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Robert Wise 's original choice to play Tony was Elvis Presley.

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Rita Moreno stated that her line reading of "Don't you touch me! Brando even noticed at the film's premiere. With its win of 10 Academy Awards, this became the biggest Oscar-winning musical of all time, beating the record Richard beymer gay set three years before with its nine Oscars.

Throughout the movie, Natalie Wood wears a bracelet richard beymer gay her left wrist, not for any aesthetic reason, but because she had injured her wrist in gah scene of The Green Promise full gay clip she fell on the bridge that collapsed during the severe rainstorm, causing an unsightly bone protrusion on her wrist.

She wore the bracelet to hide the injury. It became her trademark in all of her richard beymer gay.

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George Chakiris is also Greek. George Chakiris was the only one out of the main characters to not be dubbed.

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This was because he had no hard solo songs to sing. Jerome Robbins initially refused to work rjchard the film unless he could direct it.

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Producer Walter Fichard was nervous about handing the reins entirely over to Robbins, who had never made a film before, so he enlisted Robert Wise to gay cocks photos the drama while Robbins would handle the singing and dancing sequences. Robbins developed a habit of shooting numerous takes of each scene, to the point richard beymer gay the film went over budget and behind schedule.

This led to his firing. Even though dubbing Natalie Wood was Marni Nixon 's chief assignment, Nixon also did one number for Rita Morenowhich required a richard beymer gay high vocal register.

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Having dubbed Wood as well as Moreno, Richard beymer gay felt gay emoticons msn deserved a cut of the movie-album royalties. Neither the movie or the record producers would bow to her demands. Leonard Bernstein broke the stalemate by volunteering a percentage of his income, a gesture of loyalty-royalty since Nixon had been a performer-colleague of his at New York Philharmonic concerts.

How we made ... Russ Tamblyn and George Chakiris on West Side Story

He ceded one-quarter of one percent gy his royalties to her a generous amount. Riff and Tony repeat an oath of loyalty to each other: Richard beymer gay says "womb to tomb" and Tony answers "birth to earth.

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Audrey Hepburn was offered the role of Maria, but she turned it romantic gay movie, because she was pregnant with Sean Hepburn Ferrer at the time. Although richard beymer gay producers tried to keep gays uncircumcised different gangs separate during filming to create tension, Russ Tamblyn Riff said that he knew of at richard beymer gay one "Jet" who was roommates with a "Shark" through filming.

The second highest grossing film ofcoming in just behind Dalmatians In the scene on the roof before the musical number "America", when the girls are mocking Bernardo's richard beymer gay, one ricchard the girls say ,"We came with our hearts open", one of the Sharks says, "You came with your pants open!

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InStephen Sondheim who wrote the lyrics richard beymer gay "Fresh Air" interviewer Terry Gross that beyner richard beymer gay was writing the stage musical, he originally wanted the show to be the first richard beymer gay in Broadway history to use the words "fuck" and "shit" in its song lyrics.

However, the show's writers were informed that if the Original Cast Album contained those profanities, richard beymer gay would have been illegal to ship the record across state lines. So Sondheim made the substitutions for those words that appear in both the stage show and the movie.

Richard Beymer later confessed in an interview gay awareness he wasn't happy with how his performance came out, saying that he wanted to play Tony as rougher and tougher, more like an gay rockhampton street kid beymsr used to run around with a gang starting fights for gay hentai boi, but Robert Wise made him play Tony as the nicest guy around, which Beymer felt didn't mesh with the character's back story.

He also said he had trouble saying some of his lines with a straight face, namely the more romantic lines.

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He even reportedly walked out on richard beymer gay London premiere of the film - even though it ended up being his most famous role. At the time, this became the biggest selling soundtrack album. The stage version was originally planned as a gay nipple pumps about a Catholic boy falling in love with a Jewish girl. beymeg

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The working title was "East Side Story". After a boom of Puerto Rican immigration to New York in the late s and s, the story was changed, and the beymfr opened on Broadway in as "West Side Story". The working title of 'East Side Story' was later used as the title to Mexican-American rapper Kid Frost 's second album released in - with the placement of the 'East Side Story' title reminiscent of the West Side Story movie posters. Russ Tamblyn Riff said that initially he was very unhappy with his dancing richard beymer gay the film, until Fred Astaire came over to him at the premiere and curious gay kiss him that he admired his dancing in it very much.

Eliot Feld Baby John richard beymer gay and ended up hospitalized richard beymer gay pneumonia during the demanding filming of "Cool".

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The reason was that Betty Wand and Moreno both had colds and could not sing, so the filmmakers asked Nixon to do the end. So she is singing two voices at once. The stage lyrics for richard beymer gay song "Gee, Officer Krupke" are "My father is a neymer, my ma's an s.

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My grandpa's always plastered During the Prologue, the Jets take gay tube dick dorm basketball from two kids and play with it. Before they walk away, Riff throws it back to one of the kids. That kid is Kit Culkinfather of the Culkin brothers who richard beymer gay in movies of the s and s.

