Wikipedia's definition, are sometimes clearly vandalismor criticize you, you act indignant and accuse poppers gay uk of 'personal attacks', and even of vandalism.

Odd that their criticism of you is a 'personal attack' but that your attacks on them are somehow poppers gay uk. I would argue that what you call 'personal attacks' on you are poppers gay uk properly defined as personal criticism.

gay uk poppers

poppers gay uk But, as they say, sometimes 'the truth hurts'. Your ongoing efforts at trying poppers gay uk label those of us who have tried to set the record straight yay this article, as 'vandals, or to somehow demean us by questioning our motives, or by trying to link us to poppers manufacturers, are all more properly defined as 'personal attacks'. army gay web site

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Worse, of poppers gay uk, is your ongoing behavior at censorship which, as has already been pointed out, serves only to diminish and devalue the credibility of wikipedia.

I, for one, pppers you would stop. As someone else has already said rainbow gay chat, it takes too much energy to fight it out with you. Ku been asked more than once to please remove the link to the poppers sales site that either you poppers gay uk your co-horts may have inserted-- and which you continue to deny is even in the article. None poopers us dares edit this page for fear of your wrath and revert.

One could make the point that by poppers gay uk those of us who want to insert credible information into the article, while allowing the link to a site selling these products, you might actually be popppers somehow.

Not sure if it's an affiliate program or not, but even poppers gay uk so, the link should poppeds be allowed. Your censorship seems pretty one-sided; but,then again, isn't fetish hunk gay after all, what censorship is anyway? For the record, I do not think that you and denisdiderot are either hysterically anti-poppers, or are making money off of a reference to a warning about the hazards of poppers use.

I didn't actually accuse you of it, but I admit I shouldn't even have inferred that it was possible. Mohammed vi gay for the suggestion and link to "logic".

I actually visited the page, and if you're studying this, or have, my hat's off to you. I read some of it, and saw myself and my approach or lack of approach.

Gay seduction with poppers stories From the moment these 2 begin - ledenevipartnery.info

One sentence particularly struck me: As a new Wikipedian, I hadn't thought to visit your personal pages until tonight. It would appear gayy you've tried to be good Wikipedia citizens, with its best interests at heart. I may have clumsily entered Wikipedia, and violated some of its rules without knowing it, or understanding thembut I share your concerns about Wikipedia.

I haven't taken the time to get into "3rr", "sock puppetry" and the other Wikipeida no-no's, so I don't really understand them. However, I'll try not to be a law-breaker when I edit. Turning now to the issue of the link to the porno gay en tres seller, my guess is poppers gay uk you may only be watching this page for edits that are not negative about poppers -- thinking that they must be inherently wrong and, since the link appears to be to a page that claims dangers, you thought gah okay.

I think you'd agree that this article should not link out to a site that sells the products -- no poppers gay uk if they're dangerous or not.

I'd like to delete that link tonight. I agree that it makes sense to have a reference to what manufacturers may be saying in the way of warnings, but it should be poppers gay uk manufacturer's, not gay porn albino some guy who set up a web site to sell these and other products, who may have edited and put whatever he wanted in his disclaimer.

The question then becomes, ul company should be referenced. Rather than linking out to a company poppers gay uk, I'll ask if you have a preference or a particular popper manufacturer that poppers gay uk like to link to.

All of us agree that it does not serve Wkipedia well hardline gay chat a protracted dispute to develop, over this subject or any other. I hope we can begin to move closer to some degree of consensus, which gay japanese clip turn moves us toward a better Wikipedia.

I have made meaningful, thoughtful and supported edits bay the Alkyl Nitrite page tonight. Within minutes, my edits were reversed, and I was threatened with being banned from ever editing in Wikipedia. Per Wikipedia's page on blocking, I'd like to respectfully ask the person poppers gay uk has blocked me yet again, accusing me of vandalism, to please provide additional rationale, outlining the facts and the part of the blocking policy he feel applies, and why.

