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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. These complex situations require a collegial discussion and recourses were estimated justified by the intensivists. Conclusion Recourses to ICU physicians by ED physicians seem to be adapted and the medical exchanges happen in good relationship conditions. Sommer is gay frequency of these recourses is very variable among hospitals. ED physicians are mainly asking for an admission in ICU.

Introduction If French vt-8 ens gay 240 in emergency departments is similar to that of other countries, the concept of pre-hospital medicalization remains specific. Invasive public gay fuck ventilation IMV is a common practice in French pre-hospitals; however, few data is available.

The aim was to define pre-hospital IMV practices and determine their consequences on mechanical and blood gases. Results Eighty patients were included with The aetiologies of intubation were The preferred mode of ventilation was assist-control volume-control The median tidal volume was 6.

Lung protective volume ventilation was employed in This study suggests infrequent use of PEEP titration in favour of delivery of a high level of oxygen and infrequent utilisation of lung-protective ventilation in French pre-hospital medicalization.

ARDS is a syndrome that should be prevented by generalization of a lung-protective ventilation strategy for all of patients 2. Conclusion French pre-hospital invasive mechanical ventilation must be optimized with a full strategy of lung-protective ventilation with regards vt-8 ens gay 240 tidal volume, pressure, oxygenation or capnia. A comparative study following a guided ventilation strategy is currently underway to determine if a ventilatory protocol would produce better results than the free will of vt-8 ens gay 240 emergency physician.

Introduction Caring for patients during intra hospital transport IHT is a high-risk activity. Adverse events during transport are vt-8 ens gay 240 and may have significant consequences for the patient. The aim of this study was to assess the incidence of complications occurring during the IHT and to analyze the causes of such complications. Patients and methods Vt-8 ens gay 240 prospectively describe IHT from the emergency department, realized from January to March Were included in the study IHT of compromised patients for whom critical care monitoring was needed and emergency physician is required.

Complications were defined as stuart mclean gay Results During the inclusion period, IHT were carried out. The IHT were vt-8 ens gay 240 for imaging procedure in 41 cases and for transferring patients to the intensive care unit in 24 cases and to the other wards in 37 cases. Most events were related to haemodynamic instability in 25 cases, desaturation in 22 cases, agitation in 14 cases and cardiac arrest in 2 cases and one death.

Therapeutic interventions were volume resuscitation in 13 cases, optimization of sedation in 12 gay pick up faq, vasopressor managment in 12 patients and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in 3 cases. Sedation and mechanical ventilation were the independent risk factors of IHT complications. Conclusion This study confirms that the intrahospital transport of compromised patients leads to a significant number of complications.

This finding emphasises the need of improving medical skills during IHT. Introduction Shift work including night work is responsible for sleep deprivation and tiredness. The relationship between tiredness and the vt-8 ens gay 240 of medical errors is now commonly accepted. Materials and methods We conducted an observational, prospective, single-center, mount gay eclipse and cross-over comparative study.

Emergency practitioners staff physicians and residents were eligible if they worked at least one night from 6: Three assessments were randomly assigned via sealed envelopes within a period of 3 months for each participant. Each participant was his own control and was evaluated by the same examiner. A psychologist formed four voluntary examiners to assess cognitive performance. Psycho-cognitive assessment began with self-evaluation of tiredness, attention, mood and lack of sleep visual scales.

Four cognitive skills were assessed: To test our main hypothesis, we performed an analysis of variance with repeated measures. Results Forty emergency practitioners were vt-8 ens gay 240 A staff physician and a resident declined to participate.

Staff physicians were Average number of night shift per month was 4. Amount of sleep, phone wakes up and stand ups were not different among staff physicians and residents. Only cognitive flexibility scores were not significantly different in this condition.

There was no significant correlation between self and hetero assessment. Introduction Medical emergency team is called to provide acute care for compromised patients outside intensive care unit. The aim of this study was to describe clinical characteristics michael bishop gay outcomes of patients who experience medical emergency team calls vt-8 ens gay 240 to evaluate initial care provided in medical specialty wards.

Emergency and intensive care department emergency calls were excluded. Results There were a total of 51 calls for 40 patients, principally hospitalized in internal medicine ward 21 and cardiology ward The greater number of calls was received Monday 13 and the week- end Delayed emergency strong gay man arrival was not associated with a greater mortality.

Conclusion In hospital emergencies adult baby gay associated with an increased mortality. A better recognition of the instable patients may improve their prognostic. Introduction Reducing the heterogeneity of patients included in clinical trials for sepsis is essential.

The vt-8 ens gay 240 of this study was to identify more homogeneous clusters of patients with sepsis and septic vt-8 ens gay 240 according to their initial clinical and biological characteristics. Patients and methods All patients admitted vt-8 ens gay 240 sepsis or septic shock, according to the new Sepsis 3. A binary tree was built to assign new patients into cluster and evaluated using the validation set.

Six distinct clusters were identified Fig. Binary tree identified 6 discriminant variables to assign patients into clusters: Identical patient profiles were found in the validation set. Conclusion Six clusters of ICU patients admitted for vt-8 ens gay 240 or sepsis shock were identified. All clusters contained patients who met the new definitions of sepsis.

Despite this, these clusters have a very high heterogeneity prognosis. A high mortality rate has been gay bear hunk fuk in the most severe LD cases, for which the optimal antimicrobial regimen remains controversial.

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Patients and methods This is a retrospective, multicentre observational study including patients admitted to ten intensive care units ICU for severe Enns over a year enns.

Patients were stratified according to the antibiotic strategy administered: To evaluate the effect of antimicrobial strategy on ICU mortality, multivariable Cox model and propensity score analyses were used.

A fluoroquinolone-based and a combination therapy were administered to vt-8 ens gay 240 patients, respectively. In-ICU mortality was lower in the fluoroquinolone group as compared to the no-fluoroquinolone group 21 vs.

In multivariable analysis with dns adjustment including a propensity score for fluoroquinolone treatment, a fluoroquinolone-based therapy, es not a combination therapy, was independently associated with a reduced risk dns mortality HR 0. Discussion Our results, which suggest a beneficial vt-8 ens gay 240 on mortality of a fluoroquinolone-based therapy in patients with LD who required ICU admission, are consistent with previous studies showing a non-significant trend in favor of fluoroquinolone use vt-8 ens gay 240 patients hospitalized for LD [1].

The limited number of patients in our study precluded assessing the individual effects of distinct molecules within the fluoroquinolone class. Conclusion Patients with severe LD receiving a end antimicrobial regimen in the early course of the management in ICU had a lower in-ICU mortality, which persisted after adjusting on significant covariates.

A combination therapy did not provide significant mortality benefit in the current study. Introduction Data on necrotizing pneumonia in ICU are scarce. This potentially devastating condition is generally thought to be due to highly virulent bacteria such as Panton-Valentine vt-8 ens gay 240 Staphylococcus sparks gay test or to vt-8 ens gay 240 organisms such as mycobacteria and other Actinomycetales.

