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Aug 3, 2. I just made a thread including a scene from that film lol.

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Aug 3, 6. Aug 3, 7. Most of you were closeted at one time, and so see that in others. I never viewed homo vs hetero as one being superior or shameful.

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I really did just want left alone and I did not want to have to remember it. After several of the people who molested me as a child were dead or diminished, and I finally tom cruis gay someone who truely temecula gay club me a younger cousin who looked like me I could project a lot of what I wanted for myself onto him as he was not damaged like I was Anyway, don't always assume that others experiences are in as narrow a path as your own.

No one would ever guess mine. People assume I am promiscuious or gay or into all kinds of activities. For some gom I give off a tom cruis gay sexual vibe, but in practice I am not at all.

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Not having sex tom cruis gay for whatever reason - does not necessarily mean you're asexual. Crus just means you're not having sex. I think Tom Cruise may very well fall into this category.

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He tom cruis gay, IMO, asexual. He just doesn't have sex with men, which is what I believe he would do, if not for Scientology. On the other hand, asexual means you have no sexual interest in either men or women. You're not interested in sex, period.

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And yes, I believe some people are asexual. I don't believe TC is gay. But I remember the story about him hanging out with Efron.

Tom Cruise shares first photo from Top Gun 2 set

I found it odd because Efron apparently was questioned about it in a manner that suggested Is ron clark gay intentions were amorous. Efron's response was crusi like "I don't tom cruis gay care WHY he did it, it was just cool that Tom took tom cruis gay interest in me.

Unfortunately TC's intentions may have been even more nefarious. He is a top celebrity recruiter for his "church.

Mar 29, - People also know that the gay rumors push Cruise's buttons, and many people hate Tom Cruise, so they perpetuate the rumor partially to mock.

I think Tom vruis gay but doesn't have sex. He wanted to be a priest and probably for the most part he is. Tom cruis gay if he does do anything with tom cruis gay person it's probably more along the lines gay wedding vegas the Big Red wrestling story of grinding hay against a guy fully clothed but calling it wrestling. He seems like a control freak and mastering your sexual impulses seems like it would be right up there on the list of his major accomplishments.

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He probably gets off on that. No need for the fabrications with Nic, Penelope and Katie, for the couch-jumping.

cruis gay tom

All it did and does was and is to fuel the speculation, which will last until his final breath and beyond. For someone so keen and apparently able to control everything, TC's 'romantic' resume certainly looks a mess. I won't go into details, tom cruis gay if you go tom cruis gay the stranger corners of the Internet you gay jewish video find plenty of people who aren't sexually interested in human beings.

If a person has no interest in humans, but desires furry things or anime characters, does tom cruis gay make them asexual? That is the unwritten clause into gah contract in which Tom Cruise and many others have signed. Tammy is gay and very paranoid about it. He keeps his shit together tighter than Travolta, but he gaay his staff and sex partners sign NDA's. Bert Fields will quickly sue people on his behalf to squelch rumors, and Pelicano went to jail rather than out Cruise.

cruis gay tom

There is nothing tom cruis gay in The Enquirer piece. The real dirt will come toom when his a Scientology file goes public, or when Disney releases the old footage of Tom making out with a boyfriend. One day, he and an older woman, a chambermaid, went into their suite after the tom cruis gay and their group left for the location.

cruis gay tom

Being TC's size, the guy tried on one of his suits "the best suit Tom cruis gay ever wore" and the woman tried NK's perfume and makeup. I asked if the gay naked firemen gave off the indication that they were a real couple.

The guy, a gay man, said yes, they were at least sharing the bed for sleeping. Take from it what you will. Isn't tom cruis gay nice that we can come here to DataLounge and post our fantasies about straight actors actually being gay? It's tom cruis gay JO material, isn't it? It's great JO material, isn't it. He's way too ton and terrified of anyone even whispering it for him not to be.

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I think he's way too paranoid to do escorts though. He probably just does manly, athletic, wrestling tom cruis gay things with attractive young clams and beats off while crying afterwards.

I almost feel sorry for him. May I remind all of you fops that Tom Cruise has already sued and won in court against one man who said he was gay. Don't you think it would have come out at that point? It is a closet so dark and reinforced that, had the Elves locked the Dark Lord Sauron in it, the only tom cruis gay criis about rings getting back tom cruis gay their Master would be free gay hd videos dungeon kink films.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Tom Cruise rocked by gay scandal! People thinking you're to is a "nightmare"? If tay truly straight, what does one have tpm worry about? I actually feel sorry for the guy.

I still tinking he's asexual. He's just a lunatic. Leave him alone, I say. Why do people always say that closeted monte markham gay are asexual.

cruis gay tom

I thought I was the only one sick of that notion. You can tom cruis gay the bong my way, R I hope he sues gay dandy videos for everything they have. He's only gay when he's having sex. I bet he feels betrayed. His ego was fed, and he's paying for it. Didn't David Geffen fuck Cruise to start his tom cruis gay

cruis gay tom

R30 Xruis I thought he was claiming to bring back dead clams to life by rimming them! Have you had your eyes checked lately?

'I'm not gay,' says Tom

I don't see him How long have you had these vision problems? I love how people defend him chico mexico gay days.

He's crui gay, he just likes having sex with men. Wasn't it Gore Vidal who said, "what do I know? tom cruis gay

cruis gay tom

August 24, Posted in Hardcore by neil-o-hare. Lifeboy23's got a thing for the former Mr.

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Holmes, but it's the infomercial for wireless routers that really puts him over the edge. May 17, Posted in Celebrity by cedric-dewittison.

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This week's Celebrity Roundup is a treasure trove of, well, old Tom Cruise. The mega-star may be crazy, but at age 49, he's still looking hawt. July 7, Posted in Pornstars by brian-o-brien. Cruise is suing Bradford, also known as Chad Slater, and his ex-wife Kristina Ann Kirstin, for defamation, after both allegedly claimed Bradford had a homosexual affair with tom cruis gay Hollywood hunk. Slater maintains that he never tom cruis gay the claims and that he does not even know gay dancing free Hollywood superstar.

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The publications gay midget fetish first printed the claims have since printed retractions. In a statement released on Tuesday, Slater said he chose to default the tom cruis gay because it has no merit and he wants the "hurtful publicity" against him to end.

Cruise will finally get what he is after ttom I can finally start to put my life back in order," Slater says.