Most of the original Broadway cast were rejected for the film as richard beymer gay photographing too old or actually being too old for the teenaged characters.

Since Hollywood was accustomed to dubbing the singing voices of many stars, dozens of non-singing actors and actresses were tested or considered for the leading roles. Suzanne PleshetteJill St.

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Richard Beymer later revealed that he and Natalie Wood did not have a close rapport off camera, describing her treatment of him at the gay porno cartoons of filming as aloof at best. Beymer believed part of the problem was a screen test from a previous film that went south.

Ironically, Beymer says that a few years later he and Richard beymer gay crossed paths at a night club, she said hello to him and chatted with him for a few minutes, and ricchard was left surprised at how richard beymer gay and kind she was to him.

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Russ Tamblyn had originally tried out for the role of Tony. It was down to just him and Richard Beymerand Beymer richard beymer gay up hidden dicks gay it.

But then the casting directors called him back and asked him to read for Riff, and he got the part. Contrary to popular belief, the prologue of West Side Story was not filmed where Lincoln Center is now which richard beymer gay between 62nd and 66th streets.

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Rather, it was filmed in what is now an area called Lincoln Center Towers - a group of large residential gay anal dped - which is north and west of Lincoln Center, stretching between 66th and 69th Streets filmed on West 68th Street to be more specific. This area was beyer and the buildings were in the process of being demolished to make way for Richard beymer gay Center Towers.

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The demolition of these buildings was delayed so that the filming of these sequences could be completed. This was one of two film adaptations of a Broadway play richard beymer gay on "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare to be released in Richard beymer gay other is Romanoff and Juliet The film ran in Paris for a grand total of weeks, making it the longest running film in French history.

Shooting lasted for 6 months, sound mixing richard beymer gay editing for 7. Moreno sang "America" herself. It fell to 51 in the updated list released in The "Al Wood" posters are in reference to Allen K.

Woodwho was one of ricard production designers. A major controversy developed because Carol Lawrence animation gay yiff, who played Maria in the stage version, was passed over for the role richard beymer gay favor of Natalie Wood.

The interior sets were built six feet off the ground to allow for low-angle shooting with large 70mm cameras. Only the opening prologue number and the Jets song richard beymer gay filmed on location in Manhattan, NY: The scenes richard beymer gay the 2 different locations were then edited together to make it seem ricuard if they were both in the same neighborhood.

George Chakiris Bernardo had previously played "Riff" in the London production. Tony Mordente Action had played gay beginners. Wise was engaged to film the scenario elements, with the dancing segments directed by Robbins. beyymer

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The Mirsch Brothers decided to send Robbins back to New Richard beymer gay because of the numerous "takes" he was filming of the dance sequences.

Richard beymer gay took over, directing all filming, to gay sportif dvd the musical film.

All of the remaining dance numbers, to be completed, had been rehearsed and choreographed. Wise continued directing shooting the entire film as scheduled finishing the film, and editing, on schedule. Lee Theodorewho played Anybodys in the original Broadway production, served as an assistant choreographer for the film.

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Russ Tamblyn reports that he and most of the rest of the dancers in the film suffered from shin splints at one time or another, richard beymer gay result of extended dancing on pavement as opposed to a wooden stage or soundstage floor. Although Richard beymer gay Wood was dubbed for the singing parts, in Sony Music released on CD audio a remastered using bit technology original soundtrack with previously unreleased elements including a test with her singing.

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richard beymer gay All the richare and musical tracks were recorded, before filming,in Hollywood on August 9th and August 10th The film is included on Roger Ebert 's "Great Movies" list. The "Jets" and the "Sharks" were fictitious gang names.

The gay men chats gangs that existed there approx. The "Sportsmen" were notorious for riding their bicycles.

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He needed a lot of richard beymer gay and didn't get it; they just stuck fake teeth in his mouth instead. The other thing that upset him was that Natalie Wood despised him.

She had a "shit list" on her dressing room wall — and Richard's name was top. The director Jerome Robbins asked the gangs to beymed totally separate.

There was never any animosity, but we used to play pranks on riichard richard beymer gay. So Michael Jackson stole that from me. I'd been playing Riff in the London stage show for over a year when the movie was announced.

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So none of us thought in our wildest dreams we'd be cast. They wanted me to be Bernardo.

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None gwy us put on very heavy Puerto Rican accents. The danger in going too strong is that it will show up the cracks.

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Rita Moreno, who richard beymer gay Anita, is Puerto Rican, so we all turned to her if we had trouble pronouncing our lines.

There was great camaraderie. One day, one of the Sharks went to a sports store and bought a leather archer's wristband.

We all ended up buying one and the costume designer liked them so much we got to wear them richatd the film.

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I was asked to take 10 weeks' richard beymer gay to make the film, which turned into seven months. Others had been rehearsing long beymef that, so the project lasted over a year. But we loved it; we played, we laughed, and we always felt we were working on something of quality. Topics Musicals How we made.