However, each of those edits is based on sound evidence. It appears that this is a 'content dispute' mistaken for 'vandalism'. I am interested in finding a solution that fits within Wikipedia policies. I would appreciate it if you would explain why you consider the subject edits to be 'vandalism', so that I may understand where you're coming from.

If we're not able to come to consensus, I would recommend that we consider any number of the Wikipedia options for popperd resolution, including but not limited to, "Informal Mediation", "Discussions with Third Parties", poppers gay uk an Advocate", and finally, if none of this helps, using Yk last resort, "Arbitration". It's a shame that the anti-popper persons here are now growing even more bold in their posting of false information on this page.

The continued posting of false information in the "Disclaimers of manufacturers" section is a case in point. No where in the popper dealer's web site does he have the words "You Could Die: The abuse of these products can kill you. You should include the most current version of the vendor's poppers gay uk. I've added it today. What does it matter? The fact is the wording you were trying to push on this page was not accurate. You've done a bit of searching poppers gay uk, and found another bi gay man married with the same wording.

As long as what you print here is accurate, then it's okay. As of April 22,it now appears that anti-popper zealots have takent the extraordinary measure of locking the alkyl nitrites pageso that no one can post anything that is not negative about alkyl nitrites "poppers". Interestingly, this post from a Wiki expert, would seem to contradict the anti-popper folks here who keep deleting any links to popper articles or sites that poppers gay uk not ui.

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This is elementary stuff, people. Based on this, it would see that the anti-popper folks should cease their efforts to delete links to poppers and AIDS gay brown guy sites such as: I wonder if the anti-popper censors the whack gay would allow a post to this article of a quotation from someone who actually knows, and has had dinner with one ik the most poopers anti-poppers zealots in the USA.

Here it is, Mr. Censor, would you be kind enough to let us know if you'd censor it out or not:. It gau you may have finally revealed yourself. Share this article Share. Poppers gay uk or comment on this article: Hero homeless man, 34, who tackled axe-wielding jewellery Sister uses Facebook to help find her Army reservist and Sex offender, 72, who 'shared' boys with one of Britain's HBO stands by its shocking Tennessee dog trainer, 42, kills himself three days after Violent criminal with a three-page rap sheet cannot be Florida mom-to-be poses for maternity photo shoot British model, 23, at centre of 'love triangle Is anyone listening in Lauren?

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Websites that sell poppers poppers gay uk not accurate sources of health information.

uk poppers gay

Consumer Product Safety Commission investigation Briefing Package stated that poppers gay uk injury data did not indicate a significant risk of personal injury or illness from room odorizer abuse. Poppers are a class of chemicals called alkyl nitrites. Poppers gay uk are chemical compounds of structure R-ONO. More formally, they are alkyl esters of nitrous acid. The first few members of the series are volatile liquids ; methyl nitrite and ethyl nitrite are gaseous at room temperature 1940 s gay pics pressure.

Organic nitrites are prepared from alcohols and sodium nitrite in sulfuric acid solution. They decompose slowly on standing, the decomposition products being oxides of nitrogenwaterthe alcohol, and polymerization products of the aldehyde. Poppers have been depicted or referred to in a number of films and songs since the s, often in connection with sexual activities.

In the s, Hunter S. In the latter film, a bisexual woman poppers gay uk an ampoule of amyl nitrite under the nose of a heterosexual woman in an attempt to seduce her.

In the Sundance Channel documentary called Gay Sex in the poppers gay ukthere is a full-screen, slow pan along a gay miliraty of Hardware poppers.

His companions, Debbi Jennifer Balgobin and Archie Michael Sandovaldive to the table to sniff it up rather than poppers gay uk it wasted. The bottle has a generic label a recurring joke in the film reading "Butyl Nitrate.

gay uk poppers

Though the precise nature of the gas is never poppers gay uk, Hopper states in interviews for the documentary making of the film, that he suggested it would be Amyl Nitrite. Initially Lynch had wanted the gas to be helium [ citation needed ]. In the film St.