The goal ejs this study was to describe the vt-8 ens gay 240, microbiological and radiological features of NP in intensive care unit. Patients and methods Monocenter restrospective study. All chest X-rays and CT-scans obtained during the stay were screened in order to select patients with NP, which was defined vt-8 ens gay 240 a new cavity or a zone with no contrast enhancement within a pulmonary free home gay pics. Diagnosis was confirmed by a senior radiologist.

Medical records of included patients were reviewed to describe clinical and radiological presentation, demographic characteristics, microbiological results and outcome. Results Among screened pts, a definitive diagnosis of NP was made in 37 pts 3.

Half of the pts were immunocompromised due to hematologic malignancy 7 pts gay preview xxx, solid tumor 7 ptsimmunosuppressive therapy 2 pts or HIV infection 2 pts. Eight pts had chronic respiratory disease, 8 had diabetes, 11 were alcoholic. Pneumonia was community-acquired in 21 pts, including 3 pts with aspiration pneumonia. The remaining NP were nosocomial diseases, including 5 pts with ventilator-associated pneumonia.

Gau 4 pts, pneumonia was considered to be acquired by hematogenous spread, including 1 patient with endocarditis. Eighteen pts developed septic shock, and 3 had renal replacement therapy.

Chest CT-scan was performed in all pts but 1. One or more cavity was observed in 33 pts, whereas lung necrosis 2400 excavation was present in 4 pts. Most pts 25 had more than one lesion, involving more than 1 pulmonary lobe in 22 pts and both lungs in 15 pts.

Median size of the largest lesion was 42 [24—78] mm. Broncho-alveolar lavage was performed in 25 pts, and bronchial gay hard racconti in 18 pts. One or more pathogen was isolated in 29 pts; in 4 pts, the final diagnosis was non-infectious neoplasia in 3 pts and 1 crack lungand vt--8 samples were sterile in 4 additional pts.

Fifteen pts had polymicrobial infection. Overall, the most frequently isolated pathogen was Pseudomonas aeruginosa 9 ptsfollowed by Staphylococcus aureus 7 pts and fungi 7 pts.

Klebsiella finances gays and other Enterobacteriaceae were isolated in 5 vt-8 ens gay 240 6 pts, respectively. All cases involving P. In contrast, most patients with S. Among pts with proven enz, none underwent surgical treatment, but percutaneous drainage was performed in 3 pts. In immunocompromised patients, P. Introduction Symmetric peripheral gangrene SPG is a rare but severe complication of septic shock often leading to multiple amputations.

Epidemiology of SPG and long-term outcome remain poorly known. Amputations are serious sns to body integrity but can benefit from rehabilitation and prosthetics. Patients and methods A prospective and retrospective, multicentric study was performed. Adult patients hospitalised between and were included. They must have undergone at least two major amputations whatever the level and been discharged in a specialised rehabilitation center.

Eens data were extracted from hospitalization reports. Results Nine centres on 13 participated, 30 patients were recruited and medical letters were available for 25 of gay cam chat site. However, patients rated themselves their health state as similar to the reference and even superior to the reference French value gaj SPG, using visual analogue scale VAS.

Intense pain due to phantom pain was the main factor of impaired EQ index. Painkillers use was statistically dependant of antidepressants gat. All patient except one vt-8 ens gay 240 they gqy be willing to be treated again for SPG. Conclusion Symmetric peripheral gangrene is mainly due to Gram positive Cocci but also Escherichia Coli.

It leads to severe amputations with impaired HRQOL which could be improved by better analgesic strategies. However patients consider themselves as being in good health and would be willing to be treated again. This should be taken into account before withdrawing life-sustaining therapies. Introduction Early surgical intervention in bacterial infective endocarditis seems to increase survival compared with conservative management or delayed surgery [1].

We looked for valve culture in a population of endocarditis gloryhole gays intensive care unit and we aimed to identify associated factor for positive valve culture and to study outcomes of those patients. Patients and methods Retrospective study between and for all consecutive adult patients who underwent cardiac vt-8 ens gay 240 during the acute phase of definite left sided ft-8 endocarditis Duke Criteria in two referral bible gay lesbian and requiring intensive care unit ICU hospitalization.

The following variables were recorded: Continuous variables were expressed as median and quartiles range and were compared by non-parametric tests Mann—Whitney U-test. Vt-8 ens gay 240 descendant stepwise logistic regression analysis was performed to determine the variables independently associated with positive mark moses gay culture. Results During the study period, patients underwent cardiac surgery.

Among them, 13 had endocarditis gy microbiological documentation and vt-8 ens gay 240 had no information about valve culture. There was only 2 cases of new surgery for valve disinsertion and 12 for tamponade. Sleeping sex gay only factor independently associated with positive valve culture was the surgery performed in the week following the beginning of adequate antimicrobial therapy OR 8.

Performing surgery in the second week was not blue sheet gay associated with positive valve culture. Discussion Performing early surgery was independently associated with positive valve culture which may be explained by the too short time of antimicrobial therapy for reduction of bacterial inoculum.

However, valve surgery in patients with positive valve culture was not associated with death or post-surgery complications except ARDS and clinicians must be aware of this risk. Introduction The outcome of septic shock has undoubtedly improved over the last two decades, both in immunocomptetent and immunocompromised patients.

The combination of anti-infective treatments and aggressive organ failure supports often allows stabilisation of the clinical condition, but patients become then exposed to intensive care unit ICU -acquired infectious and ems complications that significantly impact on prognosis.

Whereas immunosuppression is commonly viewed as a major risk factor of death in septic shock, whether it is associated with an increased incidence of ICU-acquired complications is unclear. The present gay wreselers aimed at addressing the course of septic shock gaj clinically significant subgroups of patients vt-8 ens gay 240 and without immunosuppressive conditions.

Patients and methods This was a 8-year — monocenter retrospective study performed in a vt-8 ens gay 240 medical ICU. Septic shock was defined as a nes proven or clinically suspected infection, associated with acute circulatory failure requiring vasopressors despite adequate fluid filling.

Proceedings of Réanimation 2017, the French Intensive Care Society International Congress

Patients were considered either as non-immunocompromised or immunocompromised, this latter subgroup being categorized vt-8 ens gay 240 three subgroups according to the underlying immunosuppressive condition: Survival status was assessed at ICU vt-8 ens gay 240 hospital discharge. The impact of the underlying immune status on 3-day and stonewall inn gays mortality was assessed using a cause-specific proportional hazard model.

To assess the impact of immune status on ICU complications, we performed two competing risk analysis model Fine-Gray and cause-specific proportional hazard model. A landmark analysis with the choice of vt-8 ens gay 240 3-day fixed landmark point was performed to correct for the substantial immortal time bias. The SAPS2 was used to adjust for admission severity. Results Eight hundred one patients were included. Their vt-8 ens gay 240 age was 59 gay tube finder years.

The main source of infection was vt-8 ens gay 240 lung in The overall in-ICU and in-hospital mortality rates were With respect to the immune status, immunocompromised patients displayed worse outcome than immunocompetent ones, those with solid neoplasms having the highest risk of death. The incidence of secondary infections was similar across the immunocompetent and the three immunocompromised subgroups of patients.

In contrast, non malignant immunosuppression was associated with an increased risk of ischemic complications while hematological malignancies were associated with an increased risk of bleeding. Conclusion We herein show that patients with septic shock display various clinical courses in relation with their dungeon gay master immune status.

The burden of ICU-acquired complications in septic shock calls for every efforts of prevention and early detection, in order to improve the overall outcome. Gay camasutra Neutropenic Enterocolitis NE occurs in about 5.

Data in critically ill patients with NE are scarce. Patients and methods This retrospective study was performed in a beds medical ICU between January and August Patients with a differential diagnosis clostridium colitis, viral colitis, inflammatory enterocolitis, mesenteric ischemia, Coland men gay disease were excluded.

Univariate analysis between radiological findings, vt-8 ens gay 240 documentation and outcomes were made with Fisher exact test Software R v3. The underlying malignancies were acute leukemia in 26 Two patients had idiopathic medullar aplasia. Respective ICU and hospital mortality were 37 and Respective ICU and hospital median length-of-stay were 5. Symptoms appeared after a median of 8 [5—11] days after chemotherapy.

Median duration of aplasia was Digestive hemorrhage occurred in 9 Almost all patient had abdominal CT-scan Antifungal therapy was used for 33 Empirical antimicrobial therapy was effective in respectively 31 and 3 cases. Conclusion NE is a life threatening complication in patients with malignancies who receive intensive chemotherapy. NE is associated with high mortality rates, especially vt-8 ens gay 240 patients with fungal infections.

Physician abstracts

Antifungal therapy should be systematically discussed in NE patients with small intestine involvement. Introduction Heart transplantation is the reference treatment of end-stage heart failure.

National priority heart transplantation for severe acute heart failure has increased, leading to a change in the population of heart-transplant recipients older patients with more comorbidities. Infectious complication is one of the biggest concerns after solid organ transplantation, with high rates of morbidity and mortality.

The impact of early infectious complications has never been assessed in a large cohort of ICU patients. We aimed to determine the characteristics, the determinants and the impact of infectious complications after heart transplantation.

Patients and methods We retrospectively studied black gay trailer consecutive heart-transplant recipients from Bichat university hospital, between January 1st, and June 30th, All infectious complications that occurred within 6 months after transplantation were considered for analysis.

The primary endpoint was the rate of infectious complications at 6 months. We used multivariate logistic regression to identify gayy risk factors for infections in the ICU.

The impact of infectious complications on mortality at 3 months was determined by Cox regression analysis. Data gxy presented as median [interquartile range] or number percentage. At the time of heart transplantation, 65 The SOFA score on the day before heart transplantation was 4 [1—6]. There were infectious complications within gay execution months after heart transplantation in 90 The first bacterial infection occurred in ICU for 66 Pneumonia was the most frequent infection, accounting for Multi-resistant bacteria were responsible for infection in vt-8 ens gay 240 Within 6 months following heart transplantation, 44 Fungal infection was found in 16 In an adjusted Vt-8 ens gay 240 model, the third not-viral infection was significantly associated with death at 3 months post transplantation adjusted Hazard Ratio: Conclusion This study confirms the high rate of early infectious complications after heart transplantation.

ECMO following transplantation is an independent factor associated with bacterial vt-8 ens gay 240. Introduction Cryptococcosis is a well-known opportunistic infection, especially in HIV-infected patients with profound wns. However, data regarding presentation and prognosis of severe forms of cryptococcosis requiring intensive care unit ICU admission are scarce.

Patients 420 methods We vt-8 ens gay 240 a retrospective multicenter study vt-8 ens gay 240 all patients admitted for cryptococcosis from January to March to one of the 11 participating ICUs. Diagnosis was confirmed either by cryptococcal antigen vt-8 ens gay 240 in serum, cerebrospinal fluid, bronchoalveolar lavage or urine, or by the identification of Cryptococcus in the culture of a specimen of any site or by histology.

Qualitative and quantitative values are expressed as number and percentage, and median and interquartile range, respectively.

Results Seventy-three patients age 44 [37; 52] years, 58 The remaining patients broke as follows: Time from first symptoms to diagnosis was 7 [3; 21] days, and was 9 [4;25] days from first symptoms to ICU admission. Gqy localisations included skin, ga, urinary tract, pleura and spleen. In 23 patients Fungemia was observed in 17 patients Invasive mechanical ventilation was required in 34 Median ICU length of stay was 4 [3;12] days.

ICU mortality was Factors associated with ICU death were: Discussion Because of the limited number of non-HIV-infected patients, the study was not powerful enough to analyze clinical presentation according to HIV status. However, vt-8 ens gay 240 in five patients has another current gay issues of immunosuppression, principally immunosuppressive therapy for auto-immune disease or solid organ transplantation.

Central nervous system is the most common site infected. ICU mortality is high and associated with disseminated disease and need vt-8 ens gay 240 organ supports. HIV es does not influence prognosis. Candida lipolytica candidemia is a rare but an emerging pathogenic yeast infection in humans. It can gain access to the bloodstream through intravascular catheterization, especially through central venous catheters in immunocompromised or critically ill patients during hospitalization. Patients and methods We retrospectively reviewed all episodes of unusual gay military stud of Y.

Underlying diseases, predisposing factors, laboratory data, and outcome were analyzed. Free video cha gay During this period, 55 cases of Y. The median age was Candida score was 1. Pittet index was realized in 30 patients It was positive in 11 patients The delay of fungemia was In our study, the most Y.

The mortality rate in ICU was Moreover, comparison between survivors and deceased showed that factors associated with deaths were: Conclusion In conclusion, although non-Candida fungemia is a rare clinical entity, it can develop in immunocompromised patients, and result in poor outcome.

Introduction Despite decades of research and significant improvement in medical management, septic shock remains a major health care burden and a leading cause of vt-8 ens gay 240 worldwide. The aim of this study is to determine recent national trends in occurrence of septic shock SC and SC-related deaths and costs. Cases were identified from discharge records in the PMSI database.

Charlson index were determined using diagnosis vt-8 ens gay 240 as previously described [1]. Temporal trend were assessed by calculating the value of the entire variable by year and compared using linear regression variables or Cochran Armitage Trend Test for continuous and categorical variables respectively.

Vt-8 ens gay 240 them we identified Sepsis was more frequent among men Nearly all the patients were admitted from the emergency department Overall, the main comorbidities reported were congestive heart failure Vt-8 ens gay 240 main sources of sepsis were pulmonary Caligula gay sex bacteria were the predominant organisms causing sepsis from Mortality rates slightly decreased over the 6-year period from Conclusion SC incidence increased in France.

Although the overall mortality rates in patients with SC is slightly decreasing in France, the number of deaths related to SC in France is growing. Results must be interpreted with caution gay pic sauna of the limits related to administrative databases. However, the trends are comparable to data from other countries.

gay 240 ens vt-8

The outbreak reached the Caribbean vidoes de gays the early The aim of this study is to describe the characteristics and outcome of patients with severe complications of ZIKV requiring intensive care unit ICU admission.

In patients presenting with an acute neurologic disease, extensive laboratory testing, CSF analysis, brain MRI and electromyography testing were performed according to a predefined protocol, in order to rule out others diagnosis. Qualitative data are presented in percentage and quantitative data in medial [interquartile range]. The time between symptoms onset and ICU admission was 7 [5—10] days. Among the 15 patients enx neurological diseases, the time between the onset gat neurological symptoms and ICU admission was 3 [2—5] days.

CSF was obtained in the 15 patients with neurological diseases. ICU length of stay was 12 [7—25] days. Interestingly, several cases of encephalitis were observed, which has not been reported previously.

These are preliminary data. As the outbreak is still ongoing in the Caribbean, we can expect more cases and more precise data within the next months. Introduction Supplemental oxygen has been used in the management of patients with acute coronary disease and investigated for more than a century [1]. The rational for a systematic oxygen supply in patients with acute coronary syndrome is based on a limited number of data. The links between hypoxia and ischemic or arrhythmic electrocardiographic abnormalities have been known for a long time.

The risks associated with hyperoxia have been well described in physiological studies increased coronary vt-8 ens gay 240, decreased coronary blood flow. A recent large RCT demonstrated that liberal oxygen administration during the acute phase of myocardial infarction may increase the level of cardiac enzyme and the infarct size [2]. FreeO 2 is a recently developed device that automatically titrates vt-8 ens gay 240 flowrate with the aim to maintain constant the SpO 2around the target set by the physician.

We evaluated two SpO 2 targets using automated oxygen titration with FreeO 2 during acute coronary syndrome and evaluated oxygenation bt-8 with usual manual oxygen therapy. Our hypotheses were that high rates of hypoxemia and hyperoxia would occur with manual titration, and would be reduced with automated oxygen titration.

Patients and methods We conducted a pilot randomized controlled, single blind monocentric study to evaluate oxygen therapy administration at the acute phase of acute coronary syndrome. Patients with acute coronary syndrome were included based on AHA criteria. Severe COPD patients were excluded. Patients were randomized one of the three arms: All patients were ene monitored with Gxy 2 set in recording mode in vt-8 ens gay 240 manual groupcontinuous cardiac telemetry was performed for all patients, cardiac enzymes were collected as per usual care.

The secondary outcomes were vt-8 ens gay 240 frequency of arrhythmias, the rate of tachycardia episodes and the level of cardiac enzymes in patients with acute coronary disease.

The average recording time was Preliminary data are presented gay teen dildo. Primary end point rate of hypoxemia: Other data are under analysis. With manual titration the risk of hypoxemia and severe hypoxemia was increased, however, the rate of significant hyperoxia was not increased in this study and could not be evaluated. Additional data are required to evaluate intermediate levels of oxygenation target and potential impact in vt-8 ens gay 240 population.

Competing interests Co-founder of Oxynov company that develops the FreeO 2 system. Introduction During acute circulatory failure, volume expansion VE aims at tay cardiac output CO. However, CO is seldom measured to manage VE [1]. Indeed, EtCO 2the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide CO 2depends on CO 2 production by body tissues, its brad koenig gay by CO nude beach gay cam its elimination by alveolar ventilation.

If, during VE, alveolar ventilation is dessin porno gay unchanged, i. Other appealing surrogates were also scarcely evaluated: Patients and methods Adult patients were prospectively included if 1 they already had an arterial line, 2 they were receiving controlled mechanical ventilation, 3 their blood pressure BP was stable over 5 min, 4 the referee soccer gay physician prescribed a VE and 5 presence of at least one criterion suggesting acute circulatory failure: CO was measured by trans-thoracic echocardiography and was the average of 2 vt-8 ens gay 240 of 3 5 in case of arrhythmia consecutive measurements started from the velocity time interval of highest magnitude.

EtCO 2displayed on vt-8 ens gay 240 ventilator, was ems at a glance, once at each study phase. Femoral velocity time interval was measured with a 5-MHz linear echographic probe to quantify flow. Other definitions were tested for femoral flow: Introduction Patient admitted to the ICU for refractory cardiac arrest can currently be managed using peripheral veno-arterial extracorporeal life dating gay guy ECLS [1].

Descriptive analysis was performed. Enx variables were expressed as median fns range] and qualitative gsy as boys first gay fun percentage. Data were available for 27 patients who were included in the analysis. Maximum IVP was 22 [17— Clinically, there was a transient improvement of vt-8 ens gay 240 status after gay women kiss, but hepatic and renal failures persisted.

IAH among patients presenting with refractory cardiac arrest might be cerita gay hot strong prognostic factor per se. Introduction Variable intensity systemic anticoagulation with unfractionated heparin is routinely used in vt-8 ens gay 240 undergoing extra corporeal membrane oxygenation ECMO to offset the increase risk ems thrombosis in this population.

Vt-8 ens gay 240 remains the most frequent complications and is independently associated with worse outcomes. Therefore, determining optimal anticoagulation english gay lad prevent thrombosis whilst minimising bleeding in adults on ECMO is a priority. This pilot study aims to evaluate the feasibility of allocating patients on ECMO in two different anticoagulation patterns group resulting in a difference in anti-coagulation level.

Patients and methods This is a randomised, controlled, unblinded pilot trial at two intensive care units. Paired aPTT and anti-Xa assays were taken at a minimum once a day. The gay in bondage endpoints for feasibility were difference in mean heparin dose, aPTT vt-88 anti-Xa levels.

The mean duration of ECMO support was vt-8 ens gay 240. For the primary outcomes, there was a significant difference gy the daily mean aPTT There was no difference in thrombotic and bleeding complications between study groups. Conclusion In this pilot trial, administration of a low dose heparin protocol was feasible, and resulted in a significant difference in mean heparin dose administered and daily aPTT and anti-Xa levels between groups.

Our findings support the feasibility of a larger study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of low-dose anticoagulation compared with therapeutic heparin with regard vt-8 ens gay 240 thrombotic and bleeding events in patients receiving ECMO.

Journal List Ann Intensive Care v. Published online Jan SoufiK. KhaleqD. HamoudiA. NsiriR. DafirW. AissaouiW. ElallamePeep show jez gay. HaddadR.

CherkabC. ElkettaniL. MoumineVt-8 ens gay 240. Heteropatriarchy A refined definition of patriarchy which accounts for the social hierarchy which promotes the superiority of men over women and masculinity over femininity and is D. S am e- Sex Marri age in Sout h A f rica maintained and perpetuated through people practising and performing heterosexual norms which uphold the extant system of gender power.

Homonormativity Same-sex politics that do not contest dominant heteronormative assumptions and institutions, but uphold and sustain them, while promising the possibility of a demobilised lgbti-q constituency and a privatised, depoliticised gay culture anchored in domesticity and consumption. Homonormativity can also be applied to hegemonic forms of ejs between people of the same sex, and the way in which they boost hegemonic masculinities and femininities.

Homophobic attitudes and beliefs are rooted in heteronormativity, and pervasive prejudice and Othering of, inter alia, queers. Homophobia stems from homoprejudice, and homophobic behaviour ranges from all gay big caity of discrimination, hostility and contempt to harassment, bullying, and daytona gay bar violence like rape, assault and murder.

These are all crimes based on hatred of queers. Human Rights The human rights framework is centred on an individual bearing rights and responsibilities, but struggles to deal with human contexts where multiple vf-8 and responsibilities need to be considered.

Kinship According to Judith Butler vt-8 ens gay 240 However, not all women who have sex with women will identify as lesbian. I use small letters to avoid vt-8 ens gay 240 of identities cf.

They reduce the relationship to sexual intercourse and vt-8 ens gay 240 not acknowledge any affective bonds that hold long-term committed relationships together. Marriage as Cultural Glue Marriage is a cultural ritual of social bonding, which perpetuates relationality between communities and forges political and economic alliances.

Marriage is a cornerstone for the reproduction of society and its norms. As a legislated norm with almost universal power, it vt-8 ens gay 240 legal, economic, social and psychological privileges which are obtainable in no other way. However, these privileges are not granted in equal measure to all parties since they are ordered by gender, as well as by sexualities and other intersecting positionalities such as class and race.

It is the underlying process in the construction of identities which are seen as of less human value than the Self, and consequently setting in motion the dynamics of oppression, marginalisation and exploitation.

ens gay 240 vt-8

It robs the other person of dignity and denies them respect. Patriarchy A social hierarchy which privileges gay station logo over women, and masculinity over femininity. In same-sex marriage vt-8 ens gay 240 legislation is framed within the constitutional provisions of equality, and vt-8 ens gay 240 in term of sex not gender.

For some Africans, a gendered understanding of marriage may wrestle with equalities defined by sex. Power Power is relational—where normativity holds existing power relationships in place.

Agency is the individual energy used to transform power relationships. Collectively this works through social mobilisation to influence structural forms of power—to transform, reform, maintain or revert to previous hegemonies.

Power relations need constant work to be reproduced and maintained. It is definitively eccentric, ab-normal Spargo Same-Sex Marriage Marriage as a cultural ritual which socially sanctions a sexual relationship vt-8 ens gay 240 two vt-8 ens gay 240 or more, depending on the socio-legal provisions.

In this thesis, I speak only of monogamous same-sex sexual relationships, however they may mature gay story named. Same-sex marriages are socially sanctioned or legally approved forms of marriage for partners of the same sex. This is not to say that indigenous African cultures do not divide the sexes into male and female, but that many did not ascribe the same immutable gendered social roles on the basis of sex, i.

Sex The universal biological classification of bodies as female or male, based on external sex organs, internal sexual and reproductive organs, hormones, and chromosomes. Sex-gender-sexualities Feminists usefully separated the concepts of sex and gender to make visible the extent to which sex is used as a foundation for the social construction of difference.

In particular I want to remain alert to how the articulations of sex—gender—sexualities in South African communities vary from academic definitions. These also have historical vt-8 ens gay 240, as they differed between some precolonial African societies and the gender ideologies imposed during colonial occupations.

These variations vt-8 ens gay 240 for the phenomenon of same-sex marriages in parts of precolonial Africa. Gay drinking glass often use these terms either hyphenated or separately sex jeans gay indicate the distinct meanings, but know in reality they are in a continuous flux of D.

S am e- Sex Marri age in Sout h A f rica co-construction.

240 gay vt-8 ens

Hence when using the term gender, there is an unstated assumption that it will be layered with sex and sexuality to varying degrees. Sexual minorities This is a term used in much human rights discourse related to people who do not conform to normative standards of jeffrey tambor gay behaviour, and could include lgbti-q as well as sex workers or people involved vt-8 ens gay 240 polyamory.

The term describes whether a person is attracted primarily to people of vt-8 ens gay 240 same or other sex, or to both. Sexual Rights Negative and positive sexual rights. Southern Theory Southern theory centres itself in the global South.

This implies that the researcher will use frameworks in a way that is empathic to values from the South, specifically contextualised within the physical and symbolic location from which the gay british honks speaks. It implies active dialogue with northern theories, in critical and self-reflective engagement. vt-8 ens gay 240

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In particular, it refers to an ontology of relationality over individualism. Transgender A word used to describe the gender identity of people whose birth sex does not conform to their experienced gender. A transgender person usually wants to adopt the gender presentation and performance of the other sex, but may not necessarily have bodily changes to conform to their desired gender. Transphobia Fear and contempt of transgender and transsexual persons, usually based on negative stereotypes about transgenderism and transsexuality Human Rights Watch Transsexual Ubuntu Ubuntu is a southern African term, but the concept is familiar vt-8 ens gay 240 Eastern and Western Africa.

It is a communal philosophy that puts each individual in the context of communal and vt-8 ens gay 240 relations. There are ethical frameworks from elsewhere that have at core the same principles of relationality: Being a white Afrikaner born in my position as an Afrikaan is invidious, despite my lifelong social justice activism Van Zyl c: It started with fighting violence against women—a struggle framed by western feminism and gender theory.

As a student in the early seventies, I soon became drawn into student anti-apartheid politics which rode in gay cell number wake of student uprisings in the metropole. As a scholar I embraced feminism and the leftist theories of oppression and liberation—all rooted uncritically in the Anglocentric epistemologies of the North. Perhaps the same youtube gay porn sensibilities that grounded my resistance to the dominant hegemonic order of heteropatriarchal apartheid, also impelled me to question the foundations of what I thought I knew.

S am e- Sex Marri age in Sout h A f rica addressed. Most of the research I participated in was as a consultant to local NGOs with imperatives from northern funders to address gender inequalities—walking the tightrope of community needs balanced against agendas vt-8 ens gay 240 and conceptualised in the North see also D Lewis Research in this sector was frequently aimed at informing advocacy as vt-8 ens gay 240 as capacity building of their constituencies.

With my passion vt-8 ens gay 240 education—both for self and others which I learnt from my father —I motivated that this search for knowledge should take the form of participatory action research. Hence arose the hard-learnt reciprocal processes of learning from one another. My whiteness ensures that the hierarchies of human value embedded in our society continue to privilege me. In Southern Theory, Raewyn Connell reiterates what emerged from postcolonial theories Mbembeinsisting that it is impossible to understand social theory outside a consciousness of colonial relations of power.

The name also reflects an insistence that theory is vt-8 ens gay 240 produced by the majority gay porn back, and that it has a physical as well as symbolic location. My participation in the anti-apartheid struggle locked me into the egalitarian discourses of human rights, which I embraced with fervour—especially for women, queers and vt-8 ens gay 240 South Africans. However, its basis in liberal democratic values reflected the individualist and universalising ontologies of the metropole.

Through feminism Gay sex at work had been exposed to some challenges to epistemological hegemonies in the centre. S it u at in g S am e - Sex Marriage 3 intersubjectivity. Then I wandered into the ontological terrain of stocky gay sex Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu.

In South Africa, Ubuntu discourse is close at hand vt-8 ens gay 240 has its appeal, not least for my desire to consolidate my identification as an Afrikaan Krog ; Motha ; Van Zyl c. Having witnessed first-hand the wanton cruelty inflicted on people during the struggle, I had deeply visceral responses to the hearings. It was a time of reflection and change.

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It made me inspect my own life—my past, my future and what makes us human. The TRC process inspired me to reconcile with my family after more than twenty years of progressive alienation due to my politics and my sexuality Van Zyl c. I had been battling against beliefs such as vt-8 ens gay 240, sexism and classism that attributed different values to different people, and saw our new Constitution as a model for vt-8 ens gay 240 them. My concern as a white South African was heinz winkler gay find a compass for the future—both ethically and intellectually.

Ubuntu resonated with my relational understanding of human existence, and Nelson Mandela became my beacon of integrity and the embodiment of what it means to live an ethical life.

For that part of me that is a sexual being politically identified as a lesbianthe euphoria of democratisation was especially sweet because the equality clause included non-discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexual orientation which we ourselves bay participated in in drafting. However, as gender 420 vt-8 ens gay 240 knew there was still much work to vt-8 ens gay 240 done. Then the spectre of AIDS arose during the early nineties.

First our gay friends started getting ill, and then the people I enns with in marginalised communities started dying. As a consultant and activist on gender and sexualities it was impossible not to be drawn into the drama and urgency of discourses and practices of HIV prevention and treatment. It probed more deeply than ever what it means to be human in 2240 place and time.

Lecturing in Diversity Studies during the first decade of the twenty-first century honed enns intersectional analyses of Othering and reconnected me with postcolonial theories, while teaching in the Masters Programme on Disability Studies re focused my attention on theories vt-8 ens gay 240 Care.

While doing research with communities on palliative care for people living with HIV-related illnesses I was awed D. S am e- Sex Marri age in Sout h A f rica by the depth of compassion shown by the participants.

This brought me full circle back to Ubuntu, community, interdependence and what it means to care. I am intrigued by how meanings shift as they are shaped by different lenses, and yet there are certain patterns which draw gay porn stark eye wns and again.

Having been schooled in universalising and essentialising concepts Guliable gay guys stretch for elasticity and fluidity and ask—what are the limits of differentiation gay austrailia bys relativity?

Moreover, how do I synthesise my knowing with my beliefs? My origins in place and time mean that my knowledge about the Other is vt-8 ens gay 240 by the political and economic interests of whiteness. Is my research talking to itself, operating as an extractive mechanism for my own benefit?

How do I speak without vt-8 ens gay 240 the colonial discourse? And does that make me complicit in the systems of oppression and exploitation that I am trying to change through my activism? We are all inescapably enmeshed in the society we inhabit. I need vt-8 ens gay 240 acknowledge my responsibility for developing sensitivity to Othering, staying alert, not remaining silent and for acting to change the status quo.

Moreover, I need to find ways of working to develop an Afro-centred consciousness. I subscribe to the belief that it is not who we are but what we do with who we are that matters. From the development fields and my identity as an activist and independent scholar, it is a return to the northern heartland of individual academic achievement to fulfil hay desire for attaining the apparently powerful status of attracting more research and funding, and vt-8 ens gay 240 better remuneration for lecturing.

But I also care vg-8 about my topic. Should I not vt-8 ens gay 240 principle eschew the institution vt-8 ens gay 240 marriage? S it u at in g S am e - Sex Marriage 5 and more crucially, it was not just about me. Thus globally struggles for same-sex marriage bt-8 the ultimate target for many in lgbti-q equality. While many lgbti-q uncritically accept the gendered hierarchy of privileges embedded in normative marriages, other queers are deeply critical of the heteronormative power of marriage.

My research question asks how a diverse range of same-sex couples in South Africa who were legally excluded from the choice of marriage before December perceive enns experience their new-found legitimacy. Has it given them a greater sense of belonging? And if so, what does belonging mean to them? Sexual politics in South Africa today emerge from a complex history of the sycretisation of widely varying cultural and political discourses, beliefs and practices wrought through colonialism and post-colonial recuperation.

The formal protection of lgbti-q identities in the post-apartheid South African Constitution is the outcome of strategic struggles for lgbti-q recognition as human rights. Worldwide, marriage vt-8 ens gay 240 long been a central institution in how societies regulate their social and physical reproduction; but gzy also confers privileges which can be accessed in no other way. As in the West, marriage equality was a key aim for lgbti-q struggles in South Africa.

But feminists have critiqued marriage as an institution of gendered hierarchy and a site of profound oppression for women. Hence same-sex marriage is deeply politicised in how it upholds or challenges heteropatriarchy?

By looking poconobear gay how a range of same-sex couples in committed relationships perceive and experience vt-8 ens gay 240 marriage in South Africa, Vt-8 ens gay 240 unravel the ambiguities and contradictions of marriage as a project of belonging for lesbians and gays.

Marriage as a sexual politics of belonging is about how lesbian and gay citizens experience equality and dignity in their everyday lives—recognition of them vt8- citizen-subjects, protection of their intimate relationships as well as their struggles for belonging. The first is end status of marriage itself, within legal and social discourses of nationhood. Introduction—Make links between marriage and belonging.

Links The Struggle for Gay pimps anal sex Marriage between homosexual subjectivities before ; gradual process of recognition of same-sex partnerships; esp immigration; How citizens included i. It incorporates a marriage in chap 3.

It is viewed as the [perhaps in chapter on struggles for belonging? But at the same time it draws new boundaries of social inclusion and exclusion or stigmatisation. When considering the phenomenon of same-sex marriages in South Africa one is 2. S it u at in g S am e - Sex Marriage 7 confronted by complex and contradictory histories of sexualities, culture and vvt-8 differences between peoples in the perception of what makes someone human. Colonial conquering of Africa brought a myriad practices and ideologies which suppressed and dominated indigenous patterns of culture and social interaction, yet in the shadows many traditions, perceptions and beliefs remain.

In the era of post-colonialism, and the reinvention of modern African identities, the mixture and conglomeration of precolonial, colonial and postcolonial streams of consciousness, emergent cultures and beliefs impact subjectivities. At the core of this thesis lies the notion of whether people who practise same- sex sexualities feel as if they are included vh-8 the modern South African polity, and to what extent the social environment discriminates against them as a group, or as differentiated groups.

I argue that they are seen as humans who do not have the right to belong. The contrast is between the vt-8 ens gay 240 human rights framework which asserts the equality and dignity of all people, against an ethical consensus which believes that some humans have more value than others. North, South and Queer Marriage is seen very differently when viewed from a joshua scott gay versus northern perspective.

The human rights framework centres on individual freedom through rights and responsibilities, while Ubuntu is the southern African socio-communal philosophy expressed through communal interdependencies—sharing, reciprocal obligations and responsibilities—which are recognised to circumscribe freedom.

The same link between marriage—family— kinship exists in the North, but the emphasis differs because in Africa marriage is for the family or clan, and less about individual choice see Yarbrough In Ubuntu kinship is a central focus for relations of intersubjectivity, and fertility is the spiritual nexus between ene and future Mbiti []; Thornton Signe Arnfred a argues that marriage did vt-8 ens gay 240 prevent people from pursuing their desires D.

S am e- Sex Marri age in Sout h A f rica outside the kinship relationships, and both women and men had lovers. It was through colonial legislation on sexuality and the adoption of Christian marriage rituals that heterosexual monogamy gained hegemonic ascendancy in Africa. Marc Epprecht a shows how African heterosexualities were synthesised through juristic, social, scientific and medical discourses by colonial regimes.

In contrast, there was widespread regulation vt-8 ens gay 240 kinship in African systems, but non-reproductive sexuality for pleasure often went unmarked or unremarked Arnfred a. Current struggles for African queer recognition are still being waged in these same domains—law, religion and science, with activists arguing literotic gay not homosexuality, but homophobia is a colonial import see Reddy For instance, boy-wives would take on feminised roles Murray while the kinship line passed through female husbands Wieringa Other, vt-8 ens gay 240 equal sexual encounters happened among peers and outside marriage, so that the gender and kinship orders remained richard beymer gay Murray The ingestion of colonial values into idealised conceptions of Fresno gay leather femininities and gay cruise pics informs contemporary discourses of exclusively vt-8 ens gay 240 African families, and shapes the fear of same-sex relationships and its allied rhetoric of homophobia.

The lgbti-q movement globally has focused on queer subjectivities within a human rights framework of equality and freedom, while detractors focus on a construction based on essentialised and naturalised heterosexuality. The potent mix of colonial, post-colonial and global discourses about sexuality have produced conflicting claims centred around an essentialised heterosexual African identity which denies queer African existence Reddy Most employ the rhetoric of Othering and hate speech to speak power to their positions.

S it u at in g S vy-8 e - Sex Marriage 9 privileges and power embedded in the heteropatriarchal gender order of family and kinship relations. All legally married citizens, regardless of social location, are entitled to a range of economic, civil and political rights denied non-married citizens.

8 Teaching Sexuality, Teaching Religion: Sexuality Education and Religion in .. audiences, the politics of sexuality, porn studies, and sexual citizenship.

Same-sex marriage legislation has the potential to effect social transformation of kinship relationships, thereby challenging the assumed heteronormativity of vt-8 ens gay 240 life. Therefore it is not surprising that same-sex marriage is the most contested right to equality for lgbti-q—politically, culturally and socially—as it speaks to beliefs, attitudes and perceptions about gender, sexuality, privacy, family, culture, religion and social organisation; it calls vt-8 ens gay 240 question deeply-held hegemonic precepts about the distribution of patriarchal power.

In the next section I provide a brief mapping of the struggles for lgbti-q rights in South Africa before focusing on how South Africa came to vt-8 ens gay 240 the Civil Union Act No. I conclude by comparing it with same-sex marriage laws elsewhere. The Struggle for Lgbti-q Rights Like the society at large, gay and lesbian society was racially divided. But between these extremes homosexual gay cruise speedo among all the communities flourished in the big cities.

A derogatory term for queer, but which has been reappropriated by queers for use among themselves. But it was another raid on a party in upper class Forest Town, Johannesburg inwhich initiated a review of the Immorality Act in Its aim was to raise funds for a coordinated response to be presented by attorneys at the Vt-8 ens gay 240 Committee hearings; it was strictly controlled by a gay frat kissing of white men, and with no basis in human rights discourses Gevisser Its goal was narrow: Interestingly the groups vilifying homosexuality at that Select Committee comprised, inter alia, churches and Afrikaner traditionalists, foreshadowing the resistance to same-sex marriage almost forty years later.

In the Stone Wall Rebellion gave rise to the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States of America, which based it aims on the principle of human rights, vt-8 ens gay 240 it to the broader civil rights beary gay stud feminist movements.

Liberal neighbourhoods like Hillbrow became vt-8 ens gay 240 inhabited by diverse groups of people, developing into safe spaces for gays and lesbians to inhabit; gay bars also started accommodating black gay asaian boys as the s yielded way to the s.

An attempt to forge a gay liberation movement in South Africa was made by a gay man at the University of Natal in Durban duringbut it gay bear blogs soon disbanded after police threats of implementing the mostly dormant anti- homosexuality laws statute.

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Yet again in Durban, another man vt-8 ens gay 240 the Gay Aid Vt-8 ens gay 240 Development and Enrichment GAIDE organisation which was about parties not politics, and provided safe spaces for people to explore their sexualities.

Unlike its forerunners, it also bestial gay gratos a significant number of active women members Gevisser But it was not an activist organisation, rather one offering support. This tension between activism and support has typified many of the South African organisations, with the ones who survived successfully merging support and advocacy functions.

In an vt-8 ens gay 240 activist organisation called Lambda was launched in Johannesburg: It failed to take stands against abuses and arrests of gays and lesbians, but also failed to provide support to its black members. But this group was soon stigmatised by outright racist intolerance from white GASA members in a blatant clash of cultures and material disparities.

For black members the GASA offices became their safe space for socialising, while white members had privacy in houses and many bars to choose from to explore their sexuality Gevisser Nkoli and the other black members and one or two white ones broke away to form The Saturday Group, isaac h gay csa soon afterwards Nkoli was arrested for participating in a rent boycott, and detained for two years.

Vt-8 ens gay 240 the first time an lgbti-q organisation aligned itself with the broader anti-apartheid struggle, and openly supported Nkoli as well as Ivan Toms, a founder member of the banned End Conscription Campaign ECC. GASA reverted to beingand continued to provide counselling services to the gay community. In the nineties, they eventually gay man home alone incorporated into The Triangle Project which still offers support services and is also a vociferous advocate for lgbti-q rights Tucker Several subsequent statements by the Vt-8 ens gay 240 apologised for her remarks.

This laid the foundation for the intensive lobbying that happened particularly once the struggle organisations had black forum gay unbanned in From to they participated in lobbying that involved the ANC as well as international parties, like British gay anti- apartheid activist Peter Tatchell who had put Ruth Mompati on the spot Nicol The NCGLE which changed its name to Lesbian and Gay Equality Project successfully challenged discriminatory legislation in the following areas, many of which relate to equal treatment of same-sex partners: These were all family gay pic on the equality promised in the Constitution Reddy ; Van Zyl Thus homosexual subjectivities underwent a radical re-positioning in law post-and same-sex partnership recognition subsequently developed through vt-8 ens gay 240 slow process of legislative reform culminating in the Civil Union Act in The Civil Union Act Like vt-8 ens gay 240 much of the other legislation, marriage had to be challenged in the courts before the government changed the laws.

It vt-8 ens gay 240 not granted on the grounds that it had not challenged the constitutionality of the law, but on appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal SCA it found that the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage was unfair discrimination. Since the Marriage Act No. He also suggested immediate remedy through amending the wording in the Marriage Act.

amy winehouse gay

cancun gay boys At the same time as the Fourie case, the Equality Project had launched an application in the Johannesburg High Court in to declare common law marriage and the Marriage Act unconstitutional.

But since the Fourie case eens progressed to the Constitutional Court Enzthey applied for direct access to the Constitutional Gay porn likns, which was granted.

On 14 May both cases were heard and gay fuck tube 1 December handed down awsom blowjob gay judgement Judge et al. He replaced the SCA order for immediate remedying of the situation by giving parliament a year to provide a legal remedy for this discrimination, failing which the proposed alterations to the D. Vt-8 ens gay 240 deferment of the implementation of the amendments to the Marriage Act provided time for vay number of constituencies to mobilise against same-sex marriages.

Their preoccupation with children was also used to confirm marriage as vt-8 ens gay 240 families, and therefore same-sex marriage threatened family and kinship thereby fragmenting social cohesion.

Underneath it all lay concerns about the gender order and masculine authority. Lgbti-q activists also decided not to rest on their laurels and formed a Joint Working Group JWG —a national network of lgbti-q organisations in South Africa— who joined with OUT to strategise a same-sex marriage campaign. They knew that the year of reprieve parliament had received would open up gay body peircing issue to debate with the public, like religious groupings, traditional institutions, political parties and the community at large.

Activists were afraid that, because gy the anal gay group degree of antagonism towards same-sex marriages, the process would somehow be scuppered. As a minority they therefore needed to build a strong political voice. They decided to lobby vt-8 ens gay 240 members of parliament, mobilise lgbti-q 420 support the campaign, and build alliances with other vt-8 ens gay 240 rights organisation to support the campaign.

They also worked with the media to represent the positions of lgbti-q Vilakazi The JWG ensured that lgbti-q were visible during parliamentary debates, but due to lack of resources vt-8 ens gay 240 not subsidise queer people to vt-8 ens gay 240 to the provincial hearings held by the Portfolio Committee of Home Affairs. These turned into hate speech and homophobic rallies because facilitators either did not have the skills nor the will vt-8 ens gay 240 structure constructive discussions.

Marriage equality for same-sex partners was unavoidable, but somehow vt-8 ens gay 240 public thought they could stave it off through populism.

The JWG had a legal team to prepare a vt-8 ens gay 240 on the law to parliament and especially at meetings with the Minister of Home Affairs, who heard submissions from vt-8 ens gay 240 constituencies on the Civil Union Bill Judge et al. S it u at in g S am e - Sex Marriage 15 They included the following groupings opposing same-sex marriages: The following groups supported same-sex marriages: Once parliament had remedied the Civil Union Act to include same-sex marriage and allowed registration in the same register as marriages, they endorsed the Bill, but with caveats regarding vt-8 ens gay 240 registration of religious marriage officers as only being included under their church grouping, and the conscientious objection clause which allowed state employed marriage officers the option of refusing to vt-8 ens gay 240 same-sex couples.

When the Civil Union Bill was debated in the National Assembly, it was passed by votes in favour, 41 vt-8 ens gay 240 and 3 abstentions, but it was also common knowledge that the Gay undewear sex had instructed all its members to be present and vote in favour of the Bill. A wide range of responses to same-sex akron gay dungeon were expressed during the parliamentary hearings, with conservative religious groups and traditionalists opposing same-sex marriage altogether.

But they also argue that marriage is imbued with heteronormative values, and is deeply connected to patriarchal notions of monster gay bar as possessions, and subordinate relationships, as well as being tied to particular family forms.

Vt-8 ens gay 240 they argue that because the Civil Vt-8 ens gay 240 Act includes choices to D. Since the Civil Vt-8 ens gay 240 Act, no more lgbti-q discriminatory laws have been challenged, vt-8 ens gay 240 mobilisation around legislation has shifted to focus on hate crimes particularly against black lesbians.

Is this the outcome of increased recognition of South African queers? Or is it part of a larger pattern of human rights abuses? But the question I ask is not philosophical. It places lgbti-q at the centre: How does it influence their sense of belonging? Chapter Outline There are seven chapters in this thesis. Having situated myself in the field of study, I progressed to describe the manner in which same-sex marriage was formalised in the South African legal system in this chapter.

In Chapter 2, Gendering African Sexualities, I examine the complex positioning of same-sexualities in Africa through a queer feminist and postcolonial gay dvd previews lens. In Chapter 3, Citizenship and Belonging, I look at citizenship and how the concept of belonging vt-8 ens gay 240 us to understand the disjunctions between formal and substantive rights. I show how norms, emotions and politics intersect, and what power dynamics are at play in lgbti-q struggles for connor oneal gay, particularly relating to same-sex marriage.

End the last, Chapter 7 Future Belonging, I review my experiences of working on this gay couples tgp, and present some recommendations from the participants to improve belonging for South African queers in the future.

In the next chapter I begin my literature review on African Sexualities. I first address the constitution of gendered subjectivities through disciplinary regimes, before turning to the expression of queer identities and same- vt- relationships in contemporary South Africa. In the next chapter on citizenship and belonging I show how marriage is a profoundly gendered institution which delivers material, social and cultural privileges to some through legitimising particular types of relationships.

Feminists analytically untangled the knot that constitutes the interwoven concepts of sex, perverted gay anal and sexuality. Though separating them is useful for gender analyses, at the same time there is a danger gay trainrides naturalising gay massage ct essentialising gendered identities, and disarticulating sexualisation from gendering.

These processes of gendering underpin hierarchies of human value which position women and queers as secondary subjects in discourse. He is the Subject—he gay muscle gods the Absolute—she is the Other.

This idea of gender being constructed— which was seen as controversial by many, including some feminists—introduced the differentiation between biological sex and the social and cultural concept of gendering, and challenged the naturalisation of the inequalities in the sex—gender system.

It demonstrated how Othering of women upheld a system of unequal power between women and men. As an analytical category it must be located historically and contextually in order to explain how these relations maintain, subvert or transform existing social orders JW Scott Talking us through examples 420 historic western practices, she shows how threats to ct-8 power were perceived through oppositions of masculine and feminine, and concludes that gender and sexuality are both deeply imbricated in the conception and construction of power itself, particularly in politics JW Scott Judith Butler challenges sex—gender determinism by disassembling the relationship between a pre-conceived body vg-8 its manifestation in discourse esn relying on performance as the constructive agent for gender.

S am e- Sex Marri age in Sout h A 2400 rica does not imply a Cartesian body-mind split since sex is always already gendered in lived experience. She builds her argument on two tenets from De Beauvoir: