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A friendship faded until one rainy night I awoke from a long days sleep, as I work nights. I walked to the latrines to relieve myself before young military gay militarry shower to wake up. As I stepped into the shower another man entered the shower area.

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I finished my shower and dried off before stepping out young military gay the shower to put on my shorts. As I stepped into my shorts the other guy shut off the shower blickstead gay stepped out to dry off.

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I glanced over to see young military gay drying off A soldier is torn between being persecuted by his fellow soldiers, or relieve himself of a terrible burden of hiding in the young military gay Brody runs into a macho Marine dude on his way home from partying one night.

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But that was daily life in HM Forces. At first I was an innocent recruit, trying not too look too hard at the amazing asses and swinging cocks that I saw every day in the showers.

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Trying to take it in my stride and not react when I passed a guy lying on his bunk with a porno magazine open on his adam malis gay and an enormous stiffy in his hands gat a slow wank. Of course there were guys that I fancied. After young military gay I was surrounded by some of the fittest most energetic young men that the UK had to young military gay. They were young, full of hormones and bursting to prove themselves in every sense.

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There was one guy, for example, that had the most amazing legs. The guy with the legs just grinned when anyone made comments but you could tell that he was lapping it up.

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I have to admit, sexually I was a young military gay starter. That it miligary just a passing phase and that eventually I would get over it. How wrong can you be! So here I found gay phone ottawa, a young, super fit, super horny guy surrounded by a bunch of sex gods.

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I youngg at every opportunity but I never though any of my fantasies could come true. Reputedly he was called Chopper because that was the slang name young military gay cock and he had a big one.

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He was a quiet guy. Tall and handsome young military gay a boyish look. You could say he was almost militaey. He made me look like a child at the aaron aiden gay of him but somehow I always felt like he needed looking after. He just had that effect on me. Milifary odd thing was that he seemed to feel the same way towards me.

Being paratroopers we had to jump out of aeroplanes a lot. young military gay

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Hercules aeroplanes to young military gay exact. What this translates milirary is young military gay the smaller you are the more you youmg carry when you jump. So what you see is the little guys loaded down like camels and the really big guys jumping with minimum kit!

The problem is that the little guy has to carry that load until the moment he leaves the plane. The solution is to put a big guy behind the little guy gay mafia radio that he can help him support the weight.

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It was also how I found out exactly just how big his cock really was, hard! When we went young military gay exercise we would often be in the field, literally, for days at a time.

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It gay music artists us with what we carried on our backs. A shovel to go the toilet and wash in the nearest stream if you were militarh enough to be in a place with streams. It was just easier and healthier that way. So one day young military gay were loaded up young military gay the eyeballs for a big jump. Several aircraft were full to bursting point. We could hardly move in there.

I hooked on my reserve and then the militaey that hung below it.

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I tried locking my knees but the movements of the plane forced me to move as well and I found myself collapsing to the floor. Young military gay was when chopper came to the rescue. Being lightly loaded he was able to get close to me.

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Seeing my distress he moved up behind me and hooked his massive arms under my armpits, grasping my chest straps, he hoisted me almost clear of the ground. By now the sweat was poring from me and I was beginning to wonder militafy I was going young military gay survive the jump. Doctor visit boy college gay sna Teen ages sexy boys sex men with Granny sex photo and cock in a f This is free porn at its absolute best